UNBELIEVABLE!!! pastor Miraculously Heals Woman With His Shoe

A South African pastor, Zendile Andries November, recently healed a female congregants, Kedibone Buffel, who had pimples on her private part with his shoe.

The healing sparked a lot of outrage on social media after a video showing the pastor placing the shoe between her legs during a service at the Victorious Faith Ministries church in South Africa on New Year’s Day surfaced online

Buffel whose private part pimples was healed with her pastor's shoe told those who laughed at her that she doesn’t care what anybody thinks because she has been cured.She said:"I had pimples on my punani and for weeks I couldn’t have s*x with my husband. I was worried I would lose my husband of two years.""The pastor asked for his shoe to be removed and asked me to put it on my punani.

What matters is that I’m cured and my husband is a very happy man. I won’t mind being the pastor’s personal shoe polisher.
The Bible says even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched Him were taken to thesick and their illnesses were cured."

Hmm... Wonders shall never end.

New Music Video #YouAreGreat By Eddie Charles

Inspirational music video 'You Are Great' by Eddie Charles. This New music video is the latest gospel single from Eddie Charles, meant to inspire, motivate and ignite worship in the heart of individuals. 'You are great' has a fusion of Hausa language in it (a language of the northern part of Nigeria).

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I'd Love To Play For Zidane's Real Madrid - Sami Nasri

Samir Nasri says he would savor the opportunity to join Real Madrid andplay under head mentor Zinedine Zidane.

The European champions are getting a charge out of brilliant shape under the previous France star and will set another Spanish record of 40 amusements unbeaten on the off chance that they maintain a strategic distance from annihilation to Sevilla in the Copa del Rey on Thursday.

Nasri, who has awed at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan since landing on a season-long advance from Manchester City, was contrasted with Zidane at a very early stage in his career and has been connected with a move to the Santiago Bernabeu in the past.And the 29-year-old says playing under the "amazing" previous Madrid and Juve midfielder would be hard to turn down.Asked by Onze Mondial in the event that he might want to work with Zidane, he answered: "Yes, obviously. That would mean I would play for Real Madrid."He proceeded with: "It is uncommon that a player that is so great can turn into that great of a mentor as well.

His profession is just incredible."In his initial 32 recreations, he was in front of [Pep] Guardiola, [Manuel] Pellegrini and [Jose] Mourinho in focuses won [in LaLiga]. He likewise won the Champions League, is at present sitting top of La Liga and is unbeaten for some diversions. He is having an incredible season."When it comes to examinations with different players, be that as it may, Nasri recognized Barcelona chief Andres Iniesta as the man he might want to emulate."I believe he's the best," he said. "On the off chance that some person needed to contrast me with him, I'd be honoured."Sevilla trail 3-0 from the main leg of their Copa del Rey last-16 tie however have had a fine season under Jorge Sampaoli, who has guided his side into the Champions League last 16 and into second place in the association table in his first battle in control.

F.C.Barcelona Sacks Director After Negative Comment On Messi

Barcelona have sacked Director Pere Gratacos taking after remarks he made about Lionel Messi.

Gratacos, the chief of Institutional Relations and of preparing and training, and a key figure in the improvement of the proclaimed youth framework, proposed on Friday that Messi would not be a similar player without any semblance of Andres Iniesta and Neymar.

"Barcelona are not here simply because of Messi," he said at the draw for the Copa del Rey quarter-finals.

"He's critical yet it was the group who won [against Athletic Bilbao in the last 16]. Without Neymar, Luis Suarez, [Andres] Iniesta, [Gerard] Pique and the others, he wouldn't be such a decent player."

Barca have made quick move taking after those comments, which they push "don't correspond with those of the club".

He will, in any case, keep on working on the Masia 360 venture, went for patching up the young association over all games groups at Barcelona.

The club said in an announcement: "Pere Gratacos has been rejected from his position as head of wearing Institutional Relations with the Royal Spanish Football Federation for having freely communicated an individual feeling that does not harmonize with that of the club, taking after the draw for the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, which occurred in Madrid.

"The choice was taken by Albert Soler, executive of Professional Sports, who will instantly accept those obligations going ahead.

"Pere Gratacos will keep on being connected to Barcelona by building up whatever is left of the undertakings effectively occurring under the Masia 360 venture."

Gratacos' remarks came only two days after the champions' CEO Oscar Grau said Messi's agreement reestablishment ought to be "broke down with a calm attitude and sound judgment", before including "Barca can't spend more than 70 for every penny of the financial plan on pay rates, subsequently we need to ensure things adjust".

Gratacos and Grau's remarks have as of now started hypothesis – most strikingly in the Madrid press – that Barca are preparing to offer Messi however Luis Enrique was not inspired by fuelling the fire when he tended to the media preceding Saturday's home diversion with Las Palmas.

He stated: "I am not going to get into this amusement. Messi is the best, that is it.

"Everything is skewed. Individuals attempt to get a story out of Messi yet the club has been quite certain about what it supposes about Lionel Messi.

How To Overcome Slow Charging When Charging and Using Your Phone

If you use your smartphone on a daily basis — which includes just about everybody these days,— you know how agonizing it is to have to stop looking at funny videos for a while and plug your phone into a charger to replenish the battery. And some phones can take hours to charge.

But you can reduce your separation anxiety a bit by following this tip: While charging, switch your phone to airplane mode, so that the phone won't slow down the process by continually burning energy trying to connect with cell phone towers and plot your location with its GPS function.

This trick actually works, and so dependably that mobile provider Verizon recommends it.  The reason why is that while your phone is in its regular mode, it's continually trying to signal cell towers and pinpoint your location. And even though your phone most likely has assisted GPS, which calculates your location coordinates using the cellphone network rather than satellites, the function still burns up a lot of juice. That's because the location-finding stops your phone from going into full-on, energy-saving sleep mode.

When you switch to airplane mode, you turn off reception of those radio transmissions, and as a result, your phone charges more quickly. But don't get too hyped, because it won't save you that much time. When CNET tested the proposition a few years ago, airplane mode only shaved four minutes off a phone's charging time in one trial, and 11 minutes in another.

So why not give it a trial and comment with your experience.

Leaked Photo & Specs Of Samsung Galaxy S8

On account of the Chinese website Weibo — a typical wellspring of breaks in the cell phone world — Samsung fans now have a superior thought of what the Galaxy S8 may resemble.

On the off chance that the leaked photograph is genuine, it everything except affirms that the gadget will have no physical front-mounting catches, which implies that the unique finger impression scanner and home catches will probably be installed in the screen.

What's more, the gadget seems, by all accounts, to be gold with thin side bezels and generally thin bezels on the top and base. The measure of the screen can't be resolved from the photograph, however gossipy tidbits have proposed that two gadgets — one with a 5.5 inch-screen and one with a 6.2-inch screen — could be discharged. Different gossipy tidbits in any case, have inclined towards the arrival of only one gadget.

In the absence of a physical home button, it’s likely that the device pictured contains a screen larger than the 5.5 inch display of the Galaxy S7 Edge.
While it’s suspected that the company will follow in Apple’s footsteps by abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack, this can’t be determined from the photo alone.

This past year has left Samsung reeling from the flaming disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7 , which arguably makes the upcoming Galaxy S8 one of 2017’s most anticipated devices.

Other rumours surrounding the S8 launch include the potential for PC functionality , the release of wireless earbuds alongside the device and the incorporation of an auto-focus selfie cam.

It’s not clear when the S8 will be officially released, though rumours indicate Samsung may release the device this coming April, possibly in New York.

See Over 50 Most Widely Used Tech Acronyms That You Don't Know Their Meaning

Get educated by going through the list of acronyms and their meanings below.

1.) ​GOOGLE​ - Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.

2.) ​YAHOO​ - Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

3.) ​WINDOW​ - Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution.

4.) ​COMPUTER​ - Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.

5.) ​VIRUS​ - Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

6.) ​UMTS​ - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.

7.) ​AMOLED​ - Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.

8.) ​OLED​ - Organic light-emitting diode.

9.) ​IMEI​ - International Mobile Equipment Identity.

10.) ​ESN​ - Electronic Serial Number.

11.) ​UPS​ - Uninterruptiblepower supply.

12. ​HDMI​ - High-DefinitionMultimedia Interface.

13.) ​VPN​ - Virtual private network.

14.) ​APN​ - Access Point Name.

15.) ​SIM​ - Subscriber Identity Module.

16.) ​LED​ - Light emitting diode.

17.) ​DLNA​ - Digital Living Network Alliance.

18.) ​RAM​ - Random access memory.

19.) ​ROM​ - Read only memory.

20.) ​VGA​ - Video Graphics Array.

21.) ​QVGA​ - Quarter Video Graphics Array.

22.) ​WVGA​ - Wide video graphics array.

23.) ​WXGA​ - Widescreen Extended Graphics Array.

24.) ​USB​ - Universal serial Bus.

25.) ​WLAN​ - Wireless Local Area Network.

26.) ​PPI​ - Pixels Per Inch.

27.) ​LCD​ - Liquid Crystal Display.

28.) ​HSDPA​ - High speed down-link packet access.

29.) ​HSUPA​ - High-Speed Uplink Packet Access.

30.) ​HSPA​ - High Speed Packet Access.

31.) ​GPRS​ - General Packet Radio Service.

32.) ​EDGE​ - Enhanced Data Rates for Globa Evolution.

33.) ​NFC​ - Near field communication.

34.) ​OTG​ - On-the-go.

35.) ​S-LCD​ - Super Liquid Crystal Display.

36.) ​O.S​ - Operating system.

37.) ​SNS​ - Social network service.

38.) ​H.S​ - HOTSPOT.

39.) ​P.O.I​ - Point of interest.

40.) ​GPS​ - Global Positioning System.

41.) ​DVD​ - Digital Video Disk.

42.) ​DTP​ - Desk top publishing.

43.) ​DNSE​ - Digital natural sound engine.

44.) ​OVI​ - Ohio Video Intranet.

45.) ​CDMA​ - Code Division Multiple Access.

46.) ​WCDMA​ - Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access.

47.) ​GSM​ - Global System for Mobile Communications.

48.) ​WI-FI​ - Wireless Fidelity.

49.) ​DIVX​ - Digital internet video access.

50.) ​APK​ - Authenticated public key.

51.) ​J2ME​ - Java 2 micro edition.

52.) ​SIS​ - Installation source.

53.) ​DELL​ - Digital electronic link library.

54.) ​ACER​ - Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection.

55.) ​RSS​ - Really simple syndication.

56.) ​TFT​ - Thin film transistor.

57.) ​AMR​- Adaptive Multi-Rate.

58.) ​MPEG​ - moving pictures experts group.

59.) ​IVRS​ - Interactive Voice Response System.

60.) ​HP​ - Hewlett Packard.

61.) RAT - Remote Access Tool

62.) LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

63.) OTA - Over The Air

64.) IDM - Internet Download Manager

65.) GHZ - GigaHertz

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