Exodus Opens In Port-Harcourt

It is the grand opening of EXODUS this Sunday, 26th June at 2 Prince Edeh Close, off Abacha road, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt, River State.
Don’t miss multiple award winner Adekunle Gold performing live with Mr Robinson band, and Arinze baba for lots of laughter. It promises to be a great event with Jimmie, Entertainment personality of the year and Official Host/Hypeman of Hennessy Nigeria. After Party with the uber incredible DJ Factor.
Supported by Hennessy 18+ Drink Responsibly.
Moët Hennessy is the world's leading wine & spirit company.
Its portfolio includes renowned brands such as :
Dom Pérignon, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Ruinart, Krug champagnes, Hennessy cognac, Belvedere vodka, Glenmorangie and Ardberg single malt scotch whiskies, Terrazas de los Andes, Cloudy Bay, Cape Mentelle, Green Point fine wines.

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One of the biggest musicians to come out of Africa, with millions of records sold in Africa and globally, Peter Okoye is set to open another chapter in his already glittering career as he is set to make his first ever solo performance at Hard Rock Cafe Lagos on June 23rd, 2016. Following hits like Personally, Collabo, Chop my Money & Bizzy Body; fans and music lovers can get to witness this one of a kind historic event in music's global home.

To witness this historic event there will be an entry fee of N5,000.00 only which entitles every guest to a complimentary drink. Doors open from 8PM & guests will be greeted with the best of food & drink as always. To purchase tickets & for reservations please contact: 09081988888.

For Enquiries please contact: 09081988888
About Hard Rock International
With venues in 68 countries, including 163 cafes, 23 hotels and 11 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world's greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe. Hard Rock is also known for its collectible fashion and music-related merchandise, Hard Rock Live performance venues and an award-winning website. HRI owns the global trademark for all Hard Rock brands. The company owns, operates and franchises Cafes in iconic cities including London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Dubai. HRI also owns, licenses and/or manages hotel/casino properties worldwide. Destinations include the company’s two most successful Hotel and Casino properties in Tampa and Hollywood, Fl., both owned and operated by HRI parent company The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as other exciting locations including Bali, Chicago, Cancun, Ibiza, Las Vegas, Macau and San Diego. Upcoming new Hard Rock Cafe locations include San Juan, Reykjavik and Gran Canaria, Spain. New Hard Rock Hotel projects include Atlanta, Berlin, Daytona Beach, Dubai, Los Cabos, Tenerife, Abu Dhabi, and Shenzhen and Haikou in China. For more information on Hard Rock International, visit www.hardrock.com

Former FUTO V.C Prof. C.C Asiabaka Celebrates His Handover Party In His Hometown

The community of Awo idemili in Orsu LGA, Imo state was in a celebration mood as they welcome their son and former vice chancellor of the Federal university of technology,Owerri as he celebrates his handover party yesterday being the 18th of June 2016.
The venue of the event was at the Council headquartes of Orsu LGA.The occasion was graced by lots of dignitaries,Chairman of Orsu LGA,traditional and titled men, Futo deans of faculties and HODs including Futo students.

Phone tips - How To Identity An Original Phone

People nowadays will just get to where phones are being sold and buy fake phones unknowingly. phone receipt,phone pack and shiny cover or casing does not guarantee the quality and originality of a phone.

To identify a new and long lasting phones, dial *#0000# for all Nokia phones and *#9999# for Samsung phones.
For other phones including smart phones and tablets, just dial *#06# and the Serial number will display on the screen.

How To Destroy Your Lost Mobile Phone

Once you buy a new phone the first thing is to press *#06# for all types of phone the digits that will appear on the screen of that phone is for you only ,nobody in the world has the same number with you.
That number belongs to the company that manufactured the phone., wherever you or your phone may be,the company can still destroy the phone.. That is why it is called International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) Which is also known as Serial Number.
Now back to our topic,the procedures below will help you out if followed thoroughly.

Once you have copied the number and the phone gets lost, just contact the manufacturer of the phone through the internet or their customer service number

Complain to them that you want to destroy your lost phone and present the number to them.
Leave the rest for them to handle, you will be notified when it's done.

Note: You might charged but it won't cost much.

Hope the above tutorial helped? pls feel free to comment with your suggestions,additions or complaints and I'll be here to hear and help you out.

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Important Mobile Phone Safety Tips You Need To Know

Important Mobile Phone Safety Tips You Need To Know  

Before we proceed to the mobile tips, let's glance at this little incident that  actually happened.
Pls read with me.

Can electricity enter our body through the flash of digital camera?
Yes 100% it can happen.

This is a true incident, which happened to a 21 year old boy
studying engineering. He died in Keshwani hospital. He was admitted in the hospital with burns. The reason?
He went to Amrawati for study tour. While coming back, he was waiting for train at railway station along with his friends.
Many of them were taking group photo with their mobiles with digital camera.
This boy was also there and trying to take group photo. The place where this boy was standing, complete group photo was not easy. So to get complete group
photo he went a little back. The place where he was standing, there was a electric wire with 40,000 volt.
As soon as he pressed the button of the digital camera, electricity of 40,000 volt entered the camera through the flash and then the fingers and then the whole body.
All this happened in a fraction of few seconds and 50% of his body was burnt. In that condition, he was brought to Keshwani Hospital, and then to Mumbai in an ambulance. He was unconscious for 1 and half days. As his body was 50% burned, doctors had less hope for him. Later on he died.
This can happen to anyone using mobile telephone.
Are we learned and responsible??

Here are the much awaited helpful and life saving tips

# Avoid using mobile phones at petrol pumps and when transferring fuel into another container or generating set. (Check Punch of Thurs. 7April, 2016 pages 4-5 for the fire that killed father and two daughters on Adebiyi Street, Shomolu, Lagos)

# Avoid using mobile phones when  driving.

# When mobile is charging don't receive any call. First remove the charging pin and then receive the call.

# When mobile is on charge don't put it on bed or wooden

# Pls don't use mobile phone/digital camera -flash at railway stations or any other place where there is a heavy electricity wire.

#Don't use mobile phones where there is high electromagnetic waves or near electricity  transformers etc.

#Don't use mobile phone in the rain during lightning and thunder, and if you must, stay far away from windows and doors.
This is for your safety.

After reading please click the share button below to share this message, because you might save a life by sharing this Information. Thanks

New Music: Slopy - Street Jagaban


Hottest new Dope single #Street_jagaban(JagabanCover) Is out!!! From dat ur very own home boi "SlOpy" p.k.a #pikin_weyNOdeyHearWord

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A to Z Of YOruba Names And Their Meanings

Welcome dear readers to another exciting blog updates.
You might have heard some wonderful Yoruba names and might been wandering what their meaning could be, well you don't need to ponder anymore cuz I gat most them here for you.
Below are some few Yoruba names from A to Z and of course their meanings. But today, I'll be posting only names that start with The letter "A".
Check them out.
Letter "A"
Aanuoluwapo; God’s mercy is great.
arin; refers to centre/middle
Aarinade; in the centre of the crown
Aarinola; the centre of wealth
Abayomi; the enemy would have gloated over me
Abejide; born during the rainy season
Abidemi; born before the fathers arrival
Abidoye; born before the arrival of a chieftaincy title
Abiodun; born during the festival
Abiola/ Abimbola/Abisola; one born into wealth
Abiona; born during a journey
Abioye/Abisoye; born into status/title
Abisogun; born during a war
Abisuga; one born into the palace
Abodunrin; one who walks in with the festival/holiday
Abosede/Abiose; born on the first day of the week
Adaramola; one who complements wealth with beauty
Ade; this refers to crown or royalty
Adebajo; the crown returns from a trip
Adebambo; the crown returns with me
Adebanjo; the crown fits me
Adebanke; the crown helps to pamper me
Adebankole; the crown assisted me to build a house
Adebayo; the crown meets with joy
Adebimpe; the crown birthed me complete
Adebisi; the crown has given birth to more
Adebiyi; the crown gave birth to this one
Adebola; the crown meets with wealth
Adeboro; the crown meets wealth
Adebowale; the crown has come home
Adeboye; the crown meets the title
Adeboyejo; the crown befits the title
Adebukola; the crown has added to wealth
Adebusoye; the crown has adds to status
Adedamola; the crown is mixed with wealth
Adedapo; crowns associate/affiliate
Adedaramola; the crown associates with (complements) wealth well
Adedayo; the crown has become joy
Adedeji; the crown has become two
Adediji; the crown has become a refuge
Adediran; the crown becomes hereditary
Adedoja; the crown has become a market
Adedokun; the crown has become (as wide as) the sea
Adedolapo; the crown holds wealth together
Adedotun; the crown has become fresh/new
Adedoyin; the crown has become honey
Adefemi; the crown loves me
Adefolake; the crown pampers with wealth
Adefolarin; the crown walks with wealth
Adefoluke; the crown pampers with God
Adefoyeke; the crown pampers with the title
Adegbenga; the crown elevates/uplifts
Adegbenro; the crown establishes
Adegbola; the crown carries wealth
Adegboyega; the crown has elevated the title
Adegoke; the crown ascends a height/hill
Adegoroye: the crown ascends to a title
Adegunte; the crown ascends the throne
Adeiye; the crown of salvation
Adejare; the crown has overcome
Adejobi; the crown gives birth together
Adejoke; the crown will together pamper this one
Adejoro; the crown enjoys (eats) wealth
Adejumo; the crown unites
Adejumobi; the crown unites to give birth to
Adejumoke; the crown unites to pamper
Adejuwon; the crown is greater than them
Adekanmi; I am entitled to the crown
Adekemi; the crown pampers me
Adekilekun; the crown makes the house full
Adekitan; the crown does not finish/end
Adekola; the crown collects wealth
Adekoyejo; the crown brings together titles
Adekunle; crowns fill the house
Adelabi; we gave birth to a crown
Adelana; the crown opens the way
Adelani; we own the crown
Adelanwa; it is a crown that we look for
Adeleke; the crown triumphs
Adelodun; the crown owns the festival
Adelowo; the crown has respect
Adeloye; the crown is (the essence) of a title
Ademola; the crown has been added to wealth
Ademolu; the crown has been added to the master
Adeniji; the crown has protection/refuge (to offer)
Adenike; the crown has (need of) care
Adeniran; the crown has history/lineage
Adeniyi; the crown has prestige/dignity
Adenola; the crown owns wealth
Adenrele; the crown is going home
Adenuga; the crown owns the palace
Adeoba; the crown of the king
Adeola; crown of wealth
Adeolu; the crown of God
Adeoti; the crown does not fade
Adeoye; a crown of title
Adepeju; the crown is full of honor
Adepero; the crown pacifies
Adepitan; the crown tells a story
Adepoju; crowns are many
Aderemilekun; the crown has dried my tears
Aderinsola; the crown walks into wealth
Aderiyike; the crown has found one to pamper
Aderonke; the crown has something to pamper
Aderoju; the crown has succor
Aderopo; the crown replaces
Adesanmi; the crown profits me
Adesewa; the crown makes beauty
Adesile; the crown opens a new house
Adesina; the crown has opened the way
Adesoji; the crown is revived
Adesokan; the crown is one
Adesola; the crown makes wealth
Adesoro; the crown makes wealth
Adesoye; the crown watches over the title
Adesupo; the crown aggregates
Adetola; the crown is the worth of wealth
Adetolu; the crown which belongs to God
Adetona; the crown gives direction
Adetoro; the crown is peaceful
Adetoun; the crown is worth strife
Adetoyebi; the crown is big enough to birth titles
Adetoyese; the crown has beautified the title
Adetunji; the crown has woken again
Adetutu; the crown is calm/soothing
Adewale; the crown has come home
Adewetan; the crown has being bath
Adewonuola; the crown has entered into wealth
Adewunmi; I am desirous of the crown
Adeyanju; the crown succeeds
Adeyato; the crown is different
Adeyemi; the crown befits me
Adeyemo; the crown befits a child
Adeyiga; the crown surrounds the palace
Adeyinka; the crown surrounds me
Adeyeye; the crown befits its titles
Adeyoye; the crown rejoices over the title
Adunade; the sweetness of the crown
Adunbi; one who is sweet to give birth to
Adunke; one who is sweet to pamper
Adunni; one who is sweet to have
Adura; means prayer
Aduramigba; my prayer has been answered
Afolabi; one born with wealth
Afolami; one who breathes with wealth
Afolarin; one who walks with wealth
Afolorunso; one kept under God’s protection
Agboola; the stage/platform of wealth
Aibinuola; one who is not antagonistic of wealth
Aje; a child born on monday
Ajibola; one who wakes up to meet wealth
Ajibade; one who wakes into royalty
Ajibike; we woke up to take care of this one
Ajirola; one who wakes to the sight of wealth
Akin; refers to warrior/valor
Akinbiyi; a warrior gave birth to this one
Akinbode; a warrior has arrived
Akinbola; valor meets with wealth
Akindele; the warrior has come home
Akinkunmi; valor fills me
Akinlabi; we gave birth to a warrior
Akinleye; valor has glory
Akinlolu; the Lord is Valor
Akinloye; valor is a title
Akinmade; the warrior takes the crown
Akinniyi; valor has dignity
Akinola; valor of wealth
Akinpelu; the warrior was one of them
Akinrinnola; the warrior walks in wealth
Akinsanmi; valor profits me
Akintayo; valor is the worth of joy
Akintola; valor is the worth of wealth
Akintoye; valor is the worth of title
Akintunde; the warrior has come again
Akinwunmi; warriors appeal to me
Akinyele; valor befits a home
Akinyemi; valor befits me
Akeju; one who is over pampered
Anjolaoluwa; we are enjoying (eating) the wealth of God
Alaba; the second child born after a set of twins
Alade; the crowned one
Alayo; one who is full of joy/merriment
Alarape; the one with family is complete
Ara; means family. It also means “to be a part of”
Aralola; family (relations) is wealth
Aramide; my family has come
Araoye; a part of the title
Aremu; is the name given to the first male child
Ariyo; one who is joy to behold
Asikooluwaloju; the Timing of God is best
Atinuke; a person who has been pampered from conception
Ayan; refers to drums/drumming.
Ayanbadejo; drumming complements the crown well
Ayandele; the drummer has come home
Ayantola; drumming is the worth of wealth
Ayantuge; drumming is the worth of the palace
Ayanyinka; drumming surrounds me
Ayo; means joy
Ayoade; the joy of the crown
Ayobade; joy meets with the crown
Ayobami; joy meets with me
Ayodeji; joy has doubled
Ayodele; joy has come home
Ayodiran; joy becomes hereditary
Ayoku; joy remains
Ayokunle; joy fills the house
Ayokunnumitetete; joy fills my insides completely/ joy saturates me
Ayomide /Ayomitide; my joy has come
Ayoola; the joy of wealth
Ayorinde; joy walks in
Ayotomi; joy is enough for me
Ayotola; joy is the worth of wealth
Ayotunde; joy has come again
If you have any additions or corrections to these names or their meanings, pls feel free to comment with them below in our comment box.
I'll be glad you did.
For the remaining letters i.e from B - Z, just keep checking back and I'll post them soon.

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