Woman Tasks Her Family Member £5 Each For Christmas Dinner

A woman has divided opinion after she revealed her plan to charge family members to come round for Christmas dinner.
She suggested everyone chip in £5 so she could afford the rib of beef her family had "demanded", but some people say she shouldn't have even attempted to host the celebrations if she is so hard up.
Posting on the popular Mumsnet
forum, she asked, “Am I being unreasonable to ask people to chip in for Christmas dinner?
“I have recently moved to the same town as the rest of his and my family, which has put us in the position of being able to host Christmas dinner this year,” she added

“Problem being it has been a difficult year financially for us and whilst we don't mind (obviously!) doing the bulk of everything, we asked if everyone would mind contributing just a few quid (£5!) towards buying the huge joint of beef that everyone wants.”
The subject has caused quite a stir, enraging some Mumsnet users who likened her to the Christmas Grinch.
“Not exactly in the spirit of Christmas,” one mum said.
Another added, “Don't offer to host if you can't afford it.
“It's nice for people to offer to contribute either some money or dessert or wine but you're effectively charging them to come for dinner.”

Others concurred saying, "attempting to constrain individuals to contribute to Xmas supper makes me wince. Why did you concur/offer to have in the event that you couldn't bear the cost of it?"

"You are not an eatery," someone else openly said.

"On the off chance that you have then it's a piece of the arrangement. On the off chance that your mum has facilitated you for a considerable length of time then requesting that her compensation is super irrational."

While most concurred that her choice to approach individuals for cash wasn't right, some didn't see the issue.

"I should concede I see both sides of this, being the host all the time, and frequently having surprising in addition to ones turn up, it is a bleeding cost to host Christmas Day," said one individual.

Another additional, "We are not fortunate and have done this consistently. Individuals contribute to supper. Everybody sludges in and its good times."

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