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How To Delete Sent Whatsapp Messages After 7 Minutes

On the recent updates of WhatsApp, there is this feature of recalling (deleting) sent messages. But the drawback in it, is that one can only do this recalling at the interval of seven minutes. This means, you can’t delete a message after seven minutes of sending it.
But what if I tell you that it’s possible to actually recall your sent message even after the seven minutes limit?
Of course there’s a possibility to every impossibility. So I’ll want to teach you how you can actually delete WhatsApp sent messages after the seven minutes limit without a third-party application. A video tutorial for more understanding is at the end of this page in case you get confused.

  Follow the Steps below Carefully:
  • Take note of the time you sent the message you want to delete and keep it in mind.
  • The next thing to do is to turn off your phone internet connection (wi-fi and mobile). You can do that via your phone settings or by drawing down your phone notifications bar. Why you should do this is for WhatsApp not to notice your activities.
  • Go to your phone settings >> Apps. Get to WhatsApp and tap on Force Stop.
  • Then still on settings go to Date and Time and set it to the exact date and time you sent that message.
  • This done, you go to your WhatsApp application, get to the message you want to delete, hold down on the message and some few options will pop out. Then tap on the delete icon and you’ll see the “delete for everyone” option. Click on it and the message will be instantly deleted.
  • Now go back to settings and adjust your phone’s date and time,
  • And also you can now enable your internet connection, and that’s all.

Hope it worked? 

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