Leaked Photos of The World First Smartphone With 8 Cameras

Leaked Photos of The World First Smartphone With 8 Cameras

 At the end of May 2020, Lens Technology (Changsha) Co. Ltd registered a very remarkable design patent in homeland China. The patent was approved on October 2, 2020 and also included in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) database for worldwide protection of the design.

Here are leaked photos of the first smartphone with eight rear cameras.

It is a futuristic smartphone with a full-screen screen. A physical button appears to be visible at the bottom, which is beautifully integrated into the screen. There is no notch visible for the selfie camera, nor is there a hole-punch camera or pop-up camera visible - the front camera may be placed under the screen.

The front does not show any cameras, the rear, on the other hand, is full of cameras. No less than 2 cameras are placed in each corner of the device, with a flash in between. So in total there are 8 cameras and 4 flash units on the back.

It is a very remarkable design. The only mobile phone we have ever come across with even more cameras is the LG smartphone with 16 cameras . With this device, however, the cameras were placed close together, in a square. Lens Technology, on the other hand, seems to consciously choose to place the cameras in the corners of the device.

Unfortunately, further details about the camera system remain unknown. For example, it remains unclear whether this is purely a design aspect, or whether placing the cameras in such a way can also provide added value during photography. This will probably also depend on the type of lenses that are used - such as a wide angle, ultra wide angle, telephoto lens, etc.

On the back we also see a small black dot at the top, centered in the middle. This may be a microphone, for better sound recordings with videos. Furthermore, there is a USB-C connection at the bottom and one physical button is placed on the left.

In future time, we hope to see more of this designs from different manufacturers.

MIUI 12 Feature Introduces Paper Mode in Reading Mode 3.0 For Mi Phones

MIUI 12 Feature Introduces Paper Mode in Reading Mode 3.0

 With the fast growing dependency on our smartphones, many of us find it more convenient to have and read all information on our phones. We spend quite a lot of time in front of our smartphone screens surfing net, reading news, e-books and more! And the more time we give to our phones, the issues of eye strain and headache arises more frequently. Fortunately on our Mi phones we have the Reading Mode which makes the colors of our display warmer allowing our eyes to relax.

And today we are going to talk about Reading mode 3.0 that will make you love reading again. You can adjust the color temperature to suit your eyes, or even add paper-like texture to backgrounds that feel like you're reading a physical book! It's basically an enhanced reading mode which would make reading more pleasant by optimizing the device screen. Let's see how it works:

How to access Enhanced Reading Mode 3.0:

  • -Navigate to Settings >> Display
  • -Click on Reading mode - Enable it
  • As soon as you enable it, you would find a list of customizable options

MIUI 12 Feature Introduces Paper Mode in Reading Mode 3.0

The first option is the Classic mode: which switches the screen display to warmer colors to reduce the amount of light.

The second option is the Paper Mode : Which switches the display to warmer colors and add a paper-like textured overlay to reduce eye screen. I really like it a lot and use it especially while reading e-books or journals. This gives me an eye-soothing reading experience while doing a long-time reading. It's a must use while using phone at night time as well.

MIUI 12 Feature Introduces Paper Mode in Reading Mode 3.0

Another interesting feature is the ability to adjust color temperature of the display. You can do it for both Classic and paper Mode. But for paper mode there is something extra - you can reduce or increase the texture presence on the screen by adjusting it on the slider.

There are total 3 options - Full colors, Light colors, and Black and white to make certain changes in color temperature in the paper Mode. While there would be a yellow overlay in the Full colors option, the Light colors option would enable faded on-screen colors. and the 'Black and white' option, on the other hand, would bring a monochromatic effect.

MIUI 12 Feature Introduces Paper Mode in Reading Mode 3.0

About Schedule, all of you must have known about it since it was a part of the reading mode already. You can schedule a time to turn it on and off. You can choose to turn on Reading mode every day at sunset by selecting the Good night’s read option. If using Good night’s read, the display will revert at sunrise to its initial brightness.

MIUI 12 Feature Introduces Paper Mode in Reading Mode 3.0

To manually customize the time, select Custom period.

Reading mode can be extremely useful while reading eBooks, browsing social media pages, chatting with friends, reading the news, etc. Overall the paper Mode is an absolutely nice add-on to an already cool and useful feature. Please note, currently this feature is only available for limited number of devices for both Global and China ROM. I have tested the feature on both the ROMs. And it's working great! More devices might be getting it in future! What do you think about this feature?

Jumia Global and Shipped From Abroad - See What They Really Mean.


Jumia Global and Shipped From Abroad - See what they really mean.

Jumia Global and Shipped From Abroad - See what they really mean.

We are all fully aware of the ongoing jumia black friday promo which started on the 6th of November and will be ending on the 30th of November 2020.

For those that actively shop on jumia online store using the app or through their website, you must have come across some tags on different products, tags like Jumia Express, Jumia Global, Jumia Mall and Shipped From Abroad, etc.

These different tags have different attributes to the products it is attached to. For instance, any product that carries Jumia Express, it means that product it means that product is already available in Jumia warehouse and once it gets ordered, it will be delivered faster.

For the cause of this post, I'll be talking mainly on Jumia Global and Shipped from abroad tags.

Jumia Global and Shipped From Abroad - See what they really mean.

Before I proceed, I want to bring to your notice that Jumia Global and Shipped from abroad are the same thing. They give the same attributes to the products they are attached with. They have no descrepancies.

What Does Jumia Global Means?

When you see a product on jumia online store and it's written Jumia Global or Shipped from abroad, here is what it means.

1. As the name implies "shipped from abroad", the item(s) is/are not currently available in Nigeria and can only be gotten once it's being ordered by anyone.

2. Jumia Global items are usually very cheap because they are from abroad, but the thing is that they have high shipping fee which is a collection of international custom fee and normal delivery fee, as seen in the image below.
Jumia Global and Shipped From Abroad - See what they really mean.

3. They are not available for pay on delivery or cash on delivery i.e before you can order them successfully, you must surely pay online with your debit card or PayPal.

4. The delivery timeline for these items usually takes 3 weeks minimum and 5 weeks maximum. this means that when u place the order, you need to wait for like a month for it to arrive.

5. The items can be returned if found defective on arrival. This is a very interesting and important part when ordering shipped from abroad items. After paying online and waited for weeks for your item to arrive, and when it gets delivered, you found out that a wrong item was delivered or the item delivered are defective, you can easily request for a return as long as the item has not stayed with you for more than 7 days after delivery. To return the item, simply contact Jumia customer care on phone or send them a mail, or if you ordered your item through a Jumia agent, you can report to him and he/she will request for a return on your behalf which is faster and you will get your money back once the return has successfully been initiated. You can contact me on 08100418355, I'm a Jumia Agent (captain)

That's all about jumia global and shipped from abroad/overseas items. Incase you still have questions to ask concerning this post, u can make use of the comment.

How To Get Discount Vouchers For Free on Jumia Black Friday 2020

 How To Get Discount Vouchers For Free on Jumia Black Friday 2020

How To Get Discount Vouchers For Free on Jumia Black Friday 2020

Hello guys, I'm Dominzy. I'm a Jumia Agent (captain) and I'll be showing you how you can get discount vouchers for free during this year jumia Black Friday Promo. So stick with me to the end.

There are different vouchers that have been made available to customers to use in discounting whatever they are about to order.

These vouchers are codes and there are different voucher codes for different categories of items.

How to get the voucher codes

The voucher code can be found or accessed through one of the slide pictures at the top section of the jumia app. Check the image below.

Jumia BLACK FRIDAY voucher on app

All you have to do is just click ok it and it will take you to a page where you have different voucher codes for different items.

Have it in mind that these voucher codes are not always there forever. They come and go as programmed by the app. And they also have validity. See samples of voucher codes below

Jumia Black Friday vouchers

From the image above, you can see codes like BF-SNEAKERS, BF-MACC and so on. The codes are to be use for their specific items or category of item.

For example, BF-SNEAKERS can only be used when you are placing orders on sneakers. It won't work for smartphones or refrigerator. once the code is applied, there will be a drop in the amount you are to pay. Which is between drop of 500 naira to 2000 naira.

How To Apply The Voucher codes.

After adding your items to your cart, click on "Complete Order" and enter your address details.

When you are done entering you details, click on "Proceed to Payment". On the next page, there is a space provided below for you to input your voucher code.

Jumia check out -dominzyloaded.cok

Input the specific code for that item, just like I explained above, then u click Apply, so that the voucher code can be applied to your payment. Once it's successful, u will see a reduction in ur total money.

You can now confirm your order.

There are other ways u can get discount offers on what you wish to order and that way is by placing your orders through an agent.

I'm available for ur service, send me a WhatsApp message on 08100418355

I hope you understood the whole process, if not, drop your comments and complains below.

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