6 Important Tips On How To Get Your Blog or Website Approved By Adsense

 6 Important Tips On How To Get Your Blog or Website Approved By Adsense

6 Important Tips On How To Get Your Blog or Website Approved By Adsense

Apart from passion and personal skills development, one of the major reasons people go into blogging or own a website is to make money from it and the biggest company that can make that earnings possible is Adsense. There are others platforms and ads companies too.

Adsense is an ads company owned by Google that pays bloggers or websites owners based on generated valid clicks and impression on every ads Google places on those particular sites.

To apply for Adsense is free of charge and this can be done by visiting Google.com/Adsense but getting approved by Adsense is where the problem lies. Though this is actually not a big deal. With the right and necessary setups on your blog, you will sure get approved by Google AdSense. Below are necessary tips on what to do to your website inorder to get approved.

Important Tips

1. Loading Speed

This is very important for every blog or website. For Adsense to approve you, your website should be able to load completely within 10 to 15 seconds on 2G network and above. This helps in makings ads appear more often on your site which will inturn get more views and clicks.

2. Responsiveness

The ability for your website to adjust seemlessly on any screensize without the visitors having to zoom in or out to view your content is called site responsiveness. This is a very essential tips that adsense considers before approving your website. All you need to do is to make your site responsive or get a responsive theme/template.

3. Unique Posts 

Your site posts must be unique in the sense that it must be original and non plagiarised. This means that you should develop and write your post by yourself and not copy and pasting posts from other blogs or website.

4. Adding Important Pages

For your website to be approved, it AdSense advises that your website should contain some important pages and these pages includes:

About Us page, Terms & Conditions page, and lastly Privacy & Policy page. 

Most Adsense applicants don't have these pages on their websites and it's one of the biggest reasons they don't get approved.

6 Important Tips On How To Get Your Blog or Website Approved By Adsense

5. Breadcrumb Navigation

This is just a guide that should appear on every post page which shows the user how he/she got to the particular post the person is reading. For example "Homepage to Categories to Post Title" just as seen in the image below.

6 Important Tips On How To Get Your Blog or Website Approved By Adsense

6. Website Traffic

To most bloggers, this is supposed to be the first and important tip to consider when applying for Adsense, but talking from experience, I can tell you that traffic is not really as important as people think it is. Two of my blogs were approved by Adsense and they barely had upto 100 views per day. 

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This doesn't mean that having a huge traffic on your site is useless, instead, it is as useful as every above mentioned tips. Websites with huge traffic tends to make more earnings after being approved by Adsense, because the ads will get more views and in return, generate clicks and impression for the website.

Aside these tips,there are more tips available for you to do inorder to get Adsense approval. Just make more research and you will find them. Never be afraid to apply for Adsense because you might be lucky to get approved even without having exactly all these tips applied on your website. If you apply and didn't get approved, don't give up, just make the necessary changes and keep applying till you get approved.

Applying the above tips will surely get you a very high chance of getting your website approved by Google AdSense so that you can start earning 

Note: This is an addition to whatever tips you might have seen anywhere on how to get your website approved by Adsense. Doing this alone might not really get you approved by Adsense but adding these tips to other tips you might have come accross during your research, will definitely give you a greater chance of being approved by Adsense. 

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions concerning this post, just use the comment box below and I'll be here to give answers.

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