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Learn How To Convert Video To MP3 With Xender

Learn How To Convert Video To MP3 With Xender

Learn how to convert video to mp3 with xender

While watching videos on our smartphones, there are some audios in the video you wish to extract to be played as audio file or used in editing another video. This can be done using any video to mp3 converter which can be found on Google Play Store and they are very easy to use. One of those apps is Xender. 

Xender is mostly known for sharing files across smart devices, but many don't know of the other things that can be done with xender. And one of the things done with xender is the ability to convert video files to audio files with ease. 

The main reason why I use xender to convert my videos to mp3 rather than using other apps is that xender has already been installed on my phone due to its sharing functions and downloading another app to convert my videos to mp3 will be seen as wastage of phone space and data because the already installed xender can perform that function for me. So you see, using xender saves a lot of space for you because you wouldn't be needing to download any app for the conversion. 

If you already have xender installed on your phone and you are not aware of this functionality or don't know how to use it, don't feel sad Cus I'll be guiding you on how to locate and use it. Just follow the steps below. 

  • Open Xender on your smartphone 
  • Locate the "ToMp3" tab which can be found at the bottom left
  • Click on it and a new blank section opens 
  • Tap the "video to mp3 icon" (as seen in the image below)
  • Scroll up or down for the video you want to use and click on it. 
  • In few seconds, it will be converted and saved.
Learn How To Convert Video To MP3 With Xender

The speed of the conversion will be determined by the size of the video. The result mp3 file will be shown right there on the screen for you to play.  

I hope you found the above steps easy? Go ahead and give it a try, if you encounter any problems please feel free to comment with it and I'll be here to help you resolve it asap. 

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