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POST UME UPDATES: No More Points System Of Admission - JAMB

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released what it called the guidelines for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

According to JAMB, the Federal Government has directed that this guidelines be followed strictly without alteration.

Sequel to the recent workshop convened by the honourable minister of education on the modalities for admissions into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the federal government hereby approves the following guidelines for admissions:

1. presentation of the lists of candidates who qualify for screening into individual based on the stipulated guidelines by JAMB (find hereby enclosed);

2. screening should not demand for another test in any form either written, oral or electronic;

3. candidates are to present their senior school certificate examination (SSCE) results/Advance Level (AL) results for verification and clearing purposes;

4. WAEC, NECO, NABTEB results or equivalent are acceptable as matriculation requirements;

5. each candidate is expected to have a minimum of five (5) credits at SSCE including English, Mathematics and any other three (3) relevant subjects to his or her discipline;

6. any candidates who does not possess the requirements as listed in item four (4) is deemed to have failed the screening exercise;

7. The list of qualified candidates awaiting SSCE/AL results can be kept in view (K.I.V) pending the release of their results;

8. Consideration of the recommended list as forwarded by JAMB should be completed within one month from the date of receipt of the list;

9. Any institution that has a shortfall in the admitted candidates can make-up for candidates from other departments on the institution list;

10. The screening list has been uploaded on JAMB website www.jamb.org.ng for possible users;

11. Reason(s) for rejection of candidates on the list should be clearly stated with proofs provided alongside; and

12. The federal government has directed that these guidelines should be strictly adhered to without any alteration.

FUTO Student Advertises Himself On Peak Milk Product (See Photo)

Ohia Promise, a FUTO student is a young and fast rising Nigerian male model has dropped a picture of himself advertising peak milk (which he tagged LET IT RAIN) & is trending all over the country.

In our interview with this young fellow, he said

"There are no such thing as a self made man, you will reach your goals with the help of others". DRINK MILK, DRINK PEAK because ITS IN YOU.

With the look of things, we see this young model becoming one big fish in the country. A talk of the town and guess what, I think this lad is out there ready to become a PEAK AMBASSADOR.

We hope he gets his dreams achieved.

Young Girl Brought Back To Life During Sunday Church Service In FUTO

A young girl named Chinwendu was brought back to life after she passed on during Sunday service at the Anglican chapel of Light, FUTO also known as A.C.O.L. This incident happened on the 26th of June being the last Sunday in the month of June. The miracle was thought to be a rumour and different people where out with different versions of what happened. But the miracle has been ascertained to be true as series of interviews were carried out with the girl (Chinwendu) and the chaplain of Anglican chapel of light, Ven. Dr. Kelechi okere.
The interview was carried out by the ICT Wing of the church, led by the coordinator, Victor and was also edited by the ICT coordinator.
If you’re still wandering about what really happened and would like to know about every bit of the miracle, I urge you to worry no more because the whole incident has been detailed for you below. Any version contrary to the one below here is false and you are strongly advised to ignore them.


ICT COORDINATOR: What’s your name?
Chinwendu: My name is Chinwendu   [surname withheld]

ICT COORDINATOR: What’s your department and level?
Chinwendu: Public Health, 200 level

ICT COORDINATOR: Where do you live?
Chinwendu: Hostel D

ICT COORDINATOR: Where are you from?
Chinwendu: I’m from Delta state, precisely Delta Igbo

ICT COORDINATOR: How old are you?
Chinwendu: I am 20 years

ICT COORDINATOR: Can you narrate to us what happened?
Chinwendu: I can’t really tell, but what I could remember was that I came early to church that  fateful day and the Sunday school was going on so I joined them, then after the Sunday school, the main church service started. I also remembered the church singing the psalms number 77. That’s all I can remember

ICT COORDINATOR:  So you mean you can’t remember what happened to you?
Chinwendu: I can’t remember anything. (NARRATION CONTINUES..) I found myself at the altar. I was only hearing sounds like the chaplain’s voice but I wasn’t sure because I was unconscious. I just don’t know what really happened, so if you ask me, I will say I don’t know what happened.

ICT COORDINATOR:  Before the incident occurred, were you feeling somehow like feeling dizzy?
Chinwendu: No! I wasn’t feeling dizzy

ICT COORDINATOR: So you just slumped?
Chinwendu: Yes, I just slumped. That’s all I know

ICT COORDINATOR:  From your own perspective, will you actually say you fainted or what really happened?
Chinwendu: I wouldn’t know because I haven’t had this kind of experience before.

ICT COORDINATOR: But I thought the chaplain said you’ve experienced such thing before somewhere else, was that similar to this?
Chinwendu: Not really, that one was different because I didn’t eat, so I was feeling somehow and my eyes were turning me but in this case, I was alright.

ICT COORDINATOR:  Okay, so right now you don’t know the cause of what happened and you believe it’s not hunger?
Chinwendu:  I believe it’s not hunger because after the incident when I came alive, I was taken to the hospital for check-up and the doctor confirmed that nothing was wrong with me. I can’t really tell what was wrong with me.

ICT COORDINATOR: Now that you are back and alright, what do you have to say?
Chinwendu: I really thank God for my life because God has been so faithful to me. Assuming I was still dead, I wouldn’t have been here right now and my enemies would have been laughing at me.

ICT COORDINATOR: Are your parents aware of this incident?
Chinwendu: Yes, I told them.

ICT COORDINATOR: What was their reaction?
Chinwendu: They rejoiced with me in the Lord. Assuming I died and my body was taken to them, how do you think they would have felt? So they thanked God and rejoiced with me

ICT COORDINATOR:  Thank you very much for your time.

I’m sure you have been convinced how true the miracle was after the above interview with Chinwendu. We also approached the Chaplain to hear what he had to say about the incident and here was what he said:

Praise the lord, hallelujah. My name is Ven. Dr Kelechi Okere, by divine grace and permission; I am the chaplain of the Anglican chapel of light at federal university of technology, Owerri.
It is said that a thing of joy is a thing of beauty and thanksgiving to God forever, we experienced God’s grace in our chaplaincy that is really good to be shared amongst people of God.
On Sunday, June 26th, the last Sunday in the month of June, according to the church calendar, it was the 5th Sunday after trinity. We normally start our services by 9 `O’clock, so also that Sunday we started our service by 9 O’clock with the normal church procession and the rest. It was around some minutes to 10 in the morning when we were chanting the Psalms number 77. In the process of chanting the psalm, we were at the 6th or 7th verse of the psalm, I noticed that a student in the congregation fell down, and it looked as if she slumped. Her name is Chinwendu(which she told me after the incident), as soon as I saw the lady slumped, what came into my mind was that she was an epileptic patient. And for me I don’t know how to manage epileptic patient because I’ve not handled an epileptic patient before. But I had to move down to her by faith believing that God would tell me what to do. When I got to where she was on the floor, I noticed that there was no life in her. Then I started shouting Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! with my mouth  fixed on her ear, as I continued  shouting  Jesus for  so many times and at that point, I remembered what Elijah did, I wanted  to speak the word of life into her mouth. I tried opening her mouth but I noticed that her teeth were locked up and I couldn’t feel her pulse again and I noticed that she was cold, and immediately, I opened her eyes and I couldn’t see the eyeballs, it was only the white eyes. My God! It dawned on me that the girl was gone. But the spirit of God in me said ‘she cannot go to the mortuary from the sanctuary’. Because in the church, we’ve always prayed against premature death. It was then I beckoned on the students and some of the students and stewards assisted in carrying her to the altar. Brethren I want to tell you that what we carried to the altar was a lifeless body. We laid her on the step leading to the altar and we started praying. I had to ask the church to stop chanting the psalm and also asked everybody to come to the altar and we started praying. It was like crazy. I’ve not seen such a miracle before in my life, we busted out in prayers. For me, I didn’t know when I removed my hood, preaching scarf and surplice and threw them away in the altar, I noticed that during the prayers, God came down in a different manner as we all prayed and cried aloud unto God. In the cause of the prayers, I was monitoring her, but she was just there lifeless. At a point, in the cause of our prayers, sisters and brothers I want you to know that this girl opened her eyes and she came back to life. That was a great miracle I’ve never seen before in my life and ministry.
I believe in miracles because Jesus said that miracle shall follow us. It really followed my ministry.
Today I want to tell you that it’s a testimony in the Anglican chapel of light in FUTO. We give God praise for He did not allow His name to be put to shame. It was a challenge to Christianity and God made a name for Himself and we worship His name. 
On this note may I encourage all believers, if you don’t pray, you’ll become a prey to Satan. You need to pray. Whatever that is your problem, if God could do that in our own generation, in my ministry, I want you to know that God will do all things you desire, He will strengthen us only if we believe in Him and pray with hands full of thanksgiving, He will deliver us. You Are Lifted.

Hmmm… What a great God we serve. I pray that as many as those reading this post right now, that they and their family member shall never experience untimely death of any kind in Jesus Mighty Name we pray. AMEN!!

Former Golden Eaglets Midfielder Kelechi Nwankali's Elder Brother Assaulted By FUTO Man O' War

Last night at FUTO was a dramatic one. Lots of students lost properties and were beaten right around the road close to the school park. Shops were looted and the population around the area was in a frenzy.
As opposed to the rumors and false news going around the school, here's a detailed information about the events that went on last night. An eyewitness we spoke with this morning said he couldn't see much but he took to his heels when a vehicle carrying a large number of thugs suddenly stopped by. "Everyone at the park ran like hell. Most of us ran towards the hostel. I didn't know why they were chasing us but they chased us at full speed."
The Man O' War told us that they were on their normal patrol that night around CCE building when a car at full speed knocked down the C in C who was on a bike which was corroborated by another eyewitness at the scene. He angrily queried the driver who replied rudely. Some men stepped out of the vehicle and a fight between both parties erupted. Fortunately, Chidebere Nwakali left the vehicle unscathed. The fight ended up with the Man O' War C in C heavily bruised. Funny enough, both parties settled the matter diplomatically with the intervention of a 3rd party (name withheld).
Few minutes later, a vehicle coming from Ihiagwa suddenly swooped in, parking at the road around the school park. About 6 hefty men came down and immediately began robbing and beating students around (This was corroborated by another eyewitness). The Man O' War then fled down to the hostel to protect the hostels from the thugs. According to eyewitnesses at the hostels, the thugs were able to steal from a number of people before the Man O' War intervened and locked a few of them.
Chidebere Nwakali's vehicle was heavily vandalized. Eziobodo indegenes are pointing fingers at the school Man O' War. In defense, the Man O' War say they were set up by the thugs.
Currently, the Dean, Students Affairs Unit has said he would be coming out with an open statement. The Eziobodo indigenes are not satisfied and want retribution. The school Man O' War say that they did not harass Nwakali and they helped protect the hostels last night.
Updates will be coming soon...

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