Simple Steps On How To Convert .EXE Files To .APK Files

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to convert EXE files to apk file using an app called EXE TO APK File Converter.
Just follow the steps below.

1. Firstly download the EXE to APK file converter tool.
2. Install and launch the program on your windows computer.
3. After that, open the EXE to APK file converter folder and you’ll get some files inside it.

4. Now, launch the EXE to APK converter tool.
5. After that, select “I have a portable application” and click next.

6. Select the exe file you wish to convert and select convert
7. Conversion process would take few minutes depending on the file size you’re converting.

That's all.

How To Know If Someone Has Read Your Post On Whatsapp Group Chats

Good day dear readers.
I want to share with you tips on how to know if someone has read your post on whatsapp group chats.

Many atimes, we post on group chats without knowing who and who saw or read them. Some people might see post on groups and decide not to read them and there's no way you can know if a user has seen what you post in the group.

But today, I want to let you know that it is possible for you to view if someone has read your post or not.
For this to happen, you have to make sure you are using the latest version of whatsapp. i.e version 2.18.92 and later.

This new version of whatsapp has added this feature to its function so that you can know who saw and read your group post.
Below are few steps on how to go about it.


  • Download the latest versions of whatsapp.
  • After posting in a group chat, allow it to send ☑ 
  • Wait for 3 mins or more so that other group members can get notified about the post you sent on the group. 
  • Go back to the group where you sent the the post. Long press the post until it gets highlighted . You will notice above that the copy icon is not longer up there where it used to be, it has been hidden .
  • Now, at the top right side of your screen, click on the 3 vertical dots and a drop down list will show as in the image below. 
  • Select info. 

    • After clicking "info" you will see list if group members that saw you post and also the ones that read your post. 

    I guess this is a great development which whatsapp has done lately .
    If you have any issues going through the steps above, just drop them in the comments section below and I'll be here 24/7 to help you out.
    Pls temper to share this post to you facebook for others to benefit from it.

    Check back later for more tech tutorials. 

    How To Earn Free Airtime On Any Network By Just Browsing Online

    If my guess is as good as yours, then I'm probably sure you are wondering how this is gonna be possible.

    I want to introduce an app to you which is actually a browser. An app that you can earn free airtime from by just browsing with it and also referrals which is optional. The name of the app is Mcent Browser.

    mCent has built the world’s first browser that rewards users with free data. We've introduced a new, better way to browse the internet! Now, you can earn free mobile data just for visiting all the websites you know and love!

    mCent Browser is a fast and easy-to-use web browser. Surf the internet, read the latest news, download and watch videos, check Facebook, shop or search with Google and you will earn free mobile data! No additional steps required!

    How to earn mobile data:
    • Browse the web using mCent Browser and you earn reward points.
    • Add your points earnings to your account at any time.
    • Use your account balance to purchase mobile top-up. (bundle options vary by carrier)
    • Enjoy your free data!

    mCent Browser Features:
    • Free Mobile Data
    • Incognito Browsing
    • Ad Block
    • Home Screen Shortcuts
    • Data Save “Text Only”
    • Bookmarks
    • Browse History
    • Tabbed Browsing
    • Smart, Personalized Search
    • AutoFill Forms
    • Smart Downloading
    • Save for Offline Browsing
    • Rewards for surfing the net

    Custom Home Screen Shortcuts:
    • Home screen shortcuts to quickly access your favorite sites, social networks, news, and more with one easy tap.
    • Browser lets you add any website directly to your home screen to access it even faster.

    Download mCent Browser from the link below and earn mobile data rewards today!

    Download HERE

    • Internet browser lets you bookmark your favorite websites for fast browsing.

    Tabbed Browsing:
    • Web pages: Open as many as you would like at one time.
    • Easily switch back and forth while browsing the internet.

    Smart, Personalized Search:
    • Web browser will show search results based on previous searches and websites visited as you type.

    Data Saving “Text only” Setting:
    • Save data by only viewing the text on websites.

    • Use AdBlock to block most ads that interrupt your web browsing experience on popular sites.
    • Ad blocker will not only speed up browsing, but also save your data.

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    Smart Downloading:
    • Browser downloader: Downloads from the net are saved immediately in the Downloads Manager.
    • Downloading on mCent Browser is fast and quick, and will always resume if interrupted.

    Incognito Browsing:
    • Incognito: Protect your privacy, and browse the internet without leaving a trace on your device.
    • Browser history, sites visited, cookies, and data usage will not be saved while you’re surfing the web.

    Browsing History:
    • Easy access to all previously visited websites.
    • Remove individual websites or clear them all.

    Save for Offline:
    • Use when you want to browse a website and won’t be able to access or search the internet.

    Autofill Forms:
    • Save time and complete all online forms quickly and easily.

    Make your time browsing the internet mean something with mCent Browser, the only web browser that lets you earn free mobile data! Easily surf the web and recharge your mobile data at the same time with mCent Browser!

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    10 Useful Info You Need To Know About Your IP Address

    The "IP" part of IP address stands for "Internet Protocol." The "address" part refers to a unique number that gets linked to all online activity you do...somewhat like a return address on a letter you'd send out. (All this happens in milliseconds.)

    Below are 10 info you need to know about your IP Address. 

    1. You must have an active IP address to be online.
    Or more accurately, every time you're online you automatically have an active IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol: The protocols are connectivity guidelines and regulations that govern computer networks.
    2. IP addresses are assigned to computers, not people.
    The IP address you see—the one you're connected to a network and the Internet with—is assigned to the computer you're on. When you're at a coffeehouse, the IP address you see will be different from the IP address you see at home, a hotel or an airport. Test it one day to see.
    3. Whoever you interact with online could discover your IP address (if they know how to find it).
    Your IP address isn't obvious to others, but it isn't hidden. A website's network administrator and technically savvy types can identify the IP addresses of computers that visit their websites or send emails. But all they can see is a number...the same one you see on
    4. Only an Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows the real name and home address that corresponds to an IP address.
    They have to know, in order to send a bill for monthly Internet usage. However, they keep that information private and do not disclose IP addresses—or names and addresses of customers—to just anyone asking for it. However, they would disclose that information under subpoena to law enforcement agencies.
    5. Your IP address NEVER reveals your name or actual, physical location.
    If you click on the map on our home page, you'll see plenty of details (state, ISP, etc.), but no personal information.
    6. Someone can get a general idea of where you are when you're online.
    That's what the above map shows. Geolocation services can estimate where a computer user is, based on an IP address. All they need to do is record your IP address and use an IP Lookup service. However, they will still not know who the computer user is.
    7. You can hide your actual IP address.
    More accurately, you can show a different IP address from the one you're actively using. You can do that by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Think of it like having your mail sent to a P.O. Box instead of your home—you haven't moved; you're just using a different mailing address. Some VPNs are free, but the better ones charge a small monthly fee.
    8. A website can monitor online behavior through online visits and viewing.
    Advertisers use online tracking to place ads that might be of interest to website visitors. Website tracking systems can recognize visits by the same IP address and suggest ads for articles and topics that might interest the user behind the IP address…YOU.
    9. Your IP address AND other information could lead someone to you.
    If you revealed to someone your real name, your home city and perhaps sent them an email (that contained your actual IP address) from home, they could use all that information to discover your home address.
    10. A VPN is the best and easiest way to hide your IP address.
    Plus, it offers other online safety benefits, including keeping snooping eyes out of your computer, as well as your personal and financial affairs. Go to our VPN Comparison for more information.

    New Music: Big Shaq ft Busta Rhymes - Man's Not Hot (Remix)

    Busta Rhymes surprised fans with a remix of Big Shaq’s viral sensation “Mans Not Hot”. The legendary rapper, who is currently in the UK, took his chance to premiere a huge verse on Big Shaq’s Grime smash while at London’s Tape Nightclub.

    Busta kicks off his part of the song before unleashing his own version of Big Shaq’s “skrr pop pop pop” adlib. The rapper is rumoured to be part of an all-star remix of Big Shaq’s “Mans Not Hot”. The official music video for the original track currently has over 100 million views on YouTube.

    Download HERE

    Dominzy Daily Health And Fitness Tips

    Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips

    🌰Onions and garlic are both foods that can accelerate hair growth.
    😆Laughter and relaxation are just as vital to Health & Fitness as eating right and exercising.
    😥Too much stress literally causes the human brain to freeze and shut down temporarily.
    🍊Eat an orange before working out. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also prevents your muscles from getting sore.
    🍎Apples are more powerful than caffeine at helping you stay awake.
    🎧Listening to music frequently will decrease your risk of a brain tumor over the course of your life.
    😡Angry? Take a deep breath before you speak, because your mouth acts quicker than your brain.
    🛌🏽30 minute naps are MOST effective because they use only 2 light sleep stages, therefore you don't wake up as tired and you are more productive.
    🥄A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar relieves allergy and asthma symptoms.

    _stay informed_
    Brought to u by

    How To Activate Airtel 2018 Double Data Plans

    Airtel Double Data gives you double of your Airtel data plan by using the double data offer code below. For instance,  when you buy a data plan of 1.5GB for 1000 Naira, Airtel multiplies your data times two and gives you 3GB instead.

    How do I Activate Airtel Double Data Plans?

    To activate, dial *144# and you will receive a successful or congratulations message. Then, list of data plans will be available for you, kindly purchase any data plan from that list and check your data balance by dialing *140#.
    To check if you are eligible, kindly dial *144#. If it opens like the image below, that means you are eligible for the Airtel Double Data Offer.
    To buy and get your double data, select any option of your choice to activate any of the Double Data plans below.

    1. 400MB For 200Naira valid for 3days
    2. 1.5GB For 500naira valid for 14days
    3. 3GB For 3,000Naira valid for 30days (month)
    4. 7GB For 2,000Naira valid for 30days (month)
    5. 10GB For 2,500naira valid for 30days (month).
    Airtel Double Data Offer is based on eligibility. You have to be eligible for the offer before you can use it.

    New Music: Emilex - Ojoro

    Emilex dafirst is a breed from the Federal university of technology Owerri.(FUTO) .He began music with so many anticipation of getting to the top. After dropping his single debut "baddest" later on,  he dropped a track with FUTO own Whary " packaging" Now he comes up with this Afro pop love jam and he calls this one OJORO

    Download, listen and enjoy.

    Download HERE««

    Jumia Online Store Plans To Be Sold By Owners

    There are plans to sell Africa’s leading e-commerce firm, Jumia, owned by Rocket Internet, a German start-up investor.

    The move is coming as Zinox Group, an integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions conglomerate and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), recently acquired Konga, e-commerce giant.

    Reports,  yesterday, suggested that Rocket Internet, is also considering listing Jumia either in Frankfurt or London stock exchange.

    This is expected to take place this or next year, but according to Reuters, Rocket Internet is expected to “shortly mandate banks for an initial public offering of Jumia.”

    Rocket Internet helped set up Jumia in 2012, but the firm has been operating with loss for years despite conquering the market space.

    But the owners are seeking a way out from the consumer electronics and fashion retailer, in line with its strategy of selling or listing established internet firms.

    Reuters said Berenberg, which has a track record of working with Rocket on capital market transactions, is seen to be in a good position to win a mandate, the people said.

    A listing of shares, in a volume of under €200 million ($245.7 million) is expected to be floated, but no information on Jumia’s valuation was immediately available.
    Last year, Rocket Internet floated online food groups, Delivery Hero and HelloFresh, while the investor is currently also preparing a flotation of its online furniture retailer Home24.

    1.2 billion consumers and 15 million small and medium-sized firms. It also features services such as an online hotel booking and a food delivery platform.

    Jumia said in January that it had 1 billion visits on its pages across Africa in 2017. It has 50,000 merchants in its ecosystem, where five million products, hotels, restaurants and other services are listed.

    According to a presentation from Rocket Internet, Jumia saw its adjusted loss before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization widen to €80.7 million in the first nine months of 2017. Revenues edged up to €57.3 million.
    Only recently, Zinox Group acquired Konga in a move that is expected to raise the profile of e-commerce in Nigeria.

    The acquisition has been viewed by industry watchers as a major development that could see e-commerce in Nigeria finally unlock the massive revenue potential in the global multi-billion-dollar industry


    Pet Planet International, the one stop hub for all your pet needs, aims to bring information and premium services to dog lovers around the world while, making owning a pet, stress free, has launched a mobile application for pet owners and pet lovers. The mobile application also known as the Pet Planet International app, will cater to the needs of pet owners and pet lovers with a vast array of available services.

    Pet owners and pet lovers in Nigeria can now have access to premium pet services from world class pet handlers and vets. This includes purchase of a wide array of pedigree like Terriers, King Charles Cavaliers, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds and many more; protecting pets via pest control, pet merchandising, training, mating and boarding.

    There is also a 24/7 online Vet help line available on the Pet Planet International app. Pet owners can reach out to the dedicated PPI Vet staff round the clock and even on holidays. Pet owners will also have their pets and pet needs delivered to their homes whenever they use the Pet Planet International app. A first of its kind service platform pet lovers now have access to the best services for their pets.

    To enjoy these premium pet services, pet lovers should download the PPI app on their mobile devices via the Apple store or Google Play store and register as soon as possible, or visit for more information. Pet Planet International is your one stop hub for all your pet’s needs.

    Jumia Mobile Week 2018, Full Details

    Enjoy up-to 60% price off on Mobile phones, tablets and accessories.

    🔆Don't miss this golden opportunity of purchasing your dream phones for a lower price.

    🗓This promo runs from Mon. 19th - Sun. 25th March, 2018.
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    pls rebroadcast.

    How To Make Your Whatsapp Group Chat Very Active

    Below are  9 tips that can make a group chat active;
    Group Etiquette

    1. Always learn to appreciate other people's posts, even if they are not your friend
    It makes them feel important and encouraged to come up with something more positive.

    2. Never run people down on the platform in a group chat
    You will cause them to withdraw and will never come up with their objective views on issues.

    3. When you see something you don't like from a member, inbox the person
    Don't attack him/her on the platform publicly

    4. Never insult or use unpleasant languages on members
     You expose your uncultured manners and attitude to people and may turn the platform to combat ground.

    5. Be quick to say sorry and apologize when u have erred
     It helps to dose down the tension which your utterances must have created.

    6. Don't try to enforce your ideas or suggestions on members Nobody has monopoly of knowledge, allow majority conclusions to prevail on issues.

    7. Never settle scores with anybody on a general group chat
    will give others the opportunity to take sides, thereby causing others to withdraw.

    8. When anyone is celebrating, he/she may not need to be your friend before you celebrate with that person.
    It's the spirit of brotherliness

    9. Some have the gift of talking and others the gift of reading
    Learn to contribute to the group... Even if it is just using the symbol 👍... It makes people know that you appreciate the group.

    There are 3 types of posts you will always see on a group chat

    (A) Offensive posts.. Don't attack the person, it could be a mistake, but you can attack the posts.

    (B) lnspirational/educative posts
    Commend the person.. Don't just read and keep quiet.

     (C) Meaningless/wrongly uninformed posts
    Start by appreciating the writer, then correct the information, but don't hush  him up with condemnation.                                                           
    🙏Be kindly affectionate to one another 🙏

    Check Out The Original Meaning Of RAG DAY

    Rag day
    The OriGinal meaning  OF RAG DAY

    The oxford dictionary states the word *rag* as an act of ragging esp extensive display of noisy, disorderly conduct carried on in defiance of authority.

    Alternatively, its thought to be from Victorian era when students took time out of their studies to collect rags to cloth the poor I.e return their earned money to the poor.

    Much more recently "Backronyms" have been invented for the rag to stand for "Raise and Give".

    The first rag in South Africa was started at the university of Pretoria in 1925. The student took to the street in parade  that still exist today and known as precession.

    In the united kingdom, rag day is an activity carried out by student-run charity organization.

    Rag day or rag activities is a voluntary charity works in the form of fundraising campaign for the less privilege people in our society by Nigerian higher institutions.

    But the above definition of Rag has gone to oblivion. Ragging as student like to call it in Nigeria is usually part of the student week when students especially fresher's adorn rag or dress in less sensible manner and storm the street in bid to raise fund for charity. But unfortunately the *Charity* has been thrown into the dustbin and make my pocket rich, has been introduced by the student. The students see it as a means of getting money from the public to enrich their pocket and forget the meaning of the activity.

    May I also remind you that, when you dress in the less sensible manner you represent the less privilege. But who cares for the less privilege today?. The funniest is that even persons that are not students join in the ragging activities because it sole purpose has been defeated.

    Nigerians are good in emulating but abuse and throwout  the true meaning  of what they have emulated.

    *Let's go back to the ancient days.*
    *Let's keep to our emulation.*
    *Let's do what we represent.*
    *Let's play according to the true definition.*

    FUTO Awake Night | Genesis Cinema Live In FUTO

    Latest news

    It's with great pleasure I'm giving out this good news. For the 1st time ever, Genesis Cinema of Shoprite will be brought down to FUTO.

    This event is tagged FUTO Awake Night.
    This is a great news for movie lovers and cinema goers.

    🔥🔥🔥There's a reason you must want to attend this event
    🔵Maybe to watch BLACK PANTHER

    🔵Maybe to experience the HORROR MOVIE

    🔵Maybe to watch your ARTISTS PERFORM

    🔵It's on a Weekend so Maybe to Relieve FUTO TEST WEEK stress

    🔵Maybe to enjoy UNLIMITED COMEDY with MC the PREACHER ..and  DANCE and DANCE and ROCK AWAY with DJ KIZZY and DJ MEKS all niqht after the Movie.

    It's going to be VIRAL
    It's going to be very CONTAGIOUS
    It will INFECT

    Date: 16th March, 2018
    Venue: SOHT Theatre, behind Optometry Building.
    Time: 9pm

    tickets will be sold at the venue 
    Spread out the good news!! 

    Students In This Country Are Being Paid About $1000 Monthly Just To Attend University

    In Denmark, the government  pays its students to go to school.
    In the U.S., numerous students  pay upwards of $60,000 every year for school.

    Headline news

    As per a report in the Washington Post, under the Statens Uddannelsesstøtte program, all Danes beyond 18 years old are qualified for financing from the state for up to six years for post-auxiliary instruction. Each understudy who doesn't live with their folks gets around 5,839 Danish krones (about $1000) every month, and they don't have to pay the state back — regardless of whether they drop out of school — as indicated by the Post. High-performing understudies have considerably all the more subsidizing openings.

    While American understudies lie helpless before a national educational cost weapons contest and struggle with the possibility of long lasting obligation, Danish understudies can pick their courses and vocation way without monetary nervousness. Denmark ought to be a case for U.S. policymakers as they think about how to address the increasing expense of advanced education.
    The way it works: The SU monthly stipend is a product of the Scandinavian social democratic model, which uses exceptionally high tax rates to finance robust social services from childcare to state-of-the-art public transportation. Denmark tops the charts among the affluent countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development for its personal income tax rate on its highest earners — around 60%
    "The aim of the support scheme is to ensure that it is not the social and economic standing of potential students but abilities and interests that decides about educational success," Mads Hammer Larsen, a press spokesperson for the Danish Ministry of Education, told the Post.
    Conservative critics of Denmark's model for financing higher education have argued that the generosity spoils students, leading them to fixate on the comforts of a meaningful career at the expense of the job market. Enrollment for engineering is about one-third of the average for members of the Organisation for Economic  Co-operation and Development, and arts and humanities programs are widely popular, according toAgence France Presse. But Denmark's youth unemployment rate is in fact lower than most of Europe's, as well as the U.S. rate, as the Post notes. 
    There is scant evidence that making college a comfortable financial experience is destroying the next generation of Danish workers. In fact, given its high educational performance stats, it seems that graduates are entering the workforce quite well.
    A nation of debtors: The Danish model and the American model are universes apart. A 500% increase in college costs in the past 30 years has caused both prospective and former students to contemplate higher education through a new lens that.

    While Danish graduates are largely debt-free, about 70% of 2013 American graduates left college with an average of $28,400 in debt, according to a 2014 report by the Institute for College Access and Success reported by U.S. News. Among public colleges that it classified as high-debt, average debt levels ranged $33,950 to $48,850; among the nonprofit colleges it ranked high-debt, money owed was between $41,750 and $71,350. 
    This map from U.S. News shows the average student loan debt by state:
    In 2014, the rate at which students defaulted on their loans was 13.7% — down one percentage point from the previous year, but still extremely high. Default rates are a useful measure of insight into both the usefulness of a degree in the job market and the imbalance between cost of education and the returns provided on that investment.
    About 40 million Americans hold a combined $1.2 trillion in student debt. For many, the costs are personally crippling — the interest rates on high sums make repayment a Sisyphean task. Others will manage to pay (over the course of decades) but be significantly less likely to make bigger investments in things like housing that have been essential to the postwar American economy. And the reality is that college is still a worthy investment as a means for attaining higher pay and a better job. 
    But more and more disillusioned workers are looking across the ocean to see high-quality education for little or no cost, and beginning to ask if any of the mess they find themselves in is necessary at all.

    Bloodshed As Referee Murders Football Player After Match

    Latest headline news:

    A referee is facing murder allegations after football players professedly constrained him to kill an individual from the restricting group in southern Malawi, police said Friday.

    The Referee was managing a football coordinate between two Local team, Billiat FC and Chilengo FC, in the town of Thyolo on Wednesday, when Chilengo FC players declined to acknowledge the official's choice to discredit an objective, locale police representative Benjamin Foster told dpa.

    In the following fight, the ref fled to an adjacent house, which the players lit to smoke him out, as indicated by Foster.

    At the point when the official came up short on the consuming building, the players constrained him to smack a Billiat FC player more than once with a stick, the representative said.

    The player later passed on of his wounds in clinic, included Foster.

    "The Ref turned himself over … He is Facing murder allegations," he said.

    US Claims North Korea Killed Kim Jong-nam Using VX Nerve Agent

    North Korea utilized VX nerve operator to execute Kim Jong-nam: US

    Antagonized stepbrother of North Korean pioneer was murdered utilizing exceedingly poisonous nerve operator VX, US test

    North Korea utilized VX nerve specialist to murder Kim Jong-nam: US

    Kim Jong-nam passed on February 13 a year ago after an episode in Kuala Lumpur

    The US has confirmed that Pyongyang utilized a profoundly harmful nerve operator VX to slaughter Kim Jong-nam, the relative of North Korean pioneer Kim Jong-un, as per the US state office.

    Heather Nauert, the state office representative, said in an announcement distributed online on Tuesday that Washington "emphatically censures the utilization of synthetic weapons to lead a death".

    "This open show of hatred for all inclusive standards against compound weapons utilize additionally exhibits the careless idea of North Korea and underscores that we can't bear to endure a North Korean WMD program of any sort," she stated, alluding to weapons of mass demolition.

    She additionally said the US led the examination concerning the demise of Kim Jong-nam in the air terminal of Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur a year ago under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (CBW Act).

    In response to the probe conclusion made on February 22, Washington imposed further sanctions on Pyongyang that took effect on Monday, Nauert said.
    Kim Jong-nam fell suddenly ill at Kuala Lumpur airport on February 13 last year after two women smeared a substance on his face.
    He had been living in exile, under Beijing's protection, in the Chinese territory of Macau, and had criticised the regime of his family and his half-brother.

    Dominzy Daily Health and Fitness Tips

    Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips*

    😴Your sleeping style can really affect your heartburn issues. Sleeping on your left side can relieve the symptoms of heartburn.
    🍌The scent of bananas actually contains a compound that can help you lose weight.
    👁👁The 20-20-20 rule (looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 min)is a method proven to stop eye strain and thus stop headaches.
    🍾More expensive alcohols contain fewer congeners (chemicals responsible for hangovers). The more expensive the alcohol, the less hungover.
    🍫Eating a small amount of chocolate in the morning can help you burn calories easily and lose weight throughout the day.
    🍛A recent study shows that you are 47% more likely to live an extra decade if you eat home-cooked meals five times a week.
    🌰Onions and garlic are both foods that can accelerate hair growth.
    _stay informed_
    Brought to u by

    Three Killed, 17 Injures As Suicide Bomber Strikes Again In Maidiguri

    suicide bomber with hazardous gadgets tied around his body on Monday night exploded himself at a swarmed Muna-Datti region of Maiduguri, Borno State, killing three people simultaneously.

    The Police in that State on Tuesday affirmed the demise of three non military personnel Joint Task Force individuals in the assault.

    Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Joseph Kwaji, in an announcement made accessible to Channels Television, on Tuesday, said 17 individuals were additionally harmed in the assault.

    "On Monday, March 3 at around 2030hrs, a male suicide aircraft riding on a bike exploded IED lashed to his body at Muna Datti zone, killing himself and Three Civilian JTF individuals while 17 individuals were harmed," Kwaji said in the announcement.

    He said advance that following the terrible improvement, the Explosive Ordinance Device and watch groups have gone by the scene for an on-the-spot appraisal.

    The casualties of the assault, he disclosed have been cleared to the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

    The police likewise gave the confirmation that commonality had just been reestablished in the zone.

    Muna Datti is one of the groups in Maiduguri that has been tormented by arrangement of suicide besieging by Boko Haram extremists.

    Federal Court Rules Out Post-UME, says It's Illegal And Should Be Stopped

    Government High Court, Abuja, has pronounced the post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (post-UTME) directed by colleges, polytechnics and schools of training in Nigeria as illicit.

    The court led on the issue on March 22, 2017 however the judgment was just revealed by The Guardian on Friday, March 2, 2018.

    The court said there was no surviving law approving the activity.

    As per the report in The Guardian daily paper, the court held that lone the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) could direct registration examinations and give inductions into tertiary organizations by uprightness of area 5 (1) (2) of the JAMB Act.

    In the judgment, conveyed in the suit recorded by the Legal Defense and Assistance Project (LEDAP) against JAMB, the Minister of Education and the National Universities Commission (NUC), Justice John Tsoho said that the respondents have no energy to permit or direct tertiary establishments to lead additionally screening of competitors after they had taken the UTME.

    LEDAP acquired a guaranteed genuine duplicate of the judgment a month ago.

    Frame a year ago essentially settled a most extreme cost for post-UTMEs crosswise over tertiary establishments.

    The court likewise issued a ceaseless order limiting every single tertiary organization in the nation from directing the post-UTME or some other type of confirmation screening tests.

    In contradicting the suit, JAMB had contended that LEDAP had no locus standi to bring the activity, yet the court dismissed the protest and held that an enlisted non-legislative association or an extremist legal advisor is permitted by law to seek after in court, the privilege of the to a great extent unmindful individuals from the general public.

    LEDAP had presented that Section 5 (1) (2) of the JAMB Act gives that the body should lead registration examinations for inductions into every single tertiary establishment after the UTME.

    Subsection (2) (3) provides: “JAMB shall be responsible for determining matriculation requirements and conducting examinations leading to undergraduate admissions and also for admission to National Diploma and the Nigerian Certificate in Education courses.”
    The plaintiff had submitted the suit since 2005 noting that tertiary institutions nationwide have been illegally conducting tests and screening candidates seeking admission in violation of section 5 (10) (2) of the JAMB Act.
    The court agreed with the plaintiff and said the defendants have the responsibility to ensure compliance with the JAMB Act.
    The court also said the imposition of the post-UTME on candidates seeking admission was illegal and unlawful.
    The spokesperson for JAMB, Fabian Benjamin, was not available for comments Saturday morning.
    But the Registrar of the Board, Ishaq Oloyede, a professor,  told PREMIUM TIMES the judgment was already being challenged at the Court of Appeal.
    Although, there were mixed reactions over the scrapping of post-UTME by the federal government in 2016, the past Executive Secretary of the NUC, Julius Okojie, said the decision to scrap the post-UMTE became necessary to stop the cumbersome process of admission into the universities. They were later returned.
    Similarly, the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, in October 2017 debunked reports that he ordered a stop to the post-UTME examination as part of the process for admission into Nigerian universities.

    Dominzy Daily Health And Fitness Tips

    Dominzy Daily Health & Fitness Tips
    • Hate the feeling of putting cold eyedrops in your eye? Run the bottle under hot water for a few seconds, then do it. You'll barely feel em.
    • Put toothpaste(white colored) on a pimple and it will disappear over night.
    • Open your bag of chips from the bottom, as most of the flavor has sunk there.
    • Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which decrease nicotine cravings.
    • A cup of coffee before a workout speeds up the fat burning process.
    • Eating breakfast in the morning makes it ten times easier to burn calories throughout the day.

    _stay informed_

    Nigeria’s Richest Woman, Folorunso Alakija, Narrates How She Became A Billionaire Without A University Degree.

    Nigeria's wealthiest lady, Folorunso Alakija, has uncovered how she turned into an extremely rich person without a college degree.

    In a collection of memoirs she posted on her Instagram handle, Mrs. Alakija who uncovered that she was the eighth youngster out of a group of 52 kids, said she had confronted difficulties and misfortunes throughout everyday life except wound up incredible because of her affection for God

    She stated: "I might want to energize you on my experience with the brilliance of God.

    "It happened just about 27 years prior when I gave my life to Christ at 40 years old and my life has not been the same from that point onward, I implore your life as well, will encounter an aggregate pivot.

    "I was conceived just about 67 years back, into an extensive and renowned polygamous Muslim family as number 8 out of 52 youngsters through a father who had 8 spouses.

    "In those days, huge families were normal, yet what was unordinary was that I was one of the initial couple of Nigerian youngsters who left its shores to go and ponder abroad at such a youthful age of 7.

    "Indeed, even at that age, I knew I couldn't stand to let my family down reason I was viewed as a represetative.

    "My want was to think about law yet my daddy did not have faith in putting resources into young ladies around then.

    "Today, I have no college degree, yet God's brilliance lifted me up and I have gotten various Honorary doctorate degrees at home and abroad.

    "All of what you now observe today has taken very nearly more than two decades, so I am not an overnight achievement. Despite what might be expected, through God's effortlessness, I am a blood purchased completely pardoned, totally recovered, paradise bound offspring of God.

    "I have needed to make penances like every other person, confronted challenges yet never surrendered.

    "I have not traded off myself, my qualities or my confidence."

    28 Year Old Lady Wants Her Huge Bum Implants Removed After Few Weeks Of Inserting Them

    A lady who has spent huge to get gigantic bum inserts – needs them expelled weeks after the fact as they're "too enormous". The 28-year-old lady distinguished as Star Delguidice, from Birmingham, picked embeds twofold the prescribed size and had fat depleted from her thighs, arms and stomach to shape her ideal derriere.

    She traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, for the seven hour activity on December 18 however has since chosen she needs them evacuated.

    In the wake of sparing £15,0000 for the bum embed surgery, Star claims she now cries day by day as she battles to conform to existence with her new bum.

    Regardless of going under the blade in excess of 20 times since she was 18-years of age and burning through £230,000 changing her picture, Star's most recent surgery has put her off having any further corrective systems.

    As per MirrorOnline, Star stated: "My bum inserts are too huge and I can't get used to sitting on it. "I can feel them move and despite the fact that I am content with the general look, I need them out. "I've spent a considerable measure of cash since the surgery in December inspiring sweeps to guarantee the inserts are OK.

    "I can feel them moving and I've just barely possessed the capacity to take a seat and even that still feels odd. "Acting for photographs is awesome like it looks tremendous however it's simply not commonsense. "I went to Istanbul credulous about the outcome of the surgery, I was in anguish when I woke up and I haven't felt my ordinary self throughout recent weeks. "I've had surgery all my life however this one was by the far the greatest surgery to date.

    "I had around 650cc inserts which is twofold the size individuals typical have at first. "I put on four stone in weight so they could exchange the fat from my body to my bum. "I'm normally extremely thin however in the wake of putting on all my weight I now need to begin conditioning as I have cellulite ."

    She included: "My bum surgery is the last task for me, I couldn't experience the greater part of this once more. "I've had freeze assaults since my surgery as I'm persuaded they will detonate. "I will proceed with my Botox and fillers to keep up my looks yet I won't have any longer silicone.

    "I've been chipping away at culminating myself for quite a long time yet now I have genuine bends in all the correct spots I don't have to run over the edge with lip fillers to look outrageous."

    BJ Entertainments Presents Matric Mega Moment

    BJ Entertainments Presents  "Matric Mega Moments"

      Get ur dancing shoes ready cos it going down live.
    Venue:Workshop3, Futo
    Date🗓:23rd Feb, 2018
      Time   ⏰:6pm till mama calls
          Gate fee: ₦500 flat
    Galz wear smefin segzy

               🎧Sound policy🎧
                       DJ Smallz
                       Dj Zeegy
                       Dj GreyWheelz
                       Dj kira
    •  BOB-G 
    •  KRISTAL
    •   EMICHINO
    •   Mr Talk active

               SUPPORTED BY
    •            DominzyLoaded
    •           DOS SUG FUTO
    •           FINKLON FOODS
    •           SMALLZ ENT. WORLD
    •           DONSN ANIMATION
    •           EARLZ KITCHEN

       YU DUNNO".... YU DUN WANNA MISS THIS....... 💯💯

    Make sure you don't miss it.  

    Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Searching For A Serious Relationship

    The occasion will inevitably arrive when it appears as though nothing is working out as expected… at any rate for you. Your companions are getting hitched, getting advanced, beginning up organizations and developing in their lives. It appears as though you're not being not kidding, stuck in one place with no indication of advance.

    Now and again like that, you may think your life is at a deadlock. You may even have surrendered: I'll never pay up my obligations, or get advanced, or purchase my fantasy auto or even get hitched. Nobody will believe I'm not kidding with my life. You may feel crushed and unwilling to go on.

    This is reasonable yet in the event that you proceed with along these lines, you'll never escape the trench you're stuck in. Unless you trust that God has a greater arrangement for you, you'll begin to get severe and furious and nobody needs to be with an irate intense individual. Until at that point, continue trusting God and stay away from these three genuine mistakes that may crash you from His greater arrangement.

    Try not to be fatalistic.

    This is the possibility that nothing can change and that you're stuck where you are. Capitulation to the inevitable prompts self indulgence, a casualty memtality. It makes us point the finger at God and every other person rather to venturing up to the plate and tolerating obligation regarding a portion of the things going ahead in our lives. The most exceedingly awful part is that capitulation to the inevitable prompts lethargy; an unwillingness to take care of the circumstance. You overlook that nobody is going drop your answer on your laps, you have to go out and placed yourself in circumstances where you can be seen and drawn nearer.

    Abstain from being baffled.

    This happens whe you endeavor to make sense of things independent from anyone else without looking for a higher power. When you have a feeling that your out of your profundity, look to God and somebody with predominant information about your circumstance. They have encounter going for them, encounter you can profit by.

    Try not to be dreadful

    Dread will keep you down, it'll prevent you from fitting strides to alter the course your life is taking. Dread is ghastly in light of the fact that it begins in your mind and has the capability of assuming control over each and every part of your life. Now and again like this, you have to step far from your circumstance and take a gander at it dispassionately. In the event that anything may have lasting repercussions

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