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UNBELIEVABLE!!! pastor Miraculously Heals Woman With His Shoe

A South African pastor, Zendile Andries November, recently healed a female congregants, Kedibone Buffel, who had pimples on her private part with his shoe.

The healing sparked a lot of outrage on social media after a video showing the pastor placing the shoe between her legs during a service at the Victorious Faith Ministries church in South Africa on New Year’s Day surfaced online

Buffel whose private part pimples was healed with her pastor's shoe told those who laughed at her that she doesn’t care what anybody thinks because she has been cured.She said:"I had pimples on my punani and for weeks I couldn’t have s*x with my husband. I was worried I would lose my husband of two years.""The pastor asked for his shoe to be removed and asked me to put it on my punani.

What matters is that I’m cured and my husband is a very happy man. I won’t mind being the pastor’s personal shoe polisher.
The Bible says even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched Him were taken to thesick and their illnesses were cured."

Hmm... Wonders shall never end.

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