Redmi 8 Finally Gets Voice Call Recorder In Latest Upgrade

 Redmi 8 Finally Gets Voice Call Recorder In Latest Upgrade

Good news to all Redmi users, as Redmi 8 gets voice call recorder in its call menu option. This option was added in the latest upgrade of its firmware version MIUI

Since the time of miui10, function of being able to record voice call during call session was not available and many users have been complaining about it, including me. One of the call options that the miui10 possessed which was not found in other brand of phone, was the option of being able to switch SIM cards during calls I.e when making call with SIM 1 and you notice your airtime is about to finish. You can automatically switch the call to SIM 2, where you have enough airtime.  This feature seemed unique but not useful because most users hardly use it. 
Redmi 8 Finally Gets Voice Call Recorder In Latest Upgrade

From the image above, you would see the call record option which is the sixth icon, close to the "change sim" icon. 
With this, there will be no need to install any 3rd party call recording app to record the calls you make, both incoming and outgoing.

If you use Redmi 8 and you are yet to see this feature in your call menu, don't be scared, I show you how to get it. 

How To Get the Call Record Option

1. Go to settings, locate "About Phone".
2. Click on System update. If you see anything less than MIUI 11.0.3, then you need to check for updates
3. Turn on your data and click "Check for updates"
4. Once the update is available, download it and install. 

After successful download, Make sure your battery percentage is more than 65% before installing it to avoid the phone from turning off during upgrade. This is very dangerous and can destroy your Redmi phone. This also applies to everyone phone undergoing upgrades. 
The upgrade will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Once it's done, leave the phone for like 3 minutes to settle, before you start going through your phone to see all the latest features.

For those that have not upgrade their Redmi to the latest versions, please do so, and for those that have upgraded theirs, kindly share with us what you notice or enjoy about the new upgrade. Use the comment box. 
Thanks for reading. 

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