Nigeria’s Richest Woman, Folorunso Alakija, Narrates How She Became A Billionaire Without A University Degree.

Nigeria's wealthiest lady, Folorunso Alakija, has uncovered how she turned into an extremely rich person without a college degree.

In a collection of memoirs she posted on her Instagram handle, Mrs. Alakija who uncovered that she was the eighth youngster out of a group of 52 kids, said she had confronted difficulties and misfortunes throughout everyday life except wound up incredible because of her affection for God

She stated: "I might want to energize you on my experience with the brilliance of God.

"It happened just about 27 years prior when I gave my life to Christ at 40 years old and my life has not been the same from that point onward, I implore your life as well, will encounter an aggregate pivot.

"I was conceived just about 67 years back, into an extensive and renowned polygamous Muslim family as number 8 out of 52 youngsters through a father who had 8 spouses.

"In those days, huge families were normal, yet what was unordinary was that I was one of the initial couple of Nigerian youngsters who left its shores to go and ponder abroad at such a youthful age of 7.

"Indeed, even at that age, I knew I couldn't stand to let my family down reason I was viewed as a represetative.

"My want was to think about law yet my daddy did not have faith in putting resources into young ladies around then.

"Today, I have no college degree, yet God's brilliance lifted me up and I have gotten various Honorary doctorate degrees at home and abroad.

"All of what you now observe today has taken very nearly more than two decades, so I am not an overnight achievement. Despite what might be expected, through God's effortlessness, I am a blood purchased completely pardoned, totally recovered, paradise bound offspring of God.

"I have needed to make penances like every other person, confronted challenges yet never surrendered.

"I have not traded off myself, my qualities or my confidence."

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