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DL TECH Free Airtime Giveaway

dominzyloaded TECH free airtime giveaway


DL TECH Free Airtime Giveaway 

In order to reward our loyal readers, commenters and active email subscribers, we'll be giving out free airtime. This airtime will be for all networks in Nigeria and will be available to only those that have subscribed to our email updates or those that frequently visit us on a daily basis. 

This post will not be shared on other of our online platforms like whatsapp, facebook, telegram and instagram so that non active readers or email subscribers won't come and grab what belongs to you. The airtime giveaway is for a specific  numbers of people. Follow the instructions carefully below to see how to get the free airtime.

How To Get Free Airtime Giveaway

  • The free airtime will be given to the fastest sets of readers to  1st comment on this post (the numbers of winners are undisclosed)
  • Comment with why you love DominzyLoaded Tech, and also comment with the phone number you wish to recieve the free airtime.
  • For example " I love DominzyLoaded TECH because they always post the Latest free browsing codes. 0814xxxxxx6"

Factors To Consider When Commenting

  • There are 2 comment box below every posts, In which one is the facebook comment box and the other one is the normal blog comment box, which you comment with your email or anonymous. 
  • Make sure you comment on the Normal blog comment box (comments made in facebook comment box won't be accepted for the giveaway)
  • Comments made with email will have a higher chance than those that commented anonymously(without email) 
  • Once you comment, your comments stays invisible, and will be visible once approved by the admin. 
  • Multiple comments will lead to disqualification 
  • Once you see your comment will be visible after approval(as seen in the image below) just know that your comment was successful 
  • dominzyloaded TECH free airtime giveaway  comment approval

All comments will be made visible on or before 1am. As soon as you get your free airtime, make sure you let us know by still dropping your comments here or on any of our Whatsapp and telegram group chats. I wish you good luck as you start commenting. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. 

For Those That Are Seeing This Post After The Giveaways Have Ended and want to learn how to successfully subscribe to our email updates Incase of subsequent free giveaways, kindly follow the simple procedure below. 

How To Subscribe To DL TECH Mailing List
  • First of all, you need to know that the subscription is FREE and very fast. 
  • To join the mailing list, click Here
  • A new page will open where you have to put in your active email address 
  • Tick on the I'm not a robot check box and also complete the Captcha verification which will pop up. 
  • dominzyloaded TECH free airtime giveaway  Captcha verification
  • Click Complete subscription, as soon as you are done with the Captcha verification 
  • Most importantly, go to your mail inbox and check for a mail from Feedburner
  • Open it and click on verify email.(if you don't verify it, your subscription will not be completed and you won't be among the 1st people to get our post updates and free giveaways)

We hope to see your frequent visits and comments on all our latest posts. Don't forget to join our active Telegram channel and group chat.  We post free stuffs daily. 
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How To Share Airtime On GLO

How to share AIRTIME on GLO

Do you know you can transfer part of your airtime to a friend or loved ones? It's very simple and it requires no internet connection to do it. 

Glo EasyShare enables you to share your call credit with any one you choose on the Glo network. Send credit to family, friends and loved ones in an instant with this service.

How To Use EasyShare

To Transfer Credit, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#. 
For instance, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer ₦100 to a customer with Phone Number 08155570450, all you have to do is to  dial *131*08155570450*100*12345#. You will receive notification via text message once the transfer is completed. 

As a first time user, your Default password is 00000. Now you can share your airtime with ease, any day, any time. 
Kindly share this post to someone that might need this info. 

Get Free Airtime When You Download Our Tech Mobile App

Get free airtime when you download our Tech mobile app

Earlier this month, we released an updated version of our mobile app for Android which was made available for download for free and most of our readers and followers have already started using the app because of its interesting innovative features. Kudos to them. 

In a bid to promote and expose our app to more users and also to reward our loyal readers and followers, we will be giving out free airtime of any network to everyone that successfully download and install our tech mobile app. 

This promo will be valid for some days, starting from the date this post was made and also restricted to the 1st 50 persons that download and install DominzyLoaded Tech App and carefully follow the procedures below. 


1. Download the App HERE
2. Install the app and open it
3. Allow it to load completely and click on the "message icon" at the top of the app
4. Click on the first chat icon with the title "Talk to us" and send us a chat message using the format in the screenshot below. 

5. The format of the chat to send to us should contain a message for us and your phone number in which you want us to recharge. 

6. You will get a response within 24 hours and your line will be recharged immediately. remember to check back the app to see if your have been replied, once you get replied, just check your airtime balance and your free airtime will be waiting for you. 
There will be no other ways for you to get the free airtime besides the above procedure

This is a first come first serve offer and will be valid for the first 50 responders. 
So what are you waiting for? 
Download and install our app now to get your free airtime. 

You can always leave a feedback or comment on how we can improve the app to serve you better. Don't forget o share the app using the share button at the top of the app, and also make use of the other exciting features on the app. 
Thanks. Love you all. 

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Get Double Of Your Airtime When You Recharge With Zenith Bank

Get Double Of Your Airtime When You Recharge With Zenith Bank

Get double of your airtime when you recharge through Zenith

If you are a zenith bank customer, here is an opportunity for you to get double of any airtime you recharge through zenith bank. 

Zenith bank posted on its twitter page that starting from 3rd of June to 28 August 2020, that everyone that's buys airtime from the bank using the *966# EazyBanking method will be given double of the recharged airtime. 
Get Double Of Your Airtime When You Recharge With Zenith Bank

Note: Double airtime won't be gotten everyday, only Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9am to 6pm. 
The maximum amount of recharge that qualifies for this offer is ₦1,000. that means if you recharge above 1000 Naira, you won't get double of it. 

I guess this is a very good development by zenith bank. I hope other banks comes up with something like this or even better. 

Recharge now, use wisely and enjoy. 

Get 100% Cash Back When You Pay Your TV Subscription With Jumia Pay

Get 100% Cash Back When You Pay Your TV Subscription With Jumia Pay

Get 100% cash back when you pay your tv subscription with Jumia pay

Jumia pay, formerly called jumia one is the official payment integrated system for Jumia online store. It is a secure online payment platform for those that shop on Jumia and wishes to pay online with their credit card or bank transfer details. Aside paying for things bought online, jumia pay can also be used to pay utilities bills such as TV subscription, Electricity bills, buy airtime & data. 

TV subscription you can pay for with jumia pay includes DSTV, GOTV, Startimes and Montage.
In the course of this post, I will be teaching you on how you can get 100% of your money back when you pay for TV subscription using jumia pay.  Just follow the steps below. 

  • Firstly, you have to download Jumia Pay App here
  • Open the App, Create an account with your active email. (it's simple and recommended)
  • At the home screen, select TV (as shown in the image below)
  • Choose your preferred TV service provider (e.g DSTV)
  • Input your smartcard or UIC number and your preferred package you wish to subscribe for. 
  • At the checkout section, select "Use Voucher" and input the voucher code: WELCOME100 and apply it. 

NOTE: This offer is for new customers only, so if you have been using jumia pay (one) to pay for your TV subscription before, this code won't work for you. 
The cashback maximum amount is capped at One thousand Naira [₦1000]. This means if the subscription you want to pay for is more than 1000 Naira, let's say 2000 Naira, you will be given back only 1000 Naira. 
Make sure you apply the code at the checkout section or else you won't get any cash back. 

Reason Why You Should Use Jumia Pay
  • Unlimited cashback- attractive cashback on airtime and mobile data
  • Zero fee on bills- enjoy zero service charge on bills payment 
  • Fast & secure instant payment 
  • Full & Instant refund
  • All cards are accepted
  • Earnings on referrals

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Get Unlimited Airtime And Data For Free Using Jumia One App

How to make free unlimited AIRTIME
Free Airtime 



Do you wish to earn huge amount on money for airtime and data subscription without much stress? Here is a way to do it.
I want to introduce you to an app called JUMIA ONE.  With this app, you can do a lot of stuffs online like buying airtime and data subscription, shopping, paying for utility bills and also booking flights and hotels.  The most interesting part of this app is that you earn money while doing all these stuff.  But to earn more money, you just need to do a simple task which is inviting people to join the app using your unique link which will be generated for you in the "Refer a friend" tab on the app.

How to Make More Money 
Kindly follow the steps below.

  • Download JUMIA ONE ๐Ÿ‘‰ HERE  ๐Ÿ‘ˆ 
  • Don't be Scared it's just 3mb in size
  •  Create a new account (Use a number not used with Jumia before)
  •  Buy airtime of ₦200 or above on jumia one with your atm card (don't be scared, the transaction will be on a secured connection)
  • Put WELCOME20 in the "do you have a voucher code" area and proceed. 
  • Enter correctly your card details and an OTP code will be sent to your number for confirmation of transactions. Input the code in the space provided and submit. 
  • In less than 5 seconds, your line will be credited with the amount of airtime you purchased and 20% for the airtime you purchased will be returned to your wallet which you will use for subsequent airtime or data purchase. 
  • Finally, go to your "Refer a friend" tab at the the bottom of the app and get your referral link, send it to your friends. As soon as the download the app, register and buy airtime, your wallet will be credited with ₦1000 for each person you invite. 
  •  The Bonanza will soon end, don't let it pass you by
  •  Subsequent airtime purchase will be on 4% discount. It's available for All networks

If you encounter any issue while following the above steps, drop it in the comments box and I will help u out ASAP. 

Get Free ₦500+ Airtime On Jumia One App (100% Legit)

Get Free ₦500 Airtime On Jumia One App (100% Working).


1- Download and install Jumia One App Below ๐Ÿ‘‡

 Download Here

To buy airtime and pay your bills.

2- Select Nigeria as your country

3- Login or Register with new account

4- You will see instant ₦500 in your wallet to be used in your account to order. If you didn't get anything you have to purchase airtime ₦50 only to get the ₦500. You can cash it as Airtime on any available network in Nigeria.

App can also be used to buy Data, Airtime, pay TV & electricity bills, book flights & hotels, shop on jumia, Uber, play bet9ja e.t.c

You will also get 20% cash back on your first transaction
so as your referals

Note:- Keep referring friends to earn more. You will get free ₦500 each for every person you refer
Visit ๐Ÿ‘‰
JUMIA One App to recharge your mobile and pay your bills! Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction. #jumiaone

Make use of this opportunity while it lasts.

If you encounter any issue, comment below. 

How To Flash Someone On Airtel With Zero Balance [₦0.00k]

Do you know you can flash someone using your Airtel SIM even if you don't have any airtime in your account.
How is this possible? Read below.

To flash someone on airtel with zero balance,  just add 2 stars [**] in front of the number before you call.
For example, I want to call 08123445467 and I Dont have airtime, all I need to do is to type [**08123445467] and dial it and the destination number will surely ring.

No more excuses on not having airtime to flash someone.
Try it out now!

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