Strategies You Need To Take Before You Can Monetize Your Website

Strategies you need to take before you can monetize your website

Strategies You need to take before you can monetize your website

When it comes to developing a strategy on how to monetize your page, the website’s Domain Authority (DA)  is a vital factor to consider. 

below are four ways to boost your DA and triple your passive income with minimum efforts. 

1: Proper Backlink Profile 

Get qualitative backlinks, increase traffic, make your website attractive for publishers, and earn extra cash by placing contextual ads.

What to do: Conduct a link audit with any convenient service, e.g. Semrush or Ahrefs. It evaluates your current links and reveals whether there are risky and low-quality ones. 

2-3: On-page and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO tells Google whether a user's experience at your website is pleasant. Off-page SEO tells Google what others think of your website.

What to do: Research and implement On-page and Off-page elements. Rethink your: title, meta tags, site speed, user-friendly navigation, etc.

4: Valuable & Relevant Content

Quality implies trust. Qualitative content consistently creates higher value for your product and website. The more trust, the more publishers will place contextual ads and increase your revenue.

Task: Research hot topics in your niche. Write by yourself or order at least 5 first-class articles. Continue adding content each week.

So, the math of monetization your website is a piece of cake. The steps above will definitely help you gain massive income from your website as long as you follow it strictly.

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The problem is build back links

It's not really a problem. U can buy backlinks from other websites

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