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Dominzy Daily Health And Fitness Tips

Dominzy Daily health and fitness tips.

  • Mineral Ice applied immediately to a burn will prevent blistering. It's cold, draws heat out and will become a brown spot that will eventually fade away.
  • Always exercise on Monday. This sets the psychological pattern for the rest of the week.
  • Three passionate kisses a day can double your metabolic rate and can help you lose up to a pound.
  • Headache remedy drink: 3 mint leaves, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 lemon and 1 cup filtered water.
  • Getting your hair and nails done has been proven to significantly treat anxiety and depression while also relieving stress.
  • Sleeping for more than 9 hours at a time can actually damage your immune system.
  • If you're insomniac, have a glass of raw lemon juice or a spoon of honey before sleeping, this will improve your sleep!
  • If a man takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, he may have testicular cancer.
  • Any orange (also: clementine, satsuma, grapefruit, etc.) becomes easier to peel if you gently press and roll it on the table before peeling.
  • While people who stay up later are likely to be more intelligent, they are also more likely to have vivid nightmares.
  • One banana in the morning can help relieve
  • depression, irritable emotions, and anger.
  • Tell your crush you like them. You'll either get them, or you'll be set free.
  • Massage the back of your hand with ice to relieve toothache pain.
  • Kiss goodbye to blemishes on your face by applying a layer of calamine lotion and leaving it overnight.
  • It's been proven that peppermint stimulates brain activity and makes you concentrate better.
  • Working out can go hand in hand with your favorite music playing on your ear devices. To make it more effective create a work out playlist and when the playlist will stop, you will stop.
  • Dry brushing, if done regularly can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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