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How To Destroy Your Lost Mobile Phone

Once you buy a new phone the first thing is to press *#06# for all types of phone the digits that will appear on the screen of that phone is for you only ,nobody in the world has the same number with you.
That number belongs to the company that manufactured the phone., wherever you or your phone may be,the company can still destroy the phone.. That is why it is called International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) Which is also known as Serial Number.
Now back to our topic,the procedures below will help you out if followed thoroughly.

Once you have copied the number and the phone gets lost, just contact the manufacturer of the phone through the internet or their customer service number

Complain to them that you want to destroy your lost phone and present the number to them.
Leave the rest for them to handle, you will be notified when it's done.

Note: You might charged but it won't cost much.

Hope the above tutorial helped? pls feel free to comment with your suggestions,additions or complaints and I'll be here to hear and help you out.

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