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Man Arrested For Selling Fake Drinks

A maker of fake refreshment beverages was captured in Warri, Delta state as of late. The criminal, recognized as Okechukwu Alozie was captured by officers of the Delta state police order taking after a tip-off. Alozie took to his heels on finding the police was onto him, butwas got not long after a hot chase.

The suspect, officially bound in cuffs, was questioned transparently  where he uncovered how he handled his detestable exchange. He said that he obtained modest bourbon and moved it into jugs of more costly mixed refreshment drinks like red name, Hennessy, and so on. At the point when asked how he got the containers and discharge bundling containers, he said that he acquired them from a market in Onitsha.

He said he sold the fake beverages to clueless clients at Igbudu showcase in Warri.Nigeria has had a long standing fight with makers of fake/fake items. The nation's National agency for sustenance tranquilize organization control (NAFDAC) has been contending energetically to incapacitate the exercises/dissemination of fake consumables in the country.The office has zero resistance for fake items and its makers and this is obvious in the substantial punishments set on caught offenders.

In walk 2016, Two men, one Emeka Nwankwo,42 and Chinonso Okoro,25, were summoned for adultering grouped beverages in Aba, Abia state. They have since confronted the full fierceness of the law.

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