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Why Airpods And Other Earbuds Are Bad For Your Hearing

 Why Airpods And Other Earbuds Are Bad For Your Hearing

Why Airpods And Other Earbuds Are Bad For Your Hearing

AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple. They were first released on December 13, 2016, with a 2nd generation released in 2019. They are Apple's lower-end wireless earbuds, sold alongside the premium AirPods Pro. Within two years, they became Apple's most popular accessory, turning into a critical success and viral sensation.
AirPods are everywhere — even though they’re pretty awful at what they do.
This style of earbud, which rests next to your ear canal but not quite inside it, offers practically zero noise isolation. In other words, AirPods, by far the most popular wireless earbuds, do a poor job overpowering noise like chattering colleagues or teens on the subway. The natural response is to turn the volume louder to compensate — which can quickly turn dangerous for your hearing.

Headphones, in and of themselves, are not a risk. You could listen all day at a low-to-middle volume without health worries. It’s only once you start listening to loud volumes for sustained periods of time that they can start damaging your ears.

And the type of headphones that are the most likely to cause hearing problems are these earbuds. A 2007 study found that adults turn up their music louder when they’re wearing earbuds than over-the-ear headphones. It also discovered that users wearing earbuds were more likely to turn up their volume to compensate for background noise (in this case, street noise and “multi-talker babble”) than people wearing over-the-ear headphones. A further study, from 2011, expanded on that research, finding that teens wearing earbuds turn their volume up to overcome background noise, some to harmful levels, more than those wearing noise-isolating, over-the-ear headphones.

Brian Fligor, an audiologist who has studied the impact of earbuds on hearing damage, says that people typically listen to their earbuds about 13 decibels higher than the background noise. If you’re wearing headphones or earbuds in a school classroom, where the background noise usually runs at about 60 decibels, and you turn your music up to 73 decibels to compensate, that should be fine for most people’s ears. But if you’re in a noisy coffee shop, where background noise is usually about 70 decibels, or on an airplane, where the noise typically reaches 80 decibels, things get dicey. “When the background noise induces [people] to listen 13 decibels louder than the background and the background is 70 decibels, now we’re talking about potential to do damage,” he says.

Public transportation is “the number one time and place for you to be exposed,” says Fligor. Noise level on subway platforms and inside trains is 94 decibels, and 20 percent of those spaces exceed 100. Add 13 decibels from turning up your earbuds, and we’re at anywhere from 107 to 113 decibels, yet people can only safely be exposed to 100-plus decibels for 15 minutes a day.

You can see the problem.

It’s likely that earbuds are contributing to widespread hearing damage among younger people. According to the American Osteopathic Association, approximately one in five teens today suffer some form of hearing damage, a rate that’s 30 percent higher than it was 20 years ago. The World Health Organization estimates that over “1 billion young people” are at risk of hearing loss, primarily from listening to music on headphones or earbuds.

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Adults, meanwhile, have experienced a leveling out in hearing loss — but societal factors indicate that that rate should have gone down, not stayed the same. “We’ve outsourced a lot of our manufacturing jobs and that’s where a lot of noise-induced hearing loss was coming from,” Fligor says. Disregarding hearing loss among those serving in the military, which is on the increase, people are generally much healthier than they were in past decades, and therefore, “our rate of hearing loss should be going down, and we know that it’s not,” says Fligor.

Why Airpods And Other Earbuds Are Bad For Your Hearing

It’s a whole lot cheaper to protect your hearing than it is to try to remediate your hearing,” says Fligor. “Hearing is outrageously precious. People take it for granted, they lose it, and then you can’t get it back.”

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Two-Month Old Baby With 2 Faces And Brains Fails To Develop A Body

An infant has been conceived in Indonesia with two faces since his conjoined twin did not grow appropriately in the womb.

Two-month-old Gilang Andika, from Batam, a city in Indonesia about 20 miles (32km) across the sea from Singapore, has two faces and two brains but just one head.
The complication has left him looking disfigured and suffering from a potentially fatal brain condition, which is causing fluid to build up.
Although he has just one body with two arms and two legs, Gilang is technically a conjoined twin – a condition which affects one in every 250,000 births.
On his head he has the face and brain of a sibling which did not grow its own body in the womb, because their mother's egg did not completely split in two during pregnancy.
His parents, Ernilasari and Mustafa, now desperately want help to save their son's life after local doctors told them they were unable to operate

Because of his rare predicament, Gilang cannot be breastfed, so has to be fed milk through a tube.
And doctors have said he is not likely to live long because of his condition. 
The unfortunate infant also has a condition called hydrocephalus, which is caused by a build-up of fluid in the brain. 
Many babies who are born with hydrocephalus have long-term brain damage, which can cause learning disabilities, speech, vision or memory problems, or epilepsy.

Mother Ernilasari and father Mustafa did not know about their son's serious illness until he was born by Caesarean section.
Parents cannot afford treatment to save their son
They want to seek treatment for Gilang, but they don’t have the money.
Dr Nenden Ismawati, who looked after Gilang at Awal Bros Hospital in Batam, says it is unlikely doctors will be able to perform surgery.
He told Kompas News: 'Indeed, we suggested [surgery] to one of the hospitals in Jakarta which has better equipment than Awal Bros Hospital, but it also does not mean it he can be operated on right away, because doctor.
During her pregnancy Ernilasari said she did not feel anything strange, and doctors at the Chamata Sahidiya Panbil Hospital did not notice the problem despite three ultrasound scans.

The doctor just said the baby's head is enlarged and he is in breech position,' Ernilasari said.
Now Gilang's parents are desperate to find a way to separate their child's head, as the abnormality has caused health problems for the little one.
It is believed he has a disorder called diprosopus, one of the rarest deformities in humans, and one which most do not survive beyond birth.
The condition is known as craniofacial duplication and causes part or all of the face to be grown twice because of a problem during the egg's division in the womb. 
Curing Gilang will likely involve risky surgery to remove one of his brains and faces, and part of his skull.

Dominzy Daily Health And Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily health and fitness tips.

  • Mineral Ice applied immediately to a burn will prevent blistering. It's cold, draws heat out and will become a brown spot that will eventually fade away.
  • Always exercise on Monday. This sets the psychological pattern for the rest of the week.
  • Three passionate kisses a day can double your metabolic rate and can help you lose up to a pound.
  • Headache remedy drink: 3 mint leaves, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 lemon and 1 cup filtered water.
  • Getting your hair and nails done has been proven to significantly treat anxiety and depression while also relieving stress.
  • Sleeping for more than 9 hours at a time can actually damage your immune system.
  • If you're insomniac, have a glass of raw lemon juice or a spoon of honey before sleeping, this will improve your sleep!
  • If a man takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, he may have testicular cancer.
  • Any orange (also: clementine, satsuma, grapefruit, etc.) becomes easier to peel if you gently press and roll it on the table before peeling.
  • While people who stay up later are likely to be more intelligent, they are also more likely to have vivid nightmares.
  • One banana in the morning can help relieve
  • depression, irritable emotions, and anger.
  • Tell your crush you like them. You'll either get them, or you'll be set free.
  • Massage the back of your hand with ice to relieve toothache pain.
  • Kiss goodbye to blemishes on your face by applying a layer of calamine lotion and leaving it overnight.
  • It's been proven that peppermint stimulates brain activity and makes you concentrate better.
  • Working out can go hand in hand with your favorite music playing on your ear devices. To make it more effective create a work out playlist and when the playlist will stop, you will stop.
  • Dry brushing, if done regularly can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Natural Remedies For Getting Rid Of Dark Spots

Dark spots are ghastly issues discovered chiefly in youthful grown-ups and these spots are primarily on parts of the body that has been presented to daylight, for example, our faces, hands, legs and neck. This can lessen our confidence or trust in one's self. Frenzy no longer since you should simply to attempt these normal solutions for eradicate those dull spots and reveal smooth delightful looking skin.

1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has diverse recuperating capacities it provides for the body and performs ponders in eradicating dull spots and mending dead particles found in the skin.

2. Sugar blocks: Use Sugar solid shapes to dispose of dim spots all over by rubbing the 3D squares on the influenced regions for ten minutes. In doing as such, the dull spots will eradicate normally. This works splendidly as a result of the corrosive present in Sugar.

3. Castor oil: castor oil is a valuable oil that has numerous recuperating properties which disposes of the dim spots. You should simply splash your cotton ball in the oil and apply on the influenced regions. This ought to be done twice in multi day for viable outcome.

4. Turmeric: Turmeric contains an intense cancer prevention agent that battles free radicals and aides in expelling dull spots from the skin. You should simply add drain to your turmeric and lemon juice to make a glue that help dim spots and light up your skin. This ought to be done twice in multi day for an impeccable skin.

5. Potatoes: potatoes are awesome vegetable that gives us sustenance. Potatoes evacuates dead skin cells and help the development of new ones. Vitamins, zinc and phosphorus are minerals that stirs the creation of new skin. Cut your potatoes into minor cuts, at that point add a touch of water to the cut potatoes to make them wet and place it on the influenced zones of the dull spots. Attempt this for two weeks and you will get a shimmering and smooth skin.

6. Onions Juice: onion is known for its viability in treating dim spots on the skin. Onion is acidic in nature, you can rub some crude onions straightforwardly onto the dim spots on the skin and there will be a positive contrast in the influenced territories. Remember to dependably wash the region well after the application so as to counteract smell.

7. Lemon Juice: lemon juice is extraordinary compared to other solution for disposing of dull spots exhibit in the skin. It is normally acidic and contains overwhelming specialists that will delete the dull spots on the skin. Simply get a new lemon squeeze and add water to weaken, take care of business a cotton ball at that point add to the influenced territories. This ought to be left for twenty minutes previously washing with cool water.

8. Tomato Juice: tomato juice separate is dynamic in evacuating dull spots on the face. A touch of lemon juice ought to be added to the tomatoes squeeze at that point connected on influenced zones. Leave on for thirty minutes and voila!

9. Pawpaw: pawpaw is utilized for treating different sort of skin issues, it has ground-breaking compounds in it that helps treat dull spot, skin inflammation and other skin sicknesses. Pawpaw ought to be ground and connected straightforwardly to the dull spots on the skin and left for thirty minutes previously washing.

Dominzyloaded Daily Health And Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips

Eating grapes improves the brain's ability to process new information and thus enhances intelligence.
Twerking is actually good exercise! It works the deep muscles of the hips, as well as the core muscles of the lower back and abs.
The more organized you are, the less likely you are to develop Alzheimer's Disease.
Have a stomach ache? Lay on your left side and rub your stomach in clockwise circles. It'll help!
Your sleeping style can really affect your heartburn issues. Sleeping on your left side can relieve the symptoms of heartburn.
A cup of coffee before a workout speeds up the fat burning process.
More expensive alcohols contain fewer congeners (chemicals responsible for hangovers). The more expensive the alcohol, the less hungover.
Onions and garlic are both foods that can accelerate hair growth.
.A recent study shows that you are 47% more likely to live an extra decade if you eat home-cooked meals five times a week.
Listening to music frequently will decrease your risk of a brain tumor over the course of your life.
If you laugh together for 10 minutes/day your relationship has a 75% higher chance of lasting.
The keyboards at your school have statistically more germs than the toilet seats.
Drinking half a glass of water before bed and half a glass when waking up can serve as a psychological cue to remembering all of your dreams.
Eating Pizza once a week can actually help reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. So go eat some Pizza!.
For every 10 years you smoke, your face ages 14 years. Tell that to someone you want to quit smoking.

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If You Are O+ Positive, You Should Be Eating These Foods

Many people wonder whether personality is influenced by blood type or not. Well, the blood group you belong to can give a lot of insight about you. Different lectins present in supplements and foods stimulate your cells based on your blood group.
This is perhaps the reason why the nutrients that are harmful for people of one blood group are beneficial to another. The author of the bestsellers “Eat Right for Your Type” and "Live Right for Your Type", Dr. Peter D'Adamo thinks an o positive blood type diet that can help people with type O blood to live a healthy life.
The antigens present in blood determine the blood type of a person. Antigens, A and B are present on the blood cell's surface and works as markers in the body. People with blood type o positive have an Rh antigen as well as A and B antigens present in the plasma. Type O is the most common blood type and is often sought out for blood donation as well because type O blood can be donated to people of any blood types without fear of rejection.
Type O is the basic and oldest types of blood. The characteristics that make the people of this blood group unique are an overactive immune system, inability to digest glue-containing products, intolerance for environmental and dietary adaptation and a hard digestive system.


For people in the O positive blood group, foods that restrict the production of the thyroid hormone are very harmful. The production of the thyroid hormone in people with O type blood is generally very low and they are always having trouble with their thyroid gland. This is why we are giving you an account of the beans:
  • Beans are highly beneficial for people with type O positive blood and should be included in the o positive blood type diets, which include black-eyed, azuki, aduke and ainto.
  • Green peas, pea pods, red soy, string and snap are examples of beans that do not have any harmful nor any beneficial effect on people with Type O blood.
  • The beans that are harmful for type O people and must be avoided at all costs are green and red Lentils, tamarind, kidney beans and copper Beans.

Lean Meat

A high protein diet that includes organic meats is good for people in the O blood group.
  • You can get the protein you need from venison, mutton, lamb, beef, veal and fish like cod, mackerel and herring. Seafood is best for the type O group as it contains a high amount of iodine in it which is helpful for regulating the thyroid glands.
  • However, bacon, pork and goose are the meats that must not be included in O positive blood type diet. Eating smoked salmon, pickled herring, octopus, caviar and catfish is also not recommended for those with type O blood.
  • Since people with O blood group can digest meat without any problem, eating a vegetarian diet is not a good option for this group.


  • The vegetables that are beneficial for people with type O blood are spinach, broccoli, kale, romaine lettuce and collard greens as they are rich in vitamin K. Vegetables like leeks, onions, garlic, artichokes, pumpkins and parsley can also be included with an o positive blood type diet.
  • Brussels sprouts, cabbage, mustard greens and cauliflower are some of the vegetable that the type O group should not eat as they impair the thyroid function. Fermented olives, alfalfa sprouts and shiitake mushrooms must be avoided by type O's as they inflame the digestive tract. Eggplants, potatoes and corn should be avoided as well by this blood group.


  • Foods that balance the digestive tract's acidity like figs, prunes and plums are best for the type O blood group.
  • However, D'damo asserts that cantaloupe, melons and honeydew must be avoided by these people because they have mold in them. Besides, oranges, strawberries, rhubarb and blackberries are also not recommended.
  • Coconut is also not advisable for people with the O blood group as it can inflame their stomachs which could be already irritated.


  • People in the O blood group should include wine, green tea and Seltzer water in their diets. These beverages have anti-oxidants that can help in promoting digestion and maintaining your health.
  • Highly caffeinated drinks and black tea are not recommended for people that have O positive blood type.

Dominzyloaded Health And Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips
🥢You can heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain by rubbing the area with chapstick.
🥄Mosquito bite? Press a hot spoon onto the bite. The heat will destroy the chemical that caused the reaction and the itching will stop.
❄Have itchy mosquito bites? ice it, it stops the itch.
🤬Cursing when in pain releases Enkephalin, which raises your pain tolerance causing you to hurt less.
😷Want to lose weight? Don't eat anything 4 hours before you go to bed. It makes a huge difference.
🤣Fifteen straight minutes of laughter has the same Health & Fitness benefits as 30 minutes of sit-ups.
🚬Smoking a cigarette may interfere with your body's healing ability for nearly two weeks.
🛏Losing one night of sleep will impair reasoning and brain function for four days.
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Types Of Food That Is Suitable For Your Blood Group

The blood type diet, also known as the blood group diet, was popularized by a naturopathic physician called Dr. Peter D’Adamo in the year 1996.
His book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, was incredibly successful. It was a New York Times bestseller, sold millions of copies, and is still wildly popular today.
In this book, he claims that the optimal diet for any one individual depends on the person’s ABO blood type.
He claims that each blood type represents genetic traits of our ancestors, including which diet they evolved to thrive on.
This is how each blood type is supposed to eat:
  • Type A: Called the agrarian, or cultivator. People who are type A should eat a diet rich in plants, and completely free of “toxic” red meat. This closely resembles a vegetarian diet.
  • Type B: Called the nomad. These people can eat plants and most meats (except chicken and pork), and can also eat some dairy. However, they should avoid wheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes and a few other foods.
  • Type AB: Called the enigma. Described as a mix between types A and B. Foods to eat include seafood, tofu, dairy, beans and grains. They should avoid kidney beans, corn, beef and chicken.
  • Type O: Called the hunter. This is a high-protein diet based largely on meat, fish, poultry, certain fruits and vegetables, but limited in grains, legumes and dairy. It closely resembles the paleo diet.
For the record, I think any of these dietary patterns would be an improvement for most people, no matter what their blood type is.
All 4 diets (or “ways of eating”) are mostly based on real, healthy foods, and a huge step up from the standard Western diet of processed junk food.
So, even if you go on one of these diets and your health improves, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it had anything to do with your blood type.
Maybe the reason for the health benefits is simply that you’re eating healthier food than before.

Dominzy Daily Health And Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips

🌰Onions and garlic are both foods that can accelerate hair growth.
😆Laughter and relaxation are just as vital to Health & Fitness as eating right and exercising.
😥Too much stress literally causes the human brain to freeze and shut down temporarily.
🍊Eat an orange before working out. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also prevents your muscles from getting sore.
🍎Apples are more powerful than caffeine at helping you stay awake.
🎧Listening to music frequently will decrease your risk of a brain tumor over the course of your life.
😡Angry? Take a deep breath before you speak, because your mouth acts quicker than your brain.
🛌🏽30 minute naps are MOST effective because they use only 2 light sleep stages, therefore you don't wake up as tired and you are more productive.
🥄A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar relieves allergy and asthma symptoms.

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Dominzy Daily Health and Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips*

😴Your sleeping style can really affect your heartburn issues. Sleeping on your left side can relieve the symptoms of heartburn.
🍌The scent of bananas actually contains a compound that can help you lose weight.
👁👁The 20-20-20 rule (looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 min)is a method proven to stop eye strain and thus stop headaches.
🍾More expensive alcohols contain fewer congeners (chemicals responsible for hangovers). The more expensive the alcohol, the less hungover.
🍫Eating a small amount of chocolate in the morning can help you burn calories easily and lose weight throughout the day.
🍛A recent study shows that you are 47% more likely to live an extra decade if you eat home-cooked meals five times a week.
🌰Onions and garlic are both foods that can accelerate hair growth.
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Dominzy Daily Health And Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips
  • Hate the feeling of putting cold eyedrops in your eye? Run the bottle under hot water for a few seconds, then do it. You'll barely feel em.
  • Put toothpaste(white colored) on a pimple and it will disappear over night.
  • Open your bag of chips from the bottom, as most of the flavor has sunk there.
  • Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which decrease nicotine cravings.
  • A cup of coffee before a workout speeds up the fat burning process.
  • Eating breakfast in the morning makes it ten times easier to burn calories throughout the day.

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Dominzy Daily Health And Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips

  • 🍉Eating watermelon can help reduce acne breakouts and keep skin Fit and Healthy.
  • 🍌The scent of bananas actually contains a compound that can help you lose weight.
  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar relieves allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • 😂Fifteen straight minutes of laughter has the same Health & Fitness benefits as 30 minutes of sit-ups.
  • 🗣Next time you have a sore throat, eat marshmallows!
  • If you're stressed, try running. Outside of meditation, it's one of the best ways to clear your mind.

stay informed.

Dominzyloaded Health and Fitness Tips

DominzyLoaded Daily Health & Fitness Tips

  • Onions and garlic are both foods that can accelerate hair growth.
  • Feeling depressed? Drink water, you may be chronically dehydrated.
  • Make an "X" on a bug bite with your fingernail. The itch will go away. The idea is that if you press your fingernails into a mosquito bite to make X like shape, it will spread out the toxin over a larger part of the skin to reduce the itch.
  • Turn the shower to cold before you get out. It closes your pores and makes you less likely to get acne.
  • Sugar can cure a burnt tongue.
  • The two most effective treatments for battling depression are exercise and spending time with pets.

stay informed

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8 Things Parents Should Never Do In Front Of Their Baby Child

Your child is a little sponge, and there are certain things you should avoid doing in front of her – they’re less obvious than you may think…

Babies absorb information around them from birth. In fact, says Dr Lise Eliot, author of Whats Going On in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life, babies absorb information with their senses to both bond and explore. They are like little sponges and your baby’s brain literally doubles in size during the first year of life.

There are certain things you should avoid doing in front of your baby and toddler.

1. Curse

Babies recognise language from the womb. They easily pick up words and store it safely away in their memory files, and swearing is not the first language you want your child to speak.

2. Tell little white lies

These often trip off our tongue, sometimes without us even realising it. But try to not lie in front of your child. They are more astute than you think, and will catch you out. At this age, they also can’t tell the difference between a “harmless” fib and something more serious.

3. Scream and yell

It’s easy to get frustrated. Particularly when you are suffering from a lack of sleep, and are ratty and irritated. Try not to fight or scream in front of your baby. You may think they are too small to understand the actual words, but they do pick up on tone and your anxiety. Children tend to think that it’s about them, and assume that you are upset because of something they have done.

4. Undermine your partner

Again, we all have those days, when our partners frustrate us. But if you have anything negative to say, rather wait until your child is out of earshot. Also avoid asking your child to keep secrets from your partner as this demonstrates that it is OK to lie and undermine. Plus, your child will learn to play one parent off the other. Not cool.
Try not to fight or scream in front of your baby. You may think they are too small to understand the actual words, but they do pick up on tone and your anxiety

5. Comment negatively about others

An offhand comment or a little sarcasm about a family member or friend in front of your child may seem like nothing. But remember, they are little sponges. They do not have the emotional maturity to understand that you are just having an off day and are not serious. And they may repeat verbatim what you have said in front of that person – talk about embarrassing.

6. Have too much screen time

If you want to spend time out on other activities, or spend time outdoors, you need to also put down your digital devices when your child is around. Be active yourself, and your child will follow.

7. Ignore your child

Newborns are born ready to communicate – and they do this through their grunts, cries, kicks and emotions. The more you communicate with them from birth and respond to their cues, the better it is. Plus, your baby learns from the time she is little that she is valued and important. In turn, this builds her self-esteem. And when your child expresses a negative emotion, mocking or ignoring her minimises her feelings. Open conversations lead to more bonding.

8. Show low self-esteem

It is normal to go through stages when you just don’t feel good enough. Hormones, fatigue and the general stress of life are all to blame. Your baby picks up your emotions and if you don’t feel great about yourself, your baby might mirror the same emotions about themselves. It is important to realise that we all have off days. There is no such thing as a perfect mom – but you are the perfect mom for your child.

Dominzy Daily Health and Fitness Tips (1)

Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips
👴🏽Adding vodka to your shampoo can strengthen your hair, prevent dry scalp, and stop dandruff.
🐝Deodorant on an insect bite or other itchy site will stop the itch.
🥛🥛Drinking two cups of water before meals can make you lose an average of 4.5 more pounds within 12 weeks than if you don't.
🍌🍚9 foods that get rid of an upset stomach: Bananas, Ginger, Plain yogurt, Papaya, Applesauce, Oatmeal, White Rice, Chamomile Tea, Chicken Broth.
👹👺Watching horror movies can burn up more than 180 calories.
😤Have hiccups? Hold your breath and swallow three times.
_stay informed_

Scientists From Spain Turn Citrus Into Plastic

Researchers from the Catalan Institute of Chemical Research (ICIQ) have devised a way of producing plastics from citrus peel that could replace controversial chemical Bisphenol A, which has been found by several studies to be harmful to health.

Limonene is a colourless liquid hydrocarbon that is extracted from the oil found in citrus peel. Professor Arjan Kleij, who led the project, told Spanish daily La Vanguardia that the team was looking for a safer, more sustainable alternative to Bisphenol, which has been banned in a number of countries for its carcinogenic and hormone disrupting effects.

“My group has developed a catalytic process that allows the controlled coupling between carbon dioxide and limonene, both renewable substances, to form a polycarbonate which, compared to the current ones, is more sustainable, less toxic, and obtains from an abundant product in the nature and totally renewable,” Kleij said.

Bisphenol has been used commercially since 1957 and is employed to make a variety of consumer goods including water bottles, CDs and DVDs.
The new citrus polycarbonate also has better thermal properties than the present alternatives which means the plastics manufactured from it has a higher decomposition temperature that makes it safer for daily use.
And because it is made with natural compounds it is fully biodegradable.
Citrus bioplastics have already attracted a high level of interest from industry, including a company that manufactures coatings and adhesives destined for food packaging.

The team is now study more of the polymer’s properties – such as mechanics and resistance – in an attempt to find wider uses for it.

Ghanaian Prostitute Confesses To Killing 100 Men And Rendering 70 Men Impotent

A 36-year-old Ghanaian prostitute, Katrine Obenewaa has confess to killing over 100 men and rendering no fewer than 70 impotent.

Obenewaa was reportedly introduced into prostitution by a Nigerian lady, Elizabeth Opeyemi at a very tender age.
The lady made the shocking revelation on Samuel Mprah’s show on Bryt FM.
She claimed going into the prostitute work due to lack of support from her poor parents.
She said, “I was initially working as a local prostitute but later went international after coming into contact with one Miss Elizabeth Opeyemi, an international sex worker from Nigeria.”

She said the Nigerian woman enticed her to take her prostitution business outside Ghana.
According to her, she spread her bounds to neighbouring countries like Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso.
“My eight years of friendship with Miss Opeyemi was a great moment that saw me with billions of cedis.
“I was able to buy two separates six-bed room apartments from the monies I made through my sex business and now own a lot of other landed properties from this same sex business.”
Katrine further said that she got greedy and wanted more money, thus had to go in for spiritual backup. However, her visit to a spiritualist, turned out to be her worst decision

She said aftermath of her visit to the spiritualist was that any man she slept with, lost his life afterwards, and she confronted the Spiritualist who told her it was the price she had to pay for her wealth while adding that it was irreversible.
She confessed that over 100 men had already died, and 70 more were rendered impotent after sleeping with her before she eventually found out what the cause was.

Katrine also said she’s having a big regret over the whole situation, saying “though I have acquired the needed wealth one could desire for in life, am still not a happy person because of this predicament in my life.”

10 Early Signs Of Cancer To Look Out For In Men

Cancer is among the most well-known reasons for death in grown-up guys in the U.S. While a sound eating regimen can bring down the danger of building up specific tumors, different components like qualities can assume a bigger part. When disease spreads, it can be hard to treat.

Knowing early side effects can help you look for treatment sooner to better your odds of abatement. Early manifestations of disease in men include:
  • bowel changes
  • rectal bleeding
  • urinary changes
  • blood in urine
  • persistent back pain
  • unusual coughing
  • testicular lumps
  • excessive fatigue 
  • unexplained weight loss
  • lumps in breast
 The symptoms are listed below.

1. Bowel changes

The occasional bowel problem is normal, but changes in your bowels may indicate either colon or rectal cancer. These are collectively called colorectal cancers. Colon cancer can develop in any part of your colon, while rectal cancer affects your rectum, which connects the colon to the anus.
Frequent diarrhea and constipation may be symptoms of cancer, particularly if these bowel changes come on suddenly. These problems also may occur with frequent gas and abdominal pain.
A change in the caliber or size of your bowel movement may also be a symptom of cancer.
Rectal bleeding

2. Rectal bleeding

Rectal bleeding may be an early sign of rectal cancer. This is especially concerning if the bleeding persists or if you’re found to have iron deficiency anemia due to blood loss. You may also notice blood in your stools.
Although there are other more common causes of rectal bleeding like hemorrhoids, you shouldn’t try to diagnose yourself if you’re having these symptoms. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. You should get regular colon cancer screenings starting at age 50.

3. Urinary changes

Incontinence and other urinary changes may develop as you age. However, certain symptoms may indicate prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is most common in men ages 60 and older.
Common urinary symptoms include:
  • urinary leaks
  • incontinence
  • an inability to urinate despite urges to go
  • delayed urination
  • straining during urination

4. Blood in your urine

If you have blood in your urine, you shouldn’t ignore it. This is a common symptom of bladder cancer. This type of cancer is more common in current and former smokers than in people who’ve never smoked. Prostatitis, prostate cancer, and urinary tract infections can also cause blood in your urine.
Early prostate cancer can also cause blood in your semen.
Back pain

5. Persistent back pain

Back pain is a common cause of disability, but few men realize that it may be a symptom of cancer. Symptoms of cancer may not show until it has spread to other parts of your body, such as the bones of your spine. For example, prostate cancer is especially prone to spread to the bones and may cause these symptoms within your hip bones and lower back.
Unlike occasional muscle pain, cancer of the bone causes tenderness and discomfort in your bones.

6. Unusual coughing

Coughing isn’t exclusive to smokers or to people with a cold or allergies. A persistent cough is an early sign of lung cancer. If you don’t have any other related symptoms, such as a stuffy nose or fever, the cough probably isn’t due to a virus or infection.
Coughing accompanied with bloody mucus is also associated with lung cancer in men.
Testicular lumps

7. Testicular lumps

Testicular cancers in men are less common than cancers of the prostate, lungs, and colon. Still, you shouldn’t ignore early symptoms. Lumps in the testicles are symptoms of testicular cancer.
Doctors look for these lumps during wellness checks. For earliest detection, you should check for lumps once per month.
Excessive fatigue

8. Excessive fatigue

Fatigue can be related to a number of chronic illnesses and medical disorders. Excessive fatigue is your body’s way of telling you that something just isn’t right. As cancer cells grow and reproduce, your body may start to feel run down.
Fatigue is a common symptom of various cancers. See your doctor if you have excessive tiredness that doesn’t go away after a good night’s sleep.

9. Unexplained weight loss

It becomes more difficult to maintain your weight as you age, so you might consider weight loss as a positive thing. But sudden and unexplained weight loss can indicate a serious health problem, including almost any type of cancer.
If you rapidly lose weight without changing your diet or how much you exercise, discuss this with your doctor.
Lumps in breast

10. Lumps in the breast

Breast cancer isn’t exclusive to women. Men also need to be on guard and check for suspicious lumps in the breast area. This is the earliest detectable symptom of male breast cancer. Call your doctor immediately for testing if you notice a lump.
Genes can play a role in male breast cancer, but it may also occur due to exposure to radiation or high estrogen levels. Breast lumps are most commonly found in men in their 60s.

NOTE: Many cancers are difficult to detect in the earliest stages, but some may cause noticeable differences. Knowing the most common cancer symptoms is vital to obtaining a prompt diagnosis. Still, the exact signs and symptoms of cancer can vary. As a rule of thumb, you should always see your doctor if you suspect something isn’t right.