See How MMM Saved This Guy's Internship (I.T)

lecturer: Ade where is your IT log book.
Ade: I have filled everything neatly. This is it sir.
Lecturer: he opened the log book. See what the lecturer saw..........
12/08/2016.. Registration of my MMM account
13/08/2016... I provided help of #1,600,000 naira after my account has been added
14/08/2016... I GH referral bonus of #35,000.
15/08/2016... Registration of 5 new members under me.
16/08/2016... Checking of my mavro.
19/08/2016... GH of #250,000
20/08/2016.. GH of #20,000 being my video bonus.
21-11/08-09/2016.... Checking of my MMM mavro
12/09/2016 .. GH of #2,000000 being my mavro.
Lecturer: Ade, na MMM you take your IT do.
Ade: na soo sir.
Lecturer: if I put #1000000 how much will I get.
Ade: you will get nothing less than #1,536000 being your money,30%of your money, Christmas gift and starter bonus.
Lecturer: yeeee! Please register me under you. And I will register the VC .
Ade: OK. But sir, what about my log book?
Lecturer: Don't worry, you are good boy. You have gotten A .
Good evening

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