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How To Add Yourself Back To A Whatsapp Group After Being Kicked Out By The Admin

How to recover your lost whatsapp group

Most of us whatsapp have been strongly looking for ways to get back to their favorite group especially after being kicked out without no reason.
The good news is that you can now add yourself back to a group which you were removed from. Follow the steps below and you will successfully get back into your lost group with the admins permission or consent.

*Wipe your whatsapp data
*Uninstall your whatsapp
*Install your whatsapp again
*Add your account then restore your backup to the date you were still in that group


Before you can add yourself back to a whatsapp group, you have to be prepared by going through the steps below. With steps below, you can be sure of getting back to any group.

How to prevent being kicked out of a group
Go to setting on your whatsapp
Go to chats
Click on backup chats
Click on backup to google drive
Then tick "only when I click on backup"
Now create a backup.
Whenever you get removed from a whatsapp group, just wipe/uninstall your whatsapp then restore backup.

How to wipe your whatsapp data
Go to your phone's settings
Click on storage
Click on Apps or Application manager(depending on your phone)

Then click on whatsapp
Click on clear data

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