Download Latest 2019 Movies

Download the Latest 2019 Action movies. 

Φ The Secret (2019)
Φ Kim Possible (2019)
Φ Darkness Visible (2019)
Φ Manbiki Kazoku (2019)
Φ Shoplifters (2019)
Φ Journal 64 (2018)

The above movies and more are available in Bluray and Mkv formats

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How To Unlock Forgotten Smartphone Lock Pattern


Incase you forgot the pattern you used in locking your smartphone and you want to open your phone with having to flash the phone, follow the steps below carefully .

1. Connect your android phone to you computer.

2. Open Command prompt administrator.

3. Now in command prompt window type following code carefully without the quotes (")
  [ adb shell cd/data/data/ sqlites settings.db ] update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’; update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’; .quit"

4.  Now you will see some screen as shown below and then you can reboot your phone and now when your android starts again, then try unlocking it using any random pattern and it will unlock and work pretty fine.

5.  If you face any problem repeat same steps but instead of the above code tru using [ adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key] and the press enter and now reboot your device to see if it works

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Airtel Codes For Tariff Plans Migration

Airtel Tariff Plans Migration Codes

SmartConnect »» New SIM (default)

SmartTrybe »» Dial *312#

SmartTALK 2.0 »» Dial *315#

SmartPREMIER »» Dial *470#

SmartTRYBE Junior »» Dial *371#

SmartVALUE »» Dial *314#

SmartRecharge »» Dial *220*PIN#

TalkMore Bundle »» Dial *234#

Airtel 6X bundles »» Dial *555*PIN#

Premier Connect »» Dial *254#

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How To Hack someone Whatsapp Account

Before starting, you have to make sure you have access to the victim's smartphone because you will need to hack the victim's phone before the whatsapp.
Follow the steps below carefully .


1. Go to the victim's cells phone and install an application called "AirDroid: File & Notifications"
Download here

2. Launch the app, sign up with an email and password, then go-to and you will enter the same email and password that you put in the app.

3. When the above steps is done successfully ,then the phone has been hacked because any message or notification your victim get, you will also get it on the site you registered. 

4. Now let's get down to business, you need to download a 3rd party whatsapp on your phone like Gbwhatsapp or OGwhatsapp or better still use any stable app cloner to create another whatsapp on your phone. 

5. With the 3rd party whatsapp, log in on whatsapp with the victim's number.

6. The whatsapp verification code will be sent to the victim's number. All you need to do is to get the code from the site in step 2 and input it in the whatsapp. 

7. Whatsapp Hacked! Now you can see everything on the victim's whatsapp from your phone. 

Note: for this hack to be very effective, make sure the victim's smartphone is "background data enabled"

Why it’s PARAMOUNT That You Hide Your IP

Why it’s PARAMOUNT that you hide your IP

An IP (Internet Protocol) is a combination of numbers and full stops unique to each device accessing the Internet. The IP can be used to identify you and your online activities, and as with any personal information online, it can be put to ill uses in your expense. Luckily, there is a tool that helps you check your IP address and find out how much you are unknowingly exposing. 

What is an IP?
While IP addresses are assigned at random each time you surf the web, your location can still be identified with the new set of seemingly random numbers each time. The IP reveals a lot about you such as your location down to the very zip code, and the networks through which you’re connected, such as who your ISP is and whether you are using a proxy or VPN. It is thus easy for people on the Internet such as advertisers to target you for their benefits. This is because the IP address assigned to your device can be combined with information from the sites you visit, cookies, browsing history, web trackers, metadata and many others to further profile you online. As a matter of fact, geolocation identifies you whether you are using a WiFi, LAN or mobile network.

Advertisers are geo-targeting your IP
Digital-savvy advertisers no longer throw ads at users the same way that a billboard does to pedestrians. Modern online advertising is highly personalized to maximize the likelihood of a user actively interacting with an ad. To do so, various aspects about user must be known beforehand. Among them is the location, which is harnessed from IP vendors that sells such information to advertisers, whereby they provide accurate location of an IP, other useful IP intelligence such as their connection speed and repackaged user data and analysis.

How effective are customized ads?
It has been established that geotagging ads increases the rate of interaction with the user up to 300%. For example, online retail stores such as Amazon target ads to customers with products that are needed and highly popular in specific locations. This increases the conversion rate while reducing marketing dollars with a concentrated effort. With such a heavy vested interest, you can imagine how aggressively IP vendors, analytics firms and advertisers are scouring over your data secretly behind your back.

If ads are the worst you got out of IP geo-profiling, you got the long end of the stick. In worse cases, you might fall prey to fraudsters and criminals that have a hold of your profile. If a user knows where you live, what you look for on the internet, when you surf the web and other details, you might be targeted in bank frauds, impersonation, spamming, cyberbullying and even blackmailing. The good news is that you can reclaim your online privacy when you find out what your IP says about you and learn how to hide it effectively with a VPN.


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