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How To Get Verified On Instagram In 5 Easy Steps

How To Get Verified On Instagram In 5 Easy Steps

Nowadays, everyone wants to be verified on Instagram because this is the only way to prove to people that they are real and their account is authentic. To know an account that has been verified by instagram, you will see a blue badge and a white tick sign attached to the users account name. This is the only visible way to know a verified account.

There are lot of ways to be verified on Instagram, you don't really need to use your ID or be a very famous person. Neither do you need to have a certain number of followers or post before Instagram can give you their blue tick on your account. There are some individuals or companies that buys Instagram verification and this is very expensive, not everyone can afford it.

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In this post I'll be showing you how you can get verified on Instagram for free. Yes, for free. Just make sure you read the post to the last sentence.

This is not a 100% guaranteed method, but this is the case study of a company which got approved by using this method. This depends on luck as well, 

Let's see how they did it:

Step 1.

Make your account look professional, non spammy, quality looking and not something a 10 year old put together. Your last 6 posts especially should be all good ones. No reposts, no selling or promotion, NO non-original content. If you use it to promote ecommerce put that on pause or scale it back to 1 ecommerce post for every 10 non promotional posts.

Step 2.

Tweak your bio and 1 or 2 or your last 3 posts to be international. Internationally known or doing business globally. I dont know why but this matters if you're not famous. According to the company, 'It took us several tries and we were approved on the last request after adding adding some stuff about offices and projects we've done in other countries'. 
Hope you got that?

Step 3.

Create 3 other copycat accounts from different ips, browser, and emails at different times. Each with their own bio and pics (even with pics stolen from your real account) Spread them each out a few days or week. Best to use a seperate computer or phone, vpn if you dont know what your doing. Clear cookies use a different phone etc. Never log into this from same your real accounts ip or phone or wifi or same cookies etc.

 Make the names like your username official or something very close to your username.

Step 4.

Wait for 1 to 2 weeks then have a couple of your friends report the copycat accounts you create. Then you report the account as impersonating your account.

Step 5.

After the account is removed by Instagram, Apply to be verified. Boom you're done! Usually takes about 5 days to hear back. 
If it's a no, then repeat the steps until its verified, you already created 2 more copycat accounts remember. 

According to the company, "It was our 3rd try when we got verified. We are a global brand though. We have 12k followers and only 75 posts but you can do it with just 2-5000. Check igaudit and be over 60% real followers on there. During this 90 day period we were at 44% real by them but got it up to 77% real. This may have helped idk. It's the combo of global, plus high quality account, plus being impersonated. The people offering these services just know exactly what Instagram is looking for. My company didn't so that's why I say get approved in 90 days, could even be just who the auditor you get is or what mood they're in. Most likely they have an algorithm that if you meet the first steps it sends it for manual review. They definately don't manually review every request".

if anyone else got approved post up your journey or tips also and let's make it easy for all to get verified. You can reapply every 30 days. 

Note that, if you change your username after being approved, you will lose the badge.

Hope you learnt something? Help other gain this knowledge by sharing this post with them.

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How To Download Videos, Reels From Instagram Without Screen Recording

How To Download Videos, Reels From Instagram Without Screen Recording.

Videos are one of the most interesting features of Instagram. Most Instagram users spend their time watching videos and reels on the Instagram app. 

After watching these videos, especially the interesting and hilarious ones, there is no option on Instagram where you can save those videos or download them for future or offline viewing. This is why most users tend to use the screen recording app on their phones to Screen record the video while watching it and then save to their gallery. 

Those that their phone didn't come with screen recording app, download screen recording app on any app store and use it to screen record videos on Instagram as means of saving the video.
The screen recording option is not a bad idea but it has its limitations. 
For instance, the quality of the video will reduce drastically and when you finally repost them on your whatsapp or Facebook story, it gets blurry. This will make you have less views on your status story.

Before we go to how to download videos without screen recording, let me enlighten you on the types of videos you see on Instagram.
Normal videos on Instagram have maximum time Length of 1 mins. Reels are videos that their time length are 30 secs and below.
Videos longer than 1 minute are called Series. Hope you understand?

There are thousands of ways and apps you can use to download videos from Instagram without its quality reducing, but I'll be focusing on one of the app which I find very useful and simple to use, unlike other Instagram video downloading apps.
The name of the app is called Istaram, it's a modded tool app for Instagram which doesn't require you to login to your Instagram account like some other apps do. It doesn't consume space because of the small file size.

Let's now go to the most important part of this post, which is how to download videos, reels, series from Instagram without screen recording.

Follow the steps below:

1. Download and install Istaram here

2. On Instagram, copy the link of the video you wish to download.
Image of copying link on Instagram

3. Launch the Istaram app, on the home screen, locate download at the footer of the app and click on it.
Home screen of istaram app

4. Paste the link in the space provided and tap the download button
Pasted link on istaram app

5. Download begins automatically and get saved to your gallery as soon as it finishes downloading.

There you go. Now you don't need to repost blurry videos again. 

Here is the tutorial video

Note: you need to have telegram installed on your app before you can successfully download the Istaram app from here.

Other functions of Istaram app includes:
Viewing/zooming profile pics in hd, generating hashtags, photo downloading, creating gif, access to free captions for your posts.

When you download and post clear videos on you status, your friends will be wondering how you did this, just refer them to this post so that they can learn.

The app can also be found on Google play store.

If you encounter any issues while using the Istaram app, feel free to comment the problem here and I'll assist in providing solutions.

Thanks for reading.

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Top 3 Bots That Can Boost Your Instagram Account

 Top 3 Bots That Can Boost Your Instagram Account 

Top 3 bots that can boost your instagram accounts

Looking for the fastest ways to boost your instagram accounts? I'll be showing you how you can boost your instagram accounts using bots. This method is free and very effective. You'll get real likes and followers on your account, all at no cost. 

These are the best free bots for Instagram growth

Likefollowbot - follow4follow bot allows you to follow others and they follow you back. Everything is automated. You also get likes on your posts by your followers. To activate the bot, make sure you have telegram app installed on your phone, then click the link below

Click here

Likemeupbot - this bot puts high quality Instagram likes from real users. How does it work? You send your instagram post link to the bot & it gives you likes for free. This is an effective way of boosting the like on each of your photos. 

Visit the link below to activate the bot. 

Click here - This is not a Telegram bot but an awesome Chrome Extension which gives you Instagram likes on all your new posts. Cool way to automatically boost your posts straight after the posting. 

Just visit the above link to activate the bot and get free likes

I hope everyone will find something useful. If you combine all 3 bots you can gain up to 10k followers in weeks. Share this message with friends who want to be famous at Instagram.


If you face any issues while using this bots, feel free to ask me questions. I'll be here to reply you.

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