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How To Activate Airtel 2018 Double Data Plans

Airtel Double Data gives you double of your Airtel data plan by using the double data offer code below. For instance,  when you buy a data plan of 1.5GB for 1000 Naira, Airtel multiplies your data times two and gives you 3GB instead.

How do I Activate Airtel Double Data Plans?

To activate, dial *144# and you will receive a successful or congratulations message. Then, list of data plans will be available for you, kindly purchase any data plan from that list and check your data balance by dialing *140#.
To check if you are eligible, kindly dial *144#. If it opens like the image below, that means you are eligible for the Airtel Double Data Offer.
To buy and get your double data, select any option of your choice to activate any of the Double Data plans below.

  1. 400MB For 200Naira valid for 3days
  2. 1.5GB For 500naira valid for 14days
  3. 3GB For 3,000Naira valid for 30days (month)
  4. 7GB For 2,000Naira valid for 30days (month)
  5. 10GB For 2,500naira valid for 30days (month).
Airtel Double Data Offer is based on eligibility. You have to be eligible for the offer before you can use it.

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