Ten (10) Tricks You Can Perform On Google Search Page

 Ten Tricks You Can Perform On Google Search Page

Do you know there are several hidden tricks which can be performed on Google Search Page? I bet you don't.

Before making this post, I never knew about the existence of these tricks. And even now, most of you don't know about it. While I was going through some Google facts on Google telegram channel, I came across one of the Google tricks and decided to find out more because of how interesting it was.

In this post, I've compiled several list of Google tricks, how it works and how it can be accessed. Make sure you read the post till the end, inorder not to miss any of the tricks. Read below.

Google Trick Lists

1. Google Mirror

What is Google Mirror?
Google Mirror is a rotated version of Google.com, which displays a reversed Google site, also known as Google backwards. Once this is accessed, everything you search for will appear in a mirror view
How to access Google Mirror?
In your browser URL bar, just type in Google backwards i.e elgoog.im and send, it will take you straight to Google Mirror as seen in the image below
Google Mirror

Search results on Google mirror

2. Google Underwater

Google Underwater allows you to search for stuffs under water on the Google search page. Once you access Google Underwater, Google search page will be seen floating and sinking inside water filled with fishes and sharks.
How to access Google Underwater?
Visit elgoog.im/underwater and you will be taken to a page just like the one in the image below.
Google Underwater search page

3. Google T-rex Dinosaur ๐Ÿฆ•

The Dinosaur Game, also known as the T-Rex Game or Dino Runner and initially codenamed Project Bolan, is a built-in browser game in the Google Chrome web browser. 
How to access Google dinosaur?
It comes up automatically when you try searching on Google without the use of internet or when there is disruption of network service when browsing.
To access it when online, visit elgoog.im/T-rex 
See image below
Google dinosaur game ๐Ÿฆ•

4. Google Gravity

The gravity trick is one of Google tricks which will allow you to see the contents such as the search bar, the other options, buttons, languages, etc fall from the screen. In short, everything that you see on Google will appear falling down due to the gravitational pull. Interesting right? That's not all. If you tilt your phone to any position, all the items on the screen will fall in direction of gravity pull.

How to access Google Gravity?
  • Visit elgoog.im/gravity
  • When the page loads, click on "I'm feeling lucky" bar
  • Watch as all the page elements will obey law of gravity
Google Gravity page

Google page undergoing gravity pull

5. Google Anti Gravity

The Google anti-gravity trick will make all the google elements float on your screen. 

How to access Google Anti Gravity?
On your browser url bar, type Google.com 
Make sure you are on desktop mode if you are using a smartphone.
Once Google homepage has opened on your phone, type "google anti gravity" in the search bar
Instead of clicking on "Search" button, after typing, click on "I'm feeling lucky" button and watch as it activates.
Tricks you can perform on Google Search Page

Google Anti Gravity page
6. Google Zero Gravity

The google elements in the zero-gravity mode will appear reversed. As if all the elements have turned upside down. 
How to access Google zero gravity?
you have to follow the same steps in Google Anti Gravity, Then again, you have to make sure you are typing ‘google zero gravity’ before clicking I’m feeling lucky.
Check images below
Google zero gravity page

7. Google Sphere

Google sphere will allow you to see the Google elements represented in a spherical manner. All the text on the Google search page will be spinning spherically around the google logo.
How to access Google Sphere?
Just like the other programs, this has the same steps and ‘google sphere’ as the search word and watch the spherical movement. Don't forget to click "I'm feeling lucky" instead of "search" button.
A video clip of google sphere is available below.
Google sphere

8. Google Do A Barrel Roll

Google search page will do a 360° turn which is a full barrel roll that is from the top left corner to the right bottom corner. 

How to access google do a barrel roll?
Similarly, you follow the same steps, type ‘Google do a barrel roll’ and watch as the page rolls.

9. Google Askew

Google search page will slightly tilt clockwise if you type "Askew" in the search bar.

10. Google Zero Rush

This element allows you play a game originally created by Google with small 'o' characters that destroy search results if they are not clicked with the mouse pointer.
How to access Google zero rush?
Type "zerg rush" in the search bar and click on "I'm feeling lucky". You can also visit elgoog.im/zergrush
Google zerg rush

Try out these tricks and have fun on Google Search Page. If you know more Google tricks, you can share with us on the comment box. We'll love to hear from you.

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7 Factors That Affect YouTube Video Ranking

 7 Factors That Affect YouTube Video Ranking

Seven 7 YouTube Ranking factors

As we all know, YouTube is the number one online platform in the world where everyone goes to when looking for videos to watch, such as tutorials, comedy, music, entertainment etc. 

A person that uploads video to his or her YouTube channels is know as a Youtuber. As a Youtuber, you need to know that YouTube works as a search engine, and you have to know what factors will help you rank your videos in YouTube SERP

I have clearly outlined 7 of these factors for you. Just make sure you go through each of them thoroughly.

Seven YouTube Ranking Factors

A view is counted if a user has watched at least 30 seconds of a video. A repeated view is counted as a new view, however, multiple views per day from the same user might be treated as spam and not added to the total view count. These measures prevent spam bots from cheating on video watching stats.
Curious fact
 YouTube's business is trading views. It buys views from video creators and sells them to advertisers. That's why views are everything. That's also why YouTube is so vigilant when counting views — it doesn't want to pay for fakes.

2. Subscribers
Subscribers are live accounts of real people who follow your YouTube channel. Closed accounts and spam subscribers (the ones you might have artificially gained through third-party services) will not be counted by YouTube algorithms.

3. Audience retention
Audience retention shows how many people watch your videos till the end, and at what point they stop watching. This is the factor that YouTube considers even more important than clicks and views, so your goal is to create videos that people want to keep watching.

4. Engagement
Your video needs to have comments, replies to comments, and new subscribers after a fresh video has been published. The more activity your videos have, the better the chances of being ranked by the YouTube search engine.

5. Video quality
High-resolution videos are appreciated by both YouTube AI and your audience. With this in mind, you can think of switching to HD format: multiple studies prove that quality videos do get higher ranking positions more often.

6. Channel authority
YouTube offers powerful monetization possibilities, but it requires a lot of analysis and thoughtful content creation all the way through. When your channel reaches impressive figures, usually around 100,000 subscribers, you can go for badge verification and make your channel an official source.

7. Relevance: The best way to make your video rank high on YouTube is to make it match a relevant query. Take your time to analyze what your audience searches for, and what is a trend these days.

How To Fix Google Search Console Indexing Issues

 How To Fix Google Search Console Indexing Issues

How To Fix Google Search Console Indexing Issues

Google search console is a free SEO tool used by bloggers and website owners to gather information and reports about their websites. It gathers reliable data's directly from google.

Before you can get data's about your site from Google, Google must have crawled and indexed your site with your permission.
Most issues site owners have is that their sites cannot be crawled by google or that it can't be Indexed. This is categorized as index issues.

These index issues can be your fault or not, you just have to find out. If your website does not get index by google, it won't appear on search engines. This is why I'm bringing to you how you can fix these index issues. Make sure you read the post to the end.


To check whether you have any indexing issues, go to Index > Coverage and check the status of your website’s pages.
Pay attention to the Error and Valid with warning sections to figure out what’s wrong with these pages and how to fix the issues.
Search Console index coverage page


Error report shows all the cases when Google hasn't managed to index your pages because they either don’t exist or have been restricted. 
You can click on each error to a get list of affected URLs. From there, you can click on each URL and have it inspected by Google Search Console. This will result in a quick report on the page’s current indexing status and possible problems. 

Below are the most common indexing errors and some tips on how you can solve them:

Submitted URL cannot be indexed. These types of issues occurs when you have asked Google to index a URL, but the page cannot be accessed. The first thing to look out for, is whether you actually intended for the page to be displayed in search or not.

If you don’t want your page to be indexed, you have to recall your index request so that Google can stop trying. To do that, submit the URL for inspection and see why Google is trying to index it in the first place. The most likely reason is you have added the URL to one of your sitemaps by mistake, in which case just edit the sitemap and remove the URL.

If you do want your page to be indexed, then you have to stop restricting the access. There are six different ways you might be restricting Google, so here is what you can do in each case:

  • Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’ issue can be solved by removing the noindex tag from the page's HTML code, or deleting a noindex header from the HTTP request.

  • Submitted URL not found (404) means that the page does not exist, and the server redirected to 404 status code. Check if the content was relocated, and set up a 301 redirect to a new location.

  • Submitted URL seems to be a Soft 404. This error appears when your server labeled the page with OK status, but Google decided the page is 404 (not found). This may occur because there’s little content on the page, or because the page moved to a new location. Check if the page has good comprehensive content and add some if it’s thin. Or set up a 301 redirect if the content was moved.

  • Submitted URL blocked by robots.txt error can be solved by running the robots.txt tester tool on the URL, and updating the robots.txt file on your website to change or delete the rule.

  • Submitted URL returns unauthorized request (401) means that Google cannot access your page without verification. You can either remove authorization requirements or let Googlebot access the page by verifying identity.

  • Submitted URL returned 403 error happens when Google has no credentials to perform authorized access. If you want to get this page indexed, allow anonymous access.

Once you’ve removed whatever was restricting the access, submit the URL for indexing using the URL inspection tool.

Server error (5xx) occurs when Googlebot fails to access the server. The server may have crashed, timed out, or been down when Googlebot came around. Check the URL with the Inspect URL tool to see if it displays an error. If yes, check the server, see what Google suggests to solve the problem, and initiate validation once again if the server is fine.

Redirect error may occur if a redirect chain is too long, a redirect URL exceeds the max URL length (2 MB for Google Chrome), there’s a bad URL in the chain, or there’s a redirect loop. Check the URL with a debugging tool such as Lighthouse to find out the exact issue.

Valid with warning

If Google indexed your page but is not sure if it was necessary, then the pages will be displayed as valid with warning.

In terms of SEO, warnings may bring you even more trouble than errors, as Google may display the pages that you didn’t want to show.
Search Console valid with warning

Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt warning appears when the page is indexed by Google despite being blocked by your robots.txt file. How to fix this issue? Decide on whether you want to block this page or not. If you want to block it, then add the noindex tag to the page, limit access to the page by login request, or remove the page by going to Index > Removals > New request.

Note: many SEOs mistakenly assume that robots.txt is the right mechanism to hide the page from Google. This is not true — robots.txt serves mainly to prevent overloading your website with requests. If you block the page with robots.txt, Google will still display it in search results.

Indexed without content means the page is indexed, but, for some reason, Google cannot read the content. This may happen because the page is cloaked, or the format of the page is not recognized by Google. To fix this issue, check the code of your page and follow Google’s tips on how to make your website accessible for users and search engines.


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Meaning of Bounce Rate and Why It Matters

How To Make Up-to $100 A Day With Google Adsense

Paying Money To Bloggers Or Site Owners For Backlinks Is A Crime

You Can Now Download Your NIN Slip Using The New NIMC Mobile App

You Can Now Download Your NIN Slip Using The New NIMC Mobile App

You Can Now Download Your NIN Slip Using The New NIMC Mobile App

 The federal government has released a mobile app and Identification Number (NIN) Slip for Public use.

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami), was represented at the launch by the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Engr. Aliyu Aziz explained that the NIMC App offers a secure avenue for Nigerians and Legal residents to verify and authenticate their identities using their smartphones on-the-go.

As an integral part of Nigeria’s digitization process spearheaded by the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, he said the App offers a built-in harmonization process that allows for its use across other government services including FIRS, FRSC, NHIS, NPF, and NCC among others.

According to a statement by the head of Corporate Communications, NIMC, Mr Kayode Adegoke, the new improved NIN slip is pocket friendly and simple to verify and can be accessed via a self-service Portal, where persons who already have been issued the NIN, can log in, pay a small token fee, download a PDF of the document in colour (if preferred) print and laminate as desired.

“The current NIN Slip will remain valid and gradually phased out.

“The NIMC App is available on the App Store for IOS users and Google Play store for Android users. The improved NIN Slip can also be downloaded via https://dashboard.nimc.gov.ng.”

How To Browse For Free With Opera Mini On Glo

 How To Browse For Free With Opera Mini On Glo

How To Browse With Opera Mini On Glo

Good news to all Glo users, as Opera mini partners with Glo to provide free Browsing to all its subscribers. All Nigerians who have Glo active data sim card and have installed Opera Mini on their mobile devices, can start browsing for free every day for one month. 

With Free Browsing on Opera Mini, you can log in to your Facebook or Instagram account. You can also use Free Browsing in Opera Mini to make Google searches and find the coolest and trending stuffs.

How to Qualify for Glo free Browsing on Glo

 To qualify for the free browsing, make sure that you are a Globacom active customer and that you have Opera Mini installed on your phone. Once you are ready, open Opera Mini and start browsing for free. 

Note that:
The Free browsing does not include video streaming or downloads. Those come with extra costs from your data bundle package. 

The free browsing is capped at 600MB every month with a daily cap of 20 MB.

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Impact Acquires Trackonomics to Speed Up the Partnership Economy Through Com-tent

 Impact Acquires Trackonomics to Speed Up the Partnership Economy through Com-tent

Impact Acquires Trackonomics to Speed Up the Partnership Economy through Content

One of the lead affiliate companies, Impact has made a critical move to acquire Trackonomics, the leading publisher supply-side platform (SSP) devised for commerce-driven content.

Trackonomics helps publishers diversify, optimize and increase revenue from content commerce and media sales initiatives by providing the most innovative technology to be successful. This acquisition empowers publishers by opening up more partnership opportunities between publishers and brands.

Why Trackonomics?

Trackonomics has been an innovative leader in the third wave of digital transformation.As brands and publishers respond to new privacy and data regulations, as well as today’s empowered consumer shopping behavior, Trackonomics is well positioned to offer a solution purpose-built for today's data-driven, agile publishers. The aim is to create even greater cooperation opportunities between you and your brand partners, to further accelerate the growth of your commerce content, or “com-tent”, programs.

Trackonomics has been committed to making affiliate e-commerce a primary monetization channel for publishers around the world with a suite of tools designed to create, analyze, and optimize affiliate content at scale. As the only SSP for affiliate monetization, Trackonomics gives you a unique set of products to assist you drive revenue:

  • Diversify your revenue streams. Trackonomics’ products, like their data management platform and link scanner, enable you to diversify your revenue beyond paywalls and advertising and establish multiple affiliate revenue streams.
  • Automate affiliate link generation. Create affiliate links at the touch of a button without logging into multiple networks with the Trackonomics browser extension.
  • Connect cost to revenue with page level attribution. See exactly how much revenue each page is generating so you can make confident spend decisions on traffic acquisition and optimize your revenue. 
  • To learn more about Trackonomics, check out their website at trackonomics.net

Download Dominzyloaded Tech Android Mobile App From Google Play Store

 Download Dominzyloaded Tech Android Mobile App From Google Play Store

Download Dominzyloaded Tech Android Mobile App From Google Play Store

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