Exclusive Interview With Team MCC (Aluta Pen Down '17)

Today we will be interviewing an aspirant for the post of secretary general in federal university of technology, Owerri SuG. He goes by the slogan "ALUTA pen down". Our conversation with him have been made available for you all below. 
In case you want to ask him any question, just drop your comment and you'll be replied as soon as possible.

Dominzy: Good morning sir!

M.C.C: Good morning

Dominzy: How are you today?

M.C.C: I'm fine, thank you.

Dominzy: OK, Can you please tell us your name

M.C.C: my name is Martins Chima Chukwuebuka

Dominzy: Where are you from?

M.C.C: I'm from Orlu LGA in Imo state

Dominzy: What department are you in?

M.C.C: I'm in Project management technology (PMT) 300 Level

Dominzy: Can you briefly tell us about yourself. Who is Martins Chima C.?

M.C.C: Martins Chima C. is a guy that strongly believe in serving people. I'm not a politician but I have the spirit of leadership in me. I am a type of person who believes that being a leader means you have to serve the people and not just being their boss. That's all I can say for now.

Dominzy: Why do you think you should be elected at the secretary general?

M.C.C: There are many reasons why I should be elected as the Sec. Gen. Like they say, politics is a dangerous game and I personally don't like involving myself with anything that will tarnish my image.  Though, looking at what is happening presently in the academic system of FUTO, you will notice that the cordial relationship between the management and the student is no longer there and that is why I, Martins Chima C. will take it as one of my agenda to at least find a way to restore the relationship between the management and the student. This is one of my agenda amongst my numerous agendas. With this position I can help in reaching out to the management by penning down our problems.

Dominzy: What qualifies do you possess that makes you stand out amongst other aspirants running for the post of Secretary General?

M.C.C: One of the qualities I have is leadership skills. Leadership has been in my gene right from primary school, throughout secondary school where I was the school prefect and right now in the university, I'm a Course Rep. So I have seen the needs and problems of the Nigeria students and when elected I have to beg the management to assist in solving those issues for Nigerian students.

Dominzy: What do you consider to be your best strength?

M.C.C: What I consider to be my best strength is my leadership experience. I have been a leader from my primary school up till today. So, my central knowledge is enveloped in leadership. Before others will start developing ideas in solving problems, I, having been in the leadership positions will be steps ahead of them and push Nigerian students to a greater level.

Dominzy: Do you see yourself winning this election and why?

M.C.C: Yes. I see myself winning 100% because I believe good things comes to good people. I have good agendas and I believe that both the Nigerian students and the school management likes good things.

Dominzy: When you eventually become the secretary general, how will you help in solving the current numerous problems in the school hostels?

M.C.C: OK. Like I said earlier on, one of my agenda is to bring back the relationship between the school management and the students.  When we the students have good relationship with their school management, they will always like to help us whenever we encounter problems. I will help in penning down to the management to come to our rescue.

Dominzy: What challenges are you facing as regards this election?

M.C.C: I am facing Challenges like combining my Lectures and reaching out to people for the elections altogether. it has not been easy to me but all thanks to God

Dominzy: SECret in my GENe, what is it all about?

M.C.C: It means I have the charisma the guidelines on how to handle the post of SUG SEC GEN  if I am elected as the SEC GEN

Dominzy: What message do you have for FUTO students reading this interview?

M.C.C: What I have to say to FUTO students is that I am saying I'm the best candidate, but I know that I'm better than the rest and I want them to believe that "Hoc es verum et nihilinisi verum" which means whatever I'm saying here is the truth and nothing but the truth. So I want them to join Team MCC in working together just to see that there is betterment in our generation because Team MCC have the SECrete in our GENe.

Dominzy: Okay, that will be all for now. Thank you so much for the wonderful time.

M.C.C: It's my pleasure.  

Whatsapp Live Location Sharing: The Latest Added Feature On Whatsapp

Out of all of Facebook's various properties, WhatsApp definitely isn't the fastest when it comes to adding new features or catching up with competitors in that regard. But it does still launch new functions from time to time, and today we're talking about live location sharing.
This has been seen before in apps such as Google Maps and even Facebook Messenger - the launch in both of those cases happened back in March. Seven months later, the feature is finally ready to be added to WhatsApp

It will be rolling out "in the coming weeks" in the chat service's Android and iOS apps. Live location sharing is end-to-end encrypted and you can control who to share with and for how long. You're also able to stop sharing at any time.
To start live location sharing, open a chat with the person or group you want to use it with, choose the Attach button then Location - the new Share Live Location option is what you want to pick of course. Choose for how long you want to share and tap Send. That's it.
If you're sharing to a group chat, every person in that group will be able to see your real-time location on a map. And if more than one person shares their live location, all of their whereabouts will be visible on the same map for added convenience.

Whatsapp Plans To Introduce Group Voice Call

GROUP VOICE CALLS will be one of the next features!

Unfortunately there is actually nothing that we can show you as above mentioned, seen that WhatsApp is internally working on it, but when WhatsApp will add something more that will be possible to show, we will immediately publish all screenshots and information.
We can already tell that, seen that this feature requires a lot of development, it will be available for the next year, so don’t expect too much to see this feature in WhatsApp soon. WhatsApp has other priorities right now, for example the imminent RECALL release.

Easy Steps On How To Check FUTO POST-UME Result

Good news for all prospective students of FUTO that sat for the POST-UME exam. It's a great thing that the result is out. Below are the outlined steps on how to check the result.


1.CLICK http://portal.futo.edu.ng/CheckPostUTMEResults.aspx




If you have any issue while checking your results or you have questions to ask, just kindly comment below. 

Happening Now: Nigerian Soldiers Are Forcefully Injecting School Children In Anambra


School children are on the run for their dear lives.

Relating to the forceful injection of pupils by soldiers, An unconfirmed rumour of Monkeypox being spread by Soldiers, has caused the entire people of Anambra State to be in gross fear and panic.
The rumour which started this morning made so many schools within the state to either close down their school gates or allow parents and guardians to take their wards home.
One of the secondary school teachers in Awka who pleaded anonymous, said she got a call from a parent telling her of the latest development within the state.
Another teacher she heard that Soldiers are moving to schools immunising school children with Monkeypox virus in a part of the state.

Some others who spoke with our correspondent said they heard that there is great unrest in Oba, Nnewi, Onitsha, Awka and so many other towns within the state.
As at now, the rumour of the Monkeypox immunization in the state being led by soldiers is yet to be confirmed.

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