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Important Mobile Phone Safety Tips You Need To Know

Before we proceed to the mobile tips, let's glance at this little incident that  actually happened.
Pls read with me.

Can electricity enter our body through the flash of digital camera?
Yes 100% it can happen.

This is a true incident, which happened to a 21 year old boy
studying engineering. He died in Keshwani hospital. He was admitted in the hospital with burns. The reason?
He went to Amrawati for study tour. While coming back, he was waiting for train at railway station along with his friends.
Many of them were taking group photo with their mobiles with digital camera.
This boy was also there and trying to take group photo. The place where this boy was standing, complete group photo was not easy. So to get complete group
photo he went a little back. The place where he was standing, there was a electric wire with 40,000 volt.
As soon as he pressed the button of the digital camera, electricity of 40,000 volt entered the camera through the flash and then the fingers and then the whole body.
All this happened in a fraction of few seconds and 50% of his body was burnt. In that condition, he was brought to Keshwani Hospital, and then to Mumbai in an ambulance. He was unconscious for 1 and half days. As his body was 50% burned, doctors had less hope for him. Later on he died.
This can happen to anyone using mobile telephone.
Are we learned and responsible??

Here are the much awaited helpful and life saving tips

# Avoid using mobile phones at petrol pumps and when transferring fuel into another container or generating set. (Check Punch of Thurs. 7April, 2016 pages 4-5 for the fire that killed father and two daughters on Adebiyi Street, Shomolu, Lagos)

# Avoid using mobile phones when  driving.

# When mobile is charging don't receive any call. First remove the charging pin and then receive the call.

# When mobile is on charge don't put it on bed or wooden

# Pls don't use mobile phone/digital camera -flash at railway stations or any other place where there is a heavy electricity wire.

#Don't use mobile phones where there is high electromagnetic waves or near electricity  transformers etc.

#Don't use mobile phone in the rain during lightning and thunder, and if you must, stay far away from windows and doors.
This is for your safety.

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