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Intelligent Apps: Definition, Characteristics And Samples

Intelligent Apps,definition and samples


From the early 2000s, a series of development
And modification into existing mobile phones
Carved the Smart phone that we all use today.
It is Capable of doing many of our tasks hence
Making it an essential Components in our lives.
With Smartphones, Apps come into existence
That programs to perform a specific task or to
To provide a specific service. Overtime, many
Advances and modern Applications have been
Made, which are not only able to do single tasks
But are multitasking as well as able to do many
Complex Operations.
With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence
And Machine learning, the viewpoint of
Developers and Companies in the App
Market has completely Changed. Apps
That can be smarter and can learn from
Users who are much in demand.
With the growth and development in the
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
Industry,many Technologies have emerged side 
By side using the later, as the foundation. We have
Been engulfed with these modern technologies and
Instruments and so do the apps.


In simple terms, intelligent apps are one which
Uses modern technologies such as Artificial 
Intelligence and Machine learning and some part
Of Reinforcement learning. These apps are not 
Interested to perform the basic operation, rather
Used to perform complex tasks that can be
Automated with continued usage,as the app learns
From the operational Behaviour of the users. These
Apps can provide personalized user experience
Combined with the adaptability and richness.
Intelligent Apps are use to power of combined
Data organization, user predictability,prescriptive
Analytics, consumer data and operational data
Thus, providing the users a very rich experience.
    Also termed as Smart apps, developers as well
As many mobile app companies have switched their focus
From native–single–operational apps to intelligent apps.
The apps market is versatile and the technology changes
That takes place here are very rapid.
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1. ADAPTIVE ; Since the app will be used by thousands of
Users, the app is expected to be adaptive. Every user is different
In their use, adaptability of the app plays a very Crucial role.the
Use of machine learning helps the app to adapt to a common
Point where users share some of the similarities in their 
Operations. In some apps, the use of reinforced learning is also
Being done,to produce a highly-satisfying user experience.

2. SUGGESTIVE & DECISION-ORIENTED; While working with a
Large number of users, the Intelligent app does not wait for the
User to decide, rather helps the users to decide what suits best
For them, using the user interaction and artificial
Gives prompt to the users, to opt for a certain decision, but the
Final decision remains with the user. But yes, these apps can 
Heavily impact on how users choose their decision and interact
With the app.

3. DATA POWERED; Be it online data or offline data, intelligent Apps
Are heavily dependent on data. Data is very essential for intelligent 
Apps, as data serves as the warehouse of information. Most of these
Apps use online data and require an internet connection.these gather
Data from a variety of sources, such as online,user interaction,sensors, e.t.c
And compile them,thus providing better user experience.

4. RESPONSIVE TO INPUTS; The inputs from the users are the rich source of
Information that the app can get. The inputs can be either in the form of text,
Photos, or voices.the app has to be responsive to the inputs, as these help in
Identifying the user and behaviour.

5. CROSS-PLATFORM OPERATION; The app also should have the ability to 
Understand the common responses and process the desired output. Also,
Some of the features require cross-platform operations, which can help the
App to understand the user better when working with Cross-platforms.


1. HOUND; Hound is yet another application that you would love to use.similar
To Google voice search, you can use hound by speaking naturally and get the 
Results displayed instantly. You can activate the app by saying; " Ok Hound".
  It comes in wide range of features such as you can listen to your favourite
Music or video playback curated in the sound hound playlist.

2. ELSA; ELSA ( English Language Speech Assistant) is an artificial
Intelligent app offering professional coaching on pronunciation with 
Series of exercises and teaching materials. The app asks you your 
Native language and programs its questions accordingly.the app is
Free of cost on play store and iTunes.

3. CORTANA; After the launch of Windows 10, Cortana is a well-known
Application to all.the app, which was available on Windows phone,is now
Available on Android phones as well.
    It helps you to manage tasks that would otherwise need hands to do.
For instance, you can schedule a meeting and the rest will be handled by
Cortana. Moreoever,it can be used to send emails, search for desired 
Products or anything you can find on the internet.

4. STIFR MAGIC CLEANER; It is also one of the popular Artificial intelligence Apps, used to detect junk photos on your phone to free up some space. The images are scrutinized through a
A series of machine learning algorithms.

5. GOOGLE ALLO; There are times you are exhausted after a long and 
Uninterrupted striking on the keyboard. Google ALLO is there to help you,
It is another personal assistant app that works like a messenger. It performs
A wide variety of tasks like answering the question,add events to the calendar,
A reminder of info at given time,find videos.e.t.c.

6. ROBIN; Robin is another popular Artificial intelligence app that works as a personal
Assistant while you are on the move. Easy to use,Robin allows you to write text through
Voice,get local information,jokes and GPS Navigation without moving your eyes off the 
     Other intelligent Apps incudes: IRIS, FLO, YouPer, FACEAPP, SOCRATIC. e.t.c.

1. Healthcare Sector.
2. Education Sector.
3. Finance Sector.
4. Food Businesses.
5. Hospitality Sector.

Artificial intelligence is a smart and effective way to save time and be productive all the
Way. The above-listed apps can help you explore the power of artificial intelligence.lets
See what more is coming in the future, because everyone loves to work smart, not hard.
And the power of intelligent Apps is all about working smart without breaking the sweat.

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