JUMIA Mobile Week 2017 - Up to 50% Discount

Jumia Mobile Week 2017 is a 7 days event where smartphones are sold at a discounted price up to 50%.The 2017 edition kicks off today being the 24th of April 2017 and ends on the 30th April 2017. Here’s everything you need to know.

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon is the biggest mobile event in Nigeria , offering huge discounts on a wide range of smartphones in the market. During a 7 day period , Jumia (in partnership with popular phone brands) offers  huge discounts on smartphones in the market.
This is a big opportunity for mobile enthusiasts to get their “dream smartphone” at a low price.
Mobile week was first introduced in 2015 and this is the 3rd edition.

Jumia Mobile Week is all about Smartphones , although , there maybe discounts on Tablets and Mobile Accessories.
Following previous offers , the 2017 edition will feature products from Tecno , Infinix , Innjoo , Motorola and many more brands.

Here are some key things to know:
The Promo runs for 7 days (24th April 2017 – 30th April) , so keep checking everyday to see if you can get a good deal.
There will be flash sales by 9am , 1pm and 5pm everyday throughout the campaign.
TAKE NOTE because this is where the MAIN DEAL is. Flash sales go as high as 50% off.
Every smartphone you buy on Mobile Week comes with a FREE 4G MTN SIM and you also get 20% bonus on your data plan everytime you recharge in the next 3 months.When you buy a device worth over #20,000 , Jumia gives you #6,000 cashback voucher which can be used on your next purchase Exclusive discount on Infinix , Tecno , Motorola & Innjoo Phones

There will be up to 40% discount on the following Infinix smartphones during the mobile week event :
Infinix Note 3.
The Infinix Hot S
Infinix Hot 4 Lite
Infinix Zero 4 Plus

How To Shop On Jumia Mobile Week 2017
Jumia Mobile Week 2017 starts on 24th April 2017  and ends on the 30th of April 2017.To shop , visit Jumia (using the links below) , watch out for flash sales / deals , place your order and Jumia will deliver to your doorstep. You can access the event by clicking here
Download JUMIA Mobile App because it's faster, easier and better.
Note!! : If need help in ordering phones on Jumia, kindly call JUMIA online sales agent on 08100418355 (whatsapp allowed) and I guarantee you that orders will delivered to your doorstep faster and safer.

10 Early Signs Of Cancer To Look Out For In Men

Cancer is among the most well-known reasons for death in grown-up guys in the U.S. While a sound eating regimen can bring down the danger of building up specific tumors, different components like qualities can assume a bigger part. When disease spreads, it can be hard to treat.

Knowing early side effects can help you look for treatment sooner to better your odds of abatement. Early manifestations of disease in men include:
  • bowel changes
  • rectal bleeding
  • urinary changes
  • blood in urine
  • persistent back pain
  • unusual coughing
  • testicular lumps
  • excessive fatigue 
  • unexplained weight loss
  • lumps in breast
 The symptoms are listed below.

1. Bowel changes

The occasional bowel problem is normal, but changes in your bowels may indicate either colon or rectal cancer. These are collectively called colorectal cancers. Colon cancer can develop in any part of your colon, while rectal cancer affects your rectum, which connects the colon to the anus.
Frequent diarrhea and constipation may be symptoms of cancer, particularly if these bowel changes come on suddenly. These problems also may occur with frequent gas and abdominal pain.
A change in the caliber or size of your bowel movement may also be a symptom of cancer.
Rectal bleeding

2. Rectal bleeding

Rectal bleeding may be an early sign of rectal cancer. This is especially concerning if the bleeding persists or if you’re found to have iron deficiency anemia due to blood loss. You may also notice blood in your stools.
Although there are other more common causes of rectal bleeding like hemorrhoids, you shouldn’t try to diagnose yourself if you’re having these symptoms. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. You should get regular colon cancer screenings starting at age 50.

3. Urinary changes

Incontinence and other urinary changes may develop as you age. However, certain symptoms may indicate prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is most common in men ages 60 and older.
Common urinary symptoms include:
  • urinary leaks
  • incontinence
  • an inability to urinate despite urges to go
  • delayed urination
  • straining during urination

4. Blood in your urine

If you have blood in your urine, you shouldn’t ignore it. This is a common symptom of bladder cancer. This type of cancer is more common in current and former smokers than in people who’ve never smoked. Prostatitis, prostate cancer, and urinary tract infections can also cause blood in your urine.
Early prostate cancer can also cause blood in your semen.
Back pain

5. Persistent back pain

Back pain is a common cause of disability, but few men realize that it may be a symptom of cancer. Symptoms of cancer may not show until it has spread to other parts of your body, such as the bones of your spine. For example, prostate cancer is especially prone to spread to the bones and may cause these symptoms within your hip bones and lower back.
Unlike occasional muscle pain, cancer of the bone causes tenderness and discomfort in your bones.

6. Unusual coughing

Coughing isn’t exclusive to smokers or to people with a cold or allergies. A persistent cough is an early sign of lung cancer. If you don’t have any other related symptoms, such as a stuffy nose or fever, the cough probably isn’t due to a virus or infection.
Coughing accompanied with bloody mucus is also associated with lung cancer in men.
Testicular lumps

7. Testicular lumps

Testicular cancers in men are less common than cancers of the prostate, lungs, and colon. Still, you shouldn’t ignore early symptoms. Lumps in the testicles are symptoms of testicular cancer.
Doctors look for these lumps during wellness checks. For earliest detection, you should check for lumps once per month.
Excessive fatigue

8. Excessive fatigue

Fatigue can be related to a number of chronic illnesses and medical disorders. Excessive fatigue is your body’s way of telling you that something just isn’t right. As cancer cells grow and reproduce, your body may start to feel run down.
Fatigue is a common symptom of various cancers. See your doctor if you have excessive tiredness that doesn’t go away after a good night’s sleep.

9. Unexplained weight loss

It becomes more difficult to maintain your weight as you age, so you might consider weight loss as a positive thing. But sudden and unexplained weight loss can indicate a serious health problem, including almost any type of cancer.
If you rapidly lose weight without changing your diet or how much you exercise, discuss this with your doctor.
Lumps in breast

10. Lumps in the breast

Breast cancer isn’t exclusive to women. Men also need to be on guard and check for suspicious lumps in the breast area. This is the earliest detectable symptom of male breast cancer. Call your doctor immediately for testing if you notice a lump.
Genes can play a role in male breast cancer, but it may also occur due to exposure to radiation or high estrogen levels. Breast lumps are most commonly found in men in their 60s.

NOTE: Many cancers are difficult to detect in the earliest stages, but some may cause noticeable differences. Knowing the most common cancer symptoms is vital to obtaining a prompt diagnosis. Still, the exact signs and symptoms of cancer can vary. As a rule of thumb, you should always see your doctor if you suspect something isn’t right.

How To Differentiate Between Migraine And Headache

At the point when there is weight or agony in your head, it can be hard to tell whether you are encountering an average cerebral pain or a headache. Perceiving a headache cerebral pain from a conventional migraine, and the other way around, is critical. It can mean speedier alleviation through better medications. It can likewise help keep future migraines from happening in any case. Things being what they are, how might you differentiate between a typical cerebral pain and a headache?

What Is a Headache?

Headaches are unpleasant pains in your head that can cause pressure and aching. They can range from mild to severe pain and usually occur on both sides of your head. Some specific areas where headaches can occur include the forehead, temples, and back of the neck. A headache can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a week. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common headache type is a tension headache. Triggers for this headache type include stress, muscle strain, or anxiety.
Tension headaches aren’t the only type of headache that occur. Other headache types include:

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are severely painful headaches that occur on one side of the head and come in clusters. This means you experience cycles of headache attacks, followed by headache-free periods.

Sinus headaches

Often confused with migraines, sinus headaches co-occur with sinus infection symptoms like fever, stuffy nose, cough, congestion, and facial pressure.

What Is a Migraine?

These headaches are intense or severe and often have accompanying symptoms in addition to head pain. Symptoms associated with a migraine headache include:
  • nausea
  • pain behind one eye or ear
  • pain in the temples
  • seeing spots or flashing lights
  • sensitivity to light and/or sound
  • temporary vision loss
  • vomiting
When compared with tension or other headache types, migraine headache pain can be moderate to severe. Some people may experience headaches so severe they seek care at an emergency room. Migraine headaches will typically affect only one side of the head. However, it is possible to have a migraine headache that affects both sides of the head. Other differences include the pain’s quality: A migraine headache will cause intense pain that may be throbbing and will make performing daily tasks very difficult.
Migraine headaches are typically divided into two categories: migraine with aura and migraine without aura. An “aura” refers to sensations a person experiences before he or she gets a migraine. The sensations typically occur anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes before attack. These can include:
  • feeling less mentally alert or having trouble thinking
  • seeing flashing lights or unusual lines
  • tingling or numbness in the face or hands
  • unusual sense of smell, taste, or touch 
Some migraine sufferers may experience symptoms a day or two before the actual migraine occurs. Known as the “prodrome” phase, these subtler signs can include:
  • constipation
  • depression
  • frequent yawning
  • irritability
  • neck stiffness
  • unusual food cravings

Treating Headaches

Over-the-counter Treatments

Fortunately, most tension headaches will go away with over-the-counter treatments. These include:
  • acetaminophen
  • aspirin
  • ibuprofen

Relaxation Techniques

Because most headaches are stress-induced, taking steps to reduce stress can help relieve headache pain and reduce the risk for future headaches. These include:
  • heat therapy, such as applying warm compresses or taking a warm shower
  • massage
  • meditation
  • neck stretching
  • relaxation exercises 

Treating Migraines

Prevention Tips

Prevention is often the best treatment for migraine headaches. Examples of preventive methods your doctor may prescribe include:
  • Making changes to your diet, such as eliminating foods known to cause headaches. These could include alcohol or caffeine.
  • Taking prescription medications, such as antidepressants, blood pressure-lowering medicines, or antiepileptic medications.
  • Taking steps to reduce stress.


People who have migraines less frequently may benefit from taking medications known to reduce migraines quickly. Examples of these medicines include:
  • Antinausea medicines, such as promethazine (Phenergan), chlorpromazine (Thorazine), or prochlorperazine (Compazine).
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as acetaminophen, aspirin, naproxen sodium, or ibuprofen.
  • Triptans, such as almotriptan (Axert), rizatriptan (Maxalt), or sumatriptan (Alsuma, Imitrex, and Zecuity).
If a person takes migraine headache medications more than 10 days a month, this could cause an effect known as rebound headaches. This practice will worsen headaches instead of helping them feel better.

Identify and Treat Early

Headaches can range from being a mild inconvenience to severe and debilitating. Identifying and treating headaches as early as possible can help a person engage in preventive treatments to minimize the chance of another headache.

WHO Is WHO Awards On The Plateau 2017 - Photos And List Of Winners

The Most Anticipated and Biggest Award Event in Plateau State was held over the weekend on Sunday 9th April at Mees Palace Event Center.
It was a grand event in Jos as all who stood out in their various fields were awarded at a near perfect VIP Award Dinner Event.
See complete list of winners...

BEST MECHANIC - Suleman Badamasi

BEST DJ - Dj Steeno

BEST BLOGGER - MatthewteghaBLOG ( mathewtegha.com.ng )
BEST PHARMACY -Dilimi Central Pharmacy
BEST CLUB HOUSE - Varlaine Lounge
BEST BOUTIQUE - Authentic Boutique

BEST MUSIC BAND - Lucky Starz Band
BEST ARCHITECT - Architect Ponfa Maina
BEST HOTEL - Steffans Hotel

BEST CONSTRUCTION FIRM - Ric Rock Construction

BEST DOCTOR - Dr Kenneth Egwuda
BEST MINING COMPANY - Geotess Nigeria Ltd
MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL - Abigail Zere Kim (miss Plateau)

BEST EVENT PLANNER - Anista Marketing and Events Limited
BEST RESTAURANT - Ask Me Restaurant
BIGGEST ENTREPRENEUR - Kefas Wungak(CEO Kefiano Global Concepts)

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON - Comrade Prince Miaphen
FEMALE ICON - Dame Pauline Tallen(OTR)
Best EVENT CENTRE - Mees Palace and Amusement Park
BEST SUPERMARKET - Onigbinde Stores
BEST HANGOUT SPOT - Chillers Portal Cabin

BEST DANCE GROUP - The Eagles Dance Crew
BEST STF COMMANDER - Maj. Gen. Henry Ayoola
BEST POLITICIAN - Sen. Joshua Dariye
BEST PAST GOVERNOR - Sen. Jonah David Jang
Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong (Plateau State Governor)
Maj. Gen. Rogers Nicolas
Rev. Emmanuel Kanos
Maj. Gen. Oluwaseun Oshinowo
Hon. Yakubu Shandam
Simdul Shagaya(CEO Konga)
WHO IS WHO AWARDS: It is now time to recognise the Best persons, Companies and organizations in almost every field, walks of life and Vocation, Hence the need for the programme titled " WHO is WHO Awards®©". WHO is WHO Awards®© is a National Organization Duly certified and protected by the Nigerian copy right commission, Nigerian Cooperate affairs commission and the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

We are determined to Recognise , promote and market those who have been found exceptional in their field and endeavour , we will give a maximum Local, National and international publicity to those who win our awards as we have a firm grip on the Media, we will perform the WHO is WHO Awards®©".programme in almost every state in Nigeria starting with plateau state. We hereby present to you, the award of all awards , The most anticipated event in every city , WHO is WHO Awards®©".

Starting with Plateau State, 'Who is Who' Awards 2017 provided nominations for 50 categories and winners were awarded in a grand event on 9th April in Jos, Plateau State.
More information 09060808088 -

Watch out for WHO is WHO Awards Abuja (FCT)...


Tropidoc.com, a new platform that provides a channel for patients to instantly reserve spots in scarce and difficult to find specialist clinics currently covers Abuja and recently opened up Nasarawa as they continue their gradual nationwide expansion.
Tropidoc indexes clinics that run within health facilities and hospitals and helps patients to reserve spots in those clinics. Patients can find when a particular specialist clinic will run in a particular hospital within the week and can go ahead and reserve an appointment to consult with the specialist.
Plagued with shortage of health care specialists, it takes an average two to three weeks and multiple referrals to find and reserve appointments to see specialists in most tertiary health institutions in Nigeria. However several of these specialist clinics run in various hospitals daily. Tropidoc eliminates this problem by providing a platform where patients can instantly find these clinics and reserve appointments instantly, including same-day appointments.
Patients can also review hospitals and clinics they have visited. These reviews are unique because only patients that have actually kept an appointment with a clinic can actually review it. Tropidoc also benefits hospitals as it provides them wider visibility and helps them attract new patients
About Tropidoc
Tropidoc was founded by a team of two doctors and an engineer - Drs Kizito Egeonu and Mak Milaham and Engr Charles Nwocha.
Frustrated by how difficult it is to get their referred patients to see a specialist as soon as possible and how difficult to find specialist clinics to refer to, the trio set out to code this project. They bring a combined 8 years experience in healthcare and extensive entrepreneurial experience in various fields to the table.

Kenyan Musician Meets With Jesus And His Disciples In Dubai

Late last year, Kenyans were bewildered by the sudden appearance of ‘Jesus’ in the street of Nairobi.
We gathered that according to numerous photos seen online, a tourist sharing striking resemblance with Jesus was spotted traversing the streets of Nairobi by Kenyans who couldn’t help but fear for their lives.Most of them thought he was the real Jesus who had come for his people or the end time is near.
However, tension subsided when it became apparent that he was only a tourist who looked exactly like Jesus.
Meanwhile, Another ‘Jesus’ look-alike has been unearthed by a Mombasa-based rich musician.
BMG, a flamboyant Kenyan singer recently sparked fear among his social media followers and fans after sharing photos of himself hanging out with ‘Jesus’ and some of his disciples.

The musician, who is known for his opulent lifestyle and countless trips abroad scared the hell out of his fans by sharing the photo, taken at a bar called Dubai in Italy on his social media accounts.

JAMB Extends Registration, Postpones 2017 UTME Exam

The Joint Admission and Registration Board (JAMB) has announced the postponement of the2017 UTME registration and the examination.

The JAMB Registrar disclosed this in a statement in Abuja.According to him, the registration deadline has been shifted from April 19th to May 5th, 2017.The 2017 UTME examination on the other hand has been shifted. It will now start from May 13 toMay 20, 2017.

"Instead of the earlier announced April 19, the deadline for the sale of forms and registration will now extend to Friday, May 5, 2017. Consequently, the 2017 UTME has also been postponed to start on Saturday, May 13 – 20, 2017."

The JAMB Boss stated.

It will be recalled that the House of Representative earlier directed JAMB to extend the deadline.

Female Corp Member Die While Swimming In An Hotel In Enugu

The incident took place on Saturday, April 8, at a hotel located in Ugwuoba community Oji River Local Government Area (LGA), Enugu state. Confirming her death was the state’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr Ebere Amaraizu.

Amaraizu revealed that two persons have beenarrested by the police who were reported to have been linked with the murder on Sunday, April 9.He said: “A group of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members had gone to a hotel at Ugwuoba in Enugu state identified as Hotel De Oranzi Resort, Agungwu Ugwuoba for swimming.

In the ensuing swimming rendezvous amongst the celebrating corps members, one of them whose name is yet to be established allegedly got drowned. She waslater rescued and rushed to General Hospital, Amaku in Awka, Anambra State, (since Oji River Local Government Area shares boundarywith Awka) for medical attention but was confirmed dead by the doctor on duty.”

However, Amaraizu further revealed that the body of the corp member has been deposited at the hospital’s morgue, adding that they are still trying to identify the identity of the deceased.

River State FRSC Chairman Cuts Off Female Officer's Hair During Surprise Visit/Inspection

The Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety, FRSC Corps in Rivers, Andrew Kumapayi, on Monday carried out a general inspection on the staff of the FRSC headquarters in Port Harcourt.
The inspection covered the uniform and fingernails, as well as the hairdos of FRSC personnel and Kumapayi was on hand to ensure that the female officers whose hair styles allegedly ran afoul of the requirements of the Corps got an on-the-spot haircut.
However, on the Corps’s website is an image of a woman whose hair appears to be braided and who is supposedly an example of how female FRSC marshals ought to appear.

Researchers Discovers That Unintelligent Bees Live Longer Than Intelligent Bees

Researchers have discovered that smart bumblebees die sooner and don't collect as much food over their life spansas their less intelligent co-workers. Researchers suggest that the energy demands of intelligence eat up limited resources, leaving smart bees with less energy forforaging than their slower-learning counterparts. This is the first evidence of a learning-associated cost in the wild and could have implications for a variety of species.

Prof. Nigel Raine has discovered that fast-learning bumblebees died sooner than their slower-learning co-workers.

He also found quick learners collected food only as fast as less smart bees in the colony and completed no more foraging bouts each day."Ultimately, the results revealed that fast-learning bumblebees collected fewer resources for the colony over their foraging career," said Raine, holder of the Rebanks Family Chair inPollinator Conservation.
"These findings provide the first evidence of a learning-associated cost in the wild."Published recently inScientific Reports, the study highlights the potential cost of cleverness and could have implications for a variety of species beyond bees."Our results are surprising because we typically associate enhanced learning performance and cognitive ability with improved fitness, becauseit is considered beneficial to the survival of an individual or group," said co-author Dr. Lisa Evans, with Plant and Food Research in New Zealand.

The researchers suggests that the energy demands of intelligence eat up limited resources, leaving smart bees with less energy for foraging than slower-learning counterparts."Neural tissue is metabolically expensive to produce and maintain," said Evans. "Foraging is energy demanding, but so is learning. This may explain the significantly shorter foraging lifespan of fast-learning bumblebees."In the lab, the researchers used blue and yellow artificial flowers to test the visual learning performance of 85individual foraging bumblebees from five colonies.

The yellow flowers provided a sugar reward and the blue ones did not. Theresearchers observed how long it took the bees to ignore the unrewarding blue flowers, which are innately their preferred choice, and instead to associate yellow flowers with a food reward.

The bees were then monitored in the field using radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging technology to determine their foraging activity and the quality of nectar or pollen they brought back to the nest."This finding is particularly interesting because we know that learning is really important for bees," said Raine. "They learn which flowers provide the most rewards, when and where to find them -- often in habitatscontaining dozens of flower species."So why has fast learning not been bred out of the bumblebee population? Raine said quick learningmay or may not confer an advantage depending on the colony's environment."In a more complex or changeable environment, these enhanced learning abilities may be vital to ensure colony resilience.

Then it could pay to have some smart heads in the room."The findings may be useful for conserving habitat and pollinators that help in commercial crop production, he added."By determining how pollinators are adapted to their environment we gain insight into the aspects of the environment that are important for colony success, which feeds into habitat and pollinator conservation."

JAMB Reduces Exam Questions And Time

The Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, on Wednesday said the board may lessen the course of events for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) from three hours to two hours.

Essentially, Use of English that used to have 100 questions will be decreased to 60 questions while alternate subjects will be diminished to 40 addresses each.

He additionally expressed that question papers will be transferred five minutes to the examinations with a specific end goal to check misbehavior and inquiries spillage.

He made this known amid the Strategic Planning retreat on Supervision and Evaluation of 2017 UTME examinations.

He stated: "With respect to the 2017 UTME, it is likely we decrease the length of the examinations. We are taking a gander at two hours for the examinations rather than the present three-hour timetable. This is in accordance with global accepted procedures.

"With respect to the applicants, for their age, the most extreme time they can sit for examinations is two hours. Indeed, even as far as worldwide standard, for grade school students, the most extreme time for examinations is between 45 minutes and 60 minutes."

He said JAMB has grasped new innovation which will make the UTME agreeable to compose by understudies in favored condition and those in rustic regions.

He similarly affirmed that around 300,000 applicants may sit for the taunt UTME examinations on April 8 which will be utilized to trial its new innovation to make its examinations less demanding for understudies.

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