Two Suffered Dead, As Igbo and Fulani Battle Over N500 In Enugu Market

Strain was high at the Garki Area of Enugu State on Wednesday taking after a savage conflict between the Fulani and the Igbos.

As of now, the police in the state affirmed that two people were executed amid the bleeding conflict.

The expired people were distinguished as one Ali, a Fulani and Ifeanyi Ifeacho, an Igbo.

The episode is coming few days after a policeman was killed at the New Artisan Market, inciting the conclusion of the market by the State Government.

As per an observer, inconvenience began when Ali originated from the New Artisan Market with a cow to butcher in the Gariki abattoir.

He unveiled that "Ali came to Gariki abattoir where Ifeanyi functioned as specialist to butcher his dairy animals, taking after the conclusion of New Artisan Market by the state government early this week.

"At the point when Ali wrapped up his cow, he gave Ifeanyi N400 rather than the N500 expense for butchering a bovine in the abattoir.

"Ifeanyi requesting that he give him the rest of the N100 yet the Fulani man stayed resolute, demanding that he would not pay some other cash.

"The misconception deteriorated to a battle between the two."

It was accumulated that Ali immediately hauled out a blade and wounded Ifeanyi severally on the stomach.

Ifeanyi drooped on the ground and passed on the spot.

"When he understood what he had done, he (Ali) endeavored to escape from the market yet some insulted Igbo merchants snatched him and slaughtered him thus.

"The furious Igbo brokers activated and torched the mosque inside Gariki advertise."

The Spokesman for Enugu State Police Command, SP Ebere Amaraizu, who had prior affirmed the episode through an instant message to our journalist, said the summon sent hostile to revolt policemen to Gariki showcase promptly to prevent the circumstance from raising.

He expressed that: "Two people were affirmed dead amid a conflict between an Easterner and a Northerner over a claimed misconstruing that emerged between them at night at Gariki Awkunanaw Market.

"Security has been bulked up in the territory by Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Douglas Agbonleni, to maintain a strategic distance from heightening and breakdown of peace, similarly as a full scale examination has initiated into the episode."

Chinko Ekun, Viktoh and Adekunle Gold Plans To Leave YBNL Nation

The improvement comes after the lapse of their recording and administration contracts with YBNL. It is trusted that the trio are as yet admiring Olamide as respects their future on the YBNL list.

Sources say, Adekunle Gold's agreement with YBNL as of late expired,' and he's yet to settle on his agreement recharging in light of the fact that he's not prepared to go unaided.'

On account of Adekunle Gold, the artist acted as an illustrations originator with YBNL before being offered an agreement as an artiste. This was around the inaugural OLIC (Olamide Live In Concert) held in 2014. The agreement appropriate was given to Adekunle Gold after the arrival of his graph topper presentation "Sade".

The agreements of Viktoh and Chinko Ekun expired long time back, yet they chose to keep the report on the low as they dread it could make or stain professions.

Much the same as Chinko Ekun, them two (Adekunle and Viktoh) wear comot, however dem no boisterous am,' another insider uncovered in pidgin.

Chinko Ekun was not a single where in sight at Olamide's show in Lagos on Monday, where his name mates alternated in front of an audience to excite the group.

What To Know Before Buying A New Laptop

There are so many choices of laptop computers these days, it's hard to find out which ones are tailor-suited for you.  Peruse through these tips to find the right laptop for you  and your business.

» Screen size and weight:

Laptop screens typically range in size from 9- to 17-inch (about 23- to 43-centimeter) displays. The bigger the display, the heavier your laptop will be. Balance the amount of portability you need against performance to find the right size for you. Larger screens will be harder to travel with and have shorter battery life, but will support better graphics and more power. Smaller screens will be just the opposite


The Central Processing Unit is your computer's brain. The two main CPU providers are Intel and AMD. Intel corners the market in terms of advanced technology, but AMD offers competitive models at lower prices. Dual-core CPUs are more powerful with better support for gaming and graphics, while single-core CPUs are much more cost-effective for people who simply use their computer for basic office and web-browsing functions


Random Access Memory to be used by Business travelers and home users should be between 2 GB and 4 GB. Gamers, graphic artists and other people who work with high-definition videos will benefit from 4 GB to 8 GB of RAM. The average student looking for a cost-effective machine for doing homework, e-mailing and web browsing can settle for 1 GB of RAM

» Processor Speed

In the old days, choosing a computer was easy: you bought the one with the fastest processor you could afford. And you knew which processor was fastest (more or less) by its numerical clock-speed rating.
These days it's a lot trickier. Only hard-core techies (and those with the patience to search in Google) know the difference between, say, an AMD A4-3305M and an Intel Core i3-2350M.

And even then, does it really matter? There's a strong argument to be made that processor performance, even in low-cost, entry-level PCs, has reached a level that's good enough for most users -- folks who use their machines mostly for word processing, e-mail, and Web stuff.
Of course, more and more users are turning to tablets for those activities, but that's another topic entirely.
Obviously some people need all the processing power they can get -- though usually that's for graphics-intensive tasks like gaming, video editing, and Photoshop. And that's where you need a desktop with a decent video card or a laptop with decent discrete graphics. Dual-core versus quad-core versus Core-this-or-that is less of a factor.

I suggest the lowest processor speed anyone should go for irrespective of the laptop use should be 1.8GHz (gigahertz). Any speed less than that is considered poor for any laptop

» Use an online Laptop Finder

Many shopping destinations have devices and web indexes to help you pick the correct laptop. Microsoft has a creative program called PC Scout, which strolls novices through the way toward picking a PC, and after that shows a few decisions at the end.Online shopping locales regularly have propelled scan components to assist you search for portable PCs with the correct determinations you need.

Nigerian Army Plans To Convert Sambisa Forest to Military Training Ground

The Nigerian Army said it would turn Sambisa forest into military training ground and also hold the 2017 Nigerian Army Small Arms (NASA) championship

The Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj. -Gen. Lucky Irabor, stated this during a press conference on Operation Rescue Final at the Maimalari Cantonment, Maiduguri, on Wednesday.
Irabor said other exercises such as test of arms and equipment would also be conducted in the forest in order “to completely dominate the area’’.

"We would proceed with our street development in the zone. As should be obvious, our troops are as of now giving motorable streets in the backwoods.

"The military will do a ton of things as a component of its post-uprising commitment to convey add up to commonality and security toward the North-East.

"Our troops have helped in assembling the neighborhood individuals to encourage the arrival of IDPs to Kala balge. Be that as it may, then, there is no frontage road to the town.

"For them to give back, the street must be developed. Furthermore, that is the reason we are approaching good natured Nigerians to likewise contribute their portion and bolster the administration.

"Different partners are additionally anticipated that would repair the roads,"Irabor said.

MTN Gets Fined By Nigerian Govt., Pays N80bn out of N330bn

The Telecommunication giant, MTN, has paid N80 billion of the N330 billion fine forced on it by the Nigerian government for neglecting to deactivate more than five million unregistered SIM cards.

Nigeria's Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, revealed this at the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, Forum in Abuja.

He said the installment was for this first year and is the principal tranche of the aggregate installment.

MTN, Nigeria's biggest versatile administrator, was at first fined 5.2 billion dollars (N1.04 trillion) for neglecting to deactivate more than five million unregistered SIM cards.

The fine on the South Africa-claimed organization was later diminished to N330 billion.

"For the primary year, they paid N80 billion, in the wake of paying the underlying N50 billion, and they should pay for a long time until they will finish the N330 billion.

"MTN does not have a decision, when the law was made, it said for each unregistered SIM card being used, the fine is N200, 000, the law never expected that one organization will be in infringement to the tune of a huge number of lines.

"It was unfathomable, so when the thing was included 200,000 circumstances 5.2 million lines, it went to a trillion or more.

"When it happened, the MTN did four things; one they acknowledged that they were in default, two, they apologized for that and three they conferred themselves never to permit a wonder such as this to happen and number four, they requested abatement.

"Government needed to take a gander at various elements in light of the fact that in the event that they need to pay this sum; they will pack up.

"We likewise realized that we welcomed the worldwide group to come and contribute and anything that will be done which will shake the certainty of universal financial specialists in Nigerian economy, we should maintain a strategic distance from it.

The lessening of the fine was at first sentenced by Nigerians prompting to an enquiry by the Nigerian parliament.

Mr. Shittu, in any case, adhered to his weapons, demanding the administration acted ideal in the arrangement.

"We should not discard the infant with the shower water. On the off chance that they had pressed up and left, let us expect all their staff are not more than 5,000, it implies those 5,000 will lose their occupations," he said on Monday.

"Likewise the individuals who made venture, who purchased shares will lose their shares and the Nigeria keeping money part would go into emergency."

The clergyman said that even in the court framework, on the off chance that one was fined and couldn't pay for one reason or the other, the individual would request reevaluation either by method for advance or bringing a movement.

I just hope mtn does not collect back the money from its users.

Teenager Publicly Stabbed In A Shopping Mall on Boxing Day

A TEENAGER was cut in the stomach in a branch of JD Sports as stunned Boxing Day customers viewed.

The casualty, thought to be 15 years of age, was found outside the shop in Hackney, north-east London, police said. He was taken to an east London healing facility via air rescue vehicle, which arrived at close-by Hackney Downs.

A man is heard yelling at somebody who is "holding the blade" and includes: "All you kids see this? Do all of you see this?

"This is what you're doing – you're murdering each other. For what?"

A police representative said: "Police were called around 2.35pm to reports of a male wounded at JD Sports in Mare Street.

"Officers went to and found a male with cut injuries.

“The victim was taken to a hospital in east London and officers are awaiting an update on his condition.”
No one has been arrested and enquiries continue.
The injured victim’s condition is not known.

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called at 2.33pm to reports of a stabbing at Mare Street, Hackney.
“We sent a single responder in a car and an incident response officer to the scene. London’s Air Ambulance was also dispatched.
“We treated a man at the scene and took him as a priority to hospital.”

Woman Tasks Her Family Member £5 Each For Christmas Dinner

A woman has divided opinion after she revealed her plan to charge family members to come round for Christmas dinner.
She suggested everyone chip in £5 so she could afford the rib of beef her family had "demanded", but some people say she shouldn't have even attempted to host the celebrations if she is so hard up.
Posting on the popular Mumsnet
forum, she asked, “Am I being unreasonable to ask people to chip in for Christmas dinner?
“I have recently moved to the same town as the rest of his and my family, which has put us in the position of being able to host Christmas dinner this year,” she added

“Problem being it has been a difficult year financially for us and whilst we don't mind (obviously!) doing the bulk of everything, we asked if everyone would mind contributing just a few quid (£5!) towards buying the huge joint of beef that everyone wants.”
The subject has caused quite a stir, enraging some Mumsnet users who likened her to the Christmas Grinch.
“Not exactly in the spirit of Christmas,” one mum said.
Another added, “Don't offer to host if you can't afford it.
“It's nice for people to offer to contribute either some money or dessert or wine but you're effectively charging them to come for dinner.”

Others concurred saying, "attempting to constrain individuals to contribute to Xmas supper makes me wince. Why did you concur/offer to have in the event that you couldn't bear the cost of it?"

"You are not an eatery," someone else openly said.

"On the off chance that you have then it's a piece of the arrangement. On the off chance that your mum has facilitated you for a considerable length of time then requesting that her compensation is super irrational."

While most concurred that her choice to approach individuals for cash wasn't right, some didn't see the issue.

"I should concede I see both sides of this, being the host all the time, and frequently having surprising in addition to ones turn up, it is a bleeding cost to host Christmas Day," said one individual.

Another additional, "We are not fortunate and have done this consistently. Individuals contribute to supper. Everybody sludges in and its good times."

Christmas Has Been Kidnapped by Materialism - Pope Francis

Pope Francis said Christmas has been "abducted" by amazing realism that places God in the shadows and blinds many to the requirements of the hungry, the transients and the war-fatigued.

Francis, driving the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics into Christmas for the fourth time since his decision in 2013, said in his Christmas Eve lecture in Vatican City that a world regularly fixated on presents, devouring and self-centredness required more modesty.

"On the off chance that we need to observe Christmas genuinely, we have to mull over this sign: the delicate straightforwardness of a little infant, the tameness of where he lies, the delicate fondness of the swaddling garments. God is there," the Pope said at St Peter's Basilica.

At the grave however cheerful administration, went to by around 10,000 individuals and in addition many cardinals and religious administrators, Pope Francis said the numerous in the affluent world must be helped that the message to remember Christmas was modesty, effortlessness and secret.

"Jesus was conceived dismisses by a few and respected by numerous others with lack of concern," he said. "Today additionally a similar detachment can exist, when Christmas turns into a devour where the heroes are ourselves, instead of Jesus; when the lights of trade cast the light of God into the shadows; when we are worried for presents, however icy toward the individuals who are minimized."

He then included unscripted comments: "This experience has taken Christmas prisoner. It should be liberated."

Security was increased for the Christmas end of the week in Italy and at the Vatican after Italian police murdered the man accepted to be in charge of the Berlin advertise truck assault, while other European urban areas kept strengths on high ready.

St Peter's Square was gotten out six hours before the mass started so that security strategies could be set up for those entering the congregation later.

Francis, who has made safeguard of the poor a trademark of his papacy, said the baby Jesus ought to help everybody to remember those torment today – especially kids.

"Let us additionally permit ourselves to be tested by the offspring of today's reality, who are not lying in a bed touched with the love of a mother and father, yet rather endure the unsanitary troughs that eat up pride: concealing underground to escape barrage, on the asphalts of a vast city, at the base of a vessel over-weighed down with outsiders," he said.

Outside the basilica, a great many individuals who couldn't get inside viewed on video screens.

"Give us a chance to permit ourselves to be tested by the kids who are not permitted to be conceived, by the individuals who cry in light of the fact that nobody satisfies their craving, by the individuals who do have not toys in their grasp, but instead weapons," Francis said.

(New Music) BOBG - Picture

Quick rising honor winning star BOBG is back again with this slamming single he titles Picture produced by NasBeats, after the arrival of his club banger I know back in October 2016.. He sets up this subsequent track, this tunes indicates differing qualities, melodious skill and great vocal... Download, and listen to this incredible melody and request that a companion download!!


Obama Has Requested a Survey on Election Hacking

President Obama has guided US knowledge organizations to create a give an account of endeavors to impact the 2016 race through hacking, as indicated by an Obama country security counselor.

Counselor Lisa Monaco told correspondents that the nation may have "crossed into another limit" of hacking dangers, and said "it is officeholder upon us to take load of that," as per Politico, who went to the declaration.

Monaco apparently said the survey is relied upon to be finished before Obama leaves office in January. The outcomes, in any case, may not be discharged to the general population. Monaco said just that individuals from Congress and other "partners" will be demonstrated the report.

Russia has been broadly attributed with endeavors to meddle in a month ago's decision. Confirm connected the nation to stolen messages from the Democratic National Committee, the arrival of which prompted to the abdication of executive Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the chief of national knowledge later unequivocally censured Russia for the hack. The nation was additionally connected to messages stolen from Hillary Clinton battle administrator John Podesta.

Monaco reportedly alluded to a “growing threat” of such attacks, which the incoming Trump administration will be forced to reckon with. But for his part, the president-elect has denied the possibility of Russian involvement in the DNC hack, despite substantial evidence to the contrary. “It could be Russia. And it could be China,” he said just this week. “And it could be some guy in his home in New Jersey.”

Sierra leona Fans Battles with Soldiers To Hug Tekno on Stage (see video)

Nothing wey person no go see for this life.
Nigerian popular music act, Tekno performed at a concert in Sierra leone.

The crowd show him loves as his fans struggled through the security men which where armed soldiers just to get a hug from Tekno. Fans include women,boys, ladies and so on.

watch the video below and see for yourself. dont forget to click the SHARE button. 

Drop ur comments

See How MMM Saved This Guy's Internship (I.T)

lecturer: Ade where is your IT log book.
Ade: I have filled everything neatly. This is it sir.
Lecturer: he opened the log book. See what the lecturer saw..........
12/08/2016.. Registration of my MMM account
13/08/2016... I provided help of #1,600,000 naira after my account has been added
14/08/2016... I GH referral bonus of #35,000.
15/08/2016... Registration of 5 new members under me.
16/08/2016... Checking of my mavro.
19/08/2016... GH of #250,000
20/08/2016.. GH of #20,000 being my video bonus.
21-11/08-09/2016.... Checking of my MMM mavro
12/09/2016 .. GH of #2,000000 being my mavro.
Lecturer: Ade, na MMM you take your IT do.
Ade: na soo sir.
Lecturer: if I put #1000000 how much will I get.
Ade: you will get nothing less than #1,536000 being your money,30%of your money, Christmas gift and starter bonus.
Lecturer: yeeee! Please register me under you. And I will register the VC .
Ade: OK. But sir, what about my log book?
Lecturer: Don't worry, you are good boy. You have gotten A .
Good evening

(Music Alert!) Rael - Jamalo

Its here,its new,its fresh...

after the successful release of  hit banger 'sebiwonipe' by RaEl formally known as ISSY drops the long awaited sensational love tune....he calls this one 'jamalo',a song produced by killer producer» HAPPY FINGERS(nasbeats).

This song has been receiving love from fans and social media,and is beginning to bridge this fire tune,and support great music!!!


Gov. Ambode Assures That Lagos State Will Invest In CodeLagos

Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode on Tuesday expressed that Lagos state government will put resources into CodeLagos come 2017.

Code Lagos which is an activity of Lagos State Ministry of Education went for showing 1 million understudies to code by 2019, will make Lagos State the innovation wilderness in Africa.The representative made this known at the presentation of the Year 2017 Budget proposition of N813 billion to the House of Assembly.

The spending which is N150 billion higher than that of 2016 was appropriately labeled "The Golden Jubilee Budget" by the governor in light of the fact that it corresponds with the State's 50th Anniversary. It is likewise the greatest ever proposed by any Nigerian state.Gov. Ambode said the monetary allowance would concentrate on physical foundation, while social divisions particularly wellbeing, training, youth and social improvement would likewise get satisfactory attention."While 63 for each penny of the proposed spending plan would provide food for capital undertakings, different segments like Education stay extremely enter segments in spending plan."

He added.During the presentation, Gov. Ambode also promised to put resources into the Lagos Digital Library extend, He said the Library extend and in addition CodeLagos "will set up our more youthful ones to meet the new workforce requests, as they bridle the advantage of innovation and impart in the dialect of the future."Gov. Ambode additionally expressed that his organization wanted to investigate more coordinated effort with outside and nearby accomplices in key ranges promising that administration would keep on easing doing of business in the State beside empowering speculators through strategies and projects that assurance security and wellbeing of their investments.

Giving a sectoral breakdown of the 2017 Budget Estimates after the senator's presentation, the Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Akinyemi Ashade uncovered that the Governor has reserved N92.4billion to Education speaking to 11.37 percent of the financial plan.

Six Kind Of Guys No Girl Will Like To Hang-out With

Ladies are by all account not the only ones who find it difficult to get their accomplice to confer. Many folks out there ask why it is hard for a woman to settle down with them for a long stretch.
As much as everybody should be adored the way they are, certain propensities and characteristics make it hard for anybody to try and look in your heading, discuss cherishing you as you are.Certain sort of folks have attributes that make it hard for women to date them and confer, and in the event that you fall in this class, you ought to do a rude awakening and modify your way of life accordingly.

Below are a portion of the sorts of folks no young lady likes to date.

1. The to a great degree loquacious guy
2. The Old-molded guy
3. The Socially Awkward guy
4. The obsessive worker guy
5. The lady blender guy
6. The oversensitive person

Man Arrested For Selling Fake Drinks

A maker of fake refreshment beverages was captured in Warri, Delta state as of late. The criminal, recognized as Okechukwu Alozie was captured by officers of the Delta state police order taking after a tip-off. Alozie took to his heels on finding the police was onto him, butwas got not long after a hot chase.

The suspect, officially bound in cuffs, was questioned transparently  where he uncovered how he handled his detestable exchange. He said that he obtained modest bourbon and moved it into jugs of more costly mixed refreshment drinks like red name, Hennessy, and so on. At the point when asked how he got the containers and discharge bundling containers, he said that he acquired them from a market in Onitsha.

He said he sold the fake beverages to clueless clients at Igbudu showcase in Warri.Nigeria has had a long standing fight with makers of fake/fake items. The nation's National agency for sustenance tranquilize organization control (NAFDAC) has been contending energetically to incapacitate the exercises/dissemination of fake consumables in the country.The office has zero resistance for fake items and its makers and this is obvious in the substantial punishments set on caught offenders.

In walk 2016, Two men, one Emeka Nwankwo,42 and Chinonso Okoro,25, were summoned for adultering grouped beverages in Aba, Abia state. They have since confronted the full fierceness of the law.

Enugu Police Arrests Thieves Who Stole 150 Chickens

Three suspects have been arrested by the operatives of the Emene Division of the Nigeria police Force Enugu state command for stealing poultry birds.
The suspects broke into a poultry farm located at Ugwuomu Nike in Enugu on 17/11/16 at midnight stealing domestic fowls numbering about one Hundred and fifty.Two of the suspects identified as Sunday John and Uchenna Igoka were arrested on 23/11/16 at their hideout at Orjinator Oji River in Enugu state following intelligence information.It was further gathered that following their arrest and revelation,one Onyeka Edeh was arrested.
A manhunt has been launched to arrest fleeing members of the gang.Meanwhile no fewer than 100 fowls have been recovered from suspects including a Toyota hiace bus with registration number UWN 456 XT which they allegedly used in commission of the offence.Suspects are now helping the operatives in their investigations in relation to their nefarious activities.
Theyare also pleading for forgiveness and blaming their woes on 'satan'.

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Face of Kay Empire 2016 Set To Walk On a Major Runway

#Fashion meets music is owerri biggest and fastest growing event of the year....  And it yet on another different view... And this year(season4) has promised to be better and bigger....

The event is set to reach out to various designers, artists and celebrities...  As usual it's coming big and set to blow owerri...

Several beauty queens and high models are set to grace the runway and among such we sighted our favorite and fast rising beauty Queen..... HRH Queen chukwuemeka Immaculate...  Get ready as this ever glowing beauty will walk owerri biggest runway

Event is coming up on 4th December 2016

Venue: Aladinma Royal suite
Time :4pm

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Prostrate Cancer and Its Effect On Men

Around 10,000 men a year in the UK pass on from prostate tumor - which is one man each hour - and one man in 20 is determined to have the infection.

There has been a slight increment in its conclusion among men under 50, and it has supplanted lung tumor as the most well-known disease in men. These expanding figures are to a great extent on the grounds that there is a maturing populace and more men are being screened.

The prostate is a male sex organ which delivers a thick liquid that structures part of the semen. About the extent of the walnut, it is beneath the bladder and before the rectum.

Little is thought about what causes prostate disease, despite the fact that it can keep running in families and men with a sibling or father who created it at a youthful age are at higher hazard themselves.

A family history of bosom malignancy likewise shows expanded hazard.

An eating regimen high in creature fats and drain items might be connected to a higher hazard, while green vegetables, lycopene (which gives tomatoes their red shading) selenium and vitamin E might be defensive.

In its initial stages, prostate growth doesn't as a rule deliver any indications. However, when they do happen they can incorporate issues with urinating, and torment and solidness in the lower back and hips.

Tim, of Robert Street, Brighton, had initially chosen to visit his specialist for a wellbeing check since he had been feeling tired. He had been buckling down at his business, which he keeps running with Sera, chiseling and delivering memorable military collectables.

He had blood tests which didn't demonstrate any issues however, as he was 55, his specialist proposed he ought to have a prostate particular antigen (PSA) test - a blood test particularly used to identify issues with the prostate.

Tim's outcomes were marginally higher than they ought to have been for his age.

At the point when the test was rehashed 11 months after the fact the perusing had multiplied. After six weeks it had expanded by a further 25 for each penny.

The rate of increment rang alerts.

He had a biopsy to affirm whether the high readings implied he had prostate growth, and, last September, was determined to have a forceful kind of the infection which, it was dreaded, could have made a trip to his lymph organs or bones.

"My prostate was completely brimming with disease,"

Tim, who is presently 57, says. Without treatment it was thought he would just have five years to live.

X-ray and CT filters demonstrated the malignancy had just barely broken the mass of the prostate and had not spread into different parts of his body.

Medicines for prostate malignancy incorporate radiography, surgery and cryosurgery - where the disease is solidified out under general sedative.

Tim had 3D conformal radiotherapy to treat the malignancy.

Before it started he had four months of hormone treatment, as tablets and infusions, to shrivel the prostate and make the radiotherapy more successful. The infusions proceeded with once per month amid the treatment.

He then began 36 every day sessions of the radiotherapy. Under two weeks prior he had his last session. Tim now sees himself as a survivor yet will return for general testing to guarantee that nothing returns.

Tim experienced tiredness the radiotherapy, and the hormones made him endure lost drive, hot flushes, memory misfortune and uplifted feelings. He says: "Charisma vanishes totally with hormone infusions. That has a huge mental impact on men.

"I got everything that a lady proceeds with periods and menopause.

That is entirely aggravating for a ton of men and they won't discuss it with their accomplices."

Tim isn't reluctant to discuss his sickness and has had the full support of his accomplice. In any case, numerous men aren't as open as he may be.

"Men don't discuss ailment," he says.

"You can get to be incontinent on the treatment and men don't care to discuss it.

"We shouldn't be sick. It's not sufficiently manly."

Where ladies are given customary cervical spread tests and, when they are more established, standard bosom tumor screenings, there is no national routine screening program set up for prostate disease. The PSA test is not considered by experts to be sufficiently successful all alone for a national routine screening program.

In any case, Tim accepts there ought to be normal screening set up. "The PSA test is basic and a sensible sign of conceivable issues," he says. "Why does the Government keep on refusing to present screening for men?

"Numerous years prior there was extensive exposure about the absence of bosom tumor screening in this nation - without a doubt a similar consideration ought to now be connected to prostate growth in men.

"The physical and enthusiastic impacts can obliterate families and connections. The monetary cost to the Government of this and the 10,000 - numerous avoidable - passings every year is endless.

"What number of lives would be spared by this straightforward blood test? With the assistance of a minding and obliging GP, mine presumably has."

In spite of the fact that there is no national screening program each man has the privilege to examine having a PSA test with their GP and Tim inclinations each man more than 50 to do as such.

"Men must be made more mindful of the issues," he says. "They should be extremely receptive about the entire thing.

"In the event that you are sufficiently unfortunate to get prostate malignancy don't suppress everything. The Prostate Cancer Charity have a colossal secret helpline. Impart your feelings of dread to those nearest to you.

"Life can come back to ordinary on the off chance that you discover sufficiently early."

Prostate growth doesn't more often than not indicate side effects at its initial stages. Men ought to see their specialist if any of the accompanying side effects, which can be connected to prostate tumor, do happen:

  • Having to rush to the toilet to pass urine.
  • Passing urine more often and/or at night.
  • Difficulty in getting the flow of the urine started.
  • Stopping and starting while passing urine.
  • Discomfort such as pain or burning while passing urine.
  • A feeling of not having emptied the bladder properly.
  • Dribbling of urine.
  • Blood in the urine or semen.
  • Pain or stiffness in the lower back and hips.
  • Testicular cancer.

At the point when Alastair Fairley returned from a mobile occasion with an agony which felt as though he had been kicked in the crotch he thought he had put on weight and his pants were too tight.

However, later when he was in the shower he found a protuberance on his gonad and chose he ought to get it looked at.

Alastair's quick activity spared his life on the grounds that the protuberance was observed to be testicular disease.

Testicular disease is the most well-known malignancy among men somewhere around 15 and 45, despite the fact that it is still very uncommon, with around 2,000 cases a year in the UK.

Be that as it may, it is on the expansion and has ascended by 70 for each penny in the course of the most recent 20 years.

Having a father, sibling or child who has had testicular disease or undescended testicles demonstrates higher hazard.

In any case, the uplifting news is more than 95 for each penny of testicular disease cases - upwards of 99 for every penny if got early - can be cured.

Whenever Alistair, then 35, found his irregularity he reached an old companion who was a growth expert and went see him the next day at London's Hammersmith Hospital.

Alastair's bump was not in favor of his gonad but rather towards the back which was marginally strange. He had blood tests, sweeps and strategies which all demonstrated uncertain and specialists chose they would not work.

Be that as it may, Alastair, of Tackleway, Hastings, was still stressed.

Not able to eat or rest, he rang the specialist a week later, who let him know he had officially reserved him in for a biopsy the next day.

In the working theater the biopsy uncovered the protuberance was malignant and specialists expelled the gonad there and after that.

Alastair had a type of tumor called seminoma which was not exactly as forceful as a few sorts of the illness.

"I came round after the operation and acknowledged I just had one gonad there," Alastair, now 46, says.

"That must be a certain something."

It was a difficult operation. The gonad was pushed up through Alastair's body and taken out at the midriff, which implied slicing through three layers of muscle.

He then had radiography five days a week for six weeks as a precautionary measure - if the tumor had moved to Alistair's lymph organs it would have been lethal.

Alastair, who has a child matured 18 and a girl matured 15, went by a sperm bank before the operation on the off chance that the radiography left him fruitless and not able to have more youngsters.

Alastair denied the offer of a prosthesis to supplant his lost gonad.

In any case, regardless he needed to adapt to the mental impacts of having had testicular malignancy.

"By the day's end it doesn't make you any to a lesser extent a man to have had testicular malignancy," he says.

"You are still especially the man you were. In the event that anything you have demonstrated it by making the best choice."

Alastair's normal registration dwindled from week by week to month to month, to six months to a year - until at long last he was given the all-reasonable five years back.

"I never thought I would get the all-reasonable," Alastair says. "After the visits had continued for a long time the specialist turned round and said, It is not returning,' which was an exceptional alleviation."

The inclination he had been kicked in the crotch after his vacation was the main physical torment Alastair experienced to recommend something wasn't right.

He says men need to get into propensity for testing their gonads routinely or getting their accomplices to do it for them. "It is a practice we ought to all be doing.

"You can feel to a great degree fit and solid which is w1hy it is critical to check for knots. When you begin to feel debilitated from testicular disease you can be headed out and it might be past the point where it is possible to make a move."

Men ought to see their specialist in the event that they have any of these manifestations:
  • A lump in either testicle.
  • Enlargement of a testicle.
  • A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.
  • A dull ache in the abdomen or groin.
  • A sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum.
  • Advice and information: Contact Everyman, the campaign set up by The Institute of Cancer Research to raise awareness of male cancers - particularly testicular and prostate cancer - and to fund research within The Everyman Centre, the UK's first dedicated male cancer research centre.
Log on to or call 0800 7319468.
To contact The Prostate Cancer Charity, log on to call the helpline on 0845 300 8383 or the textphone on 0845 300 8484.
It does not make you any less of a man to have had testicular cancer

Turkey Blocks Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp Across The Country

Can you imagine a country without the major social networks?

The shutdown is accepted to be associated with the overnight confinement of 11 Members of Parliament having a place with the genius Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the for the most part Kurdish southeast. Salon reports that in the wake of a fizzled upset in July to topple the conservative President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, resistance legislators have cautioned that the country's dictator pioneer is executing a moderate movement counter-overthrow, rebuilding the whole government and bypassing vote based system.
Sadly, this is hardly the first time the Turkish government has resorted to blocking internet services in times of strife. Only last month, it blacked out Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and GitHub in an attempt to suppress the leak of emails belonging to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Berat Albayrak.

(New Music) I Know - BOBG

Its new,its fresh,its different...this youthful skilled craftsman BOBG who's a student of the Federal University of Federal, Owerri(FUTO)
 furthermore futo's afropop artist of the year 2015/2016., drops this new tune titled "I KNOW" he beyond any doubt shows assorted qualities on this as he lives his afropop safe place and hops on a high life beat produced by CLONbaba.

Show some love by downloading the song HERE

United States D.O.T Bans All Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phones from Airplanes

The U.S. Division of Transportation (DOT), with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), today reported it is issuing a crisis request to boycott all Samsung Galaxy Note7 cell phone gadgets from air transportation in the United States. People who claim or have a Samsung Galaxy Note7 gadget may not transport the gadget on their individual, in lightweight things, or in checked stuff on flights to, from, or inside the United States. This preclusion incorporates all Samsung Galaxy Note7 gadgets. The telephones likewise can't be transported as air freight. The boycott will be successful on Saturday, October 15, 2016, at twelve ET.

"We perceive that banning these telephones from carriers will bother a few travelers, yet the security of each one of those on board a flying machine must take need," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. "We are making this extra stride in light of the fact that even one fire occurrence inflight represents a high danger of extreme individual harm and puts numerous lives at hazard."

Gadget proprietors have encountered reported episodes of unsafe advancement of warmth with both reviewed and substitution Samsung Galaxy Note7 gadgets. Samsung and the U.S. Shopper Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recognized this approaching security risk with the organization's September 15, 2016 and October 13, 2016 reviews. Also, on October 11, 2016, Samsung suspended the produce and offer of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 gadget.

"The fire peril with the first Note7 and with the substitution Note7 is just excessively awesome for anybody, making it impossible to hazard it and not react to this official review," said CPSC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye. "I might want to remind customers by and by to exploit the cures offered, including a full discount. It's the correct thing to do and the most secure thing to do."

After Effect Of Note7

What air explorers ought to know

  • On the off chance that travelers endeavor to go via air with their Samsung Galaxy Note7 gadgets, they will be denied boarding.
  • Travelers who endeavor to sidestep the boycott by pressing their telephone in handled gear are expanding the danger of a disastrous episode. Anybody damaging the boycott might be liable to criminal indictment notwithstanding fines. 
  • If an airline representative observes that a passenger is in possession of a Samsung Note7 device prior to boarding an aircraft, the air carrier must deny boarding to the passenger unless and until the passenger divests themselves and their carry-on and checked baggage of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 device. Passengers absolutely should not pack the phones in their checked luggage. 
  • Travelers right now going with Samsung Galaxy Note7 telephones ought to contact Samsung or their remote transporter quickly to get data about how to give back their telephones and mastermind a discount or a substitution telephone. Samsung has given direction to clients about discount and substitution choices, and also how to contact remote bearers, at[external link]. Samsung is additionally noting clients' inquiries at 1-844-365-6197.
  • In the event that a flight group part distinguishes that a traveler is in control of a Samsung Galaxy Note7 gadget while the airplane is in flight, the team part should train the traveler to control off the gadget, not utilize or charge the gadget while on board the air ship, shield the gadget from unplanned enactment, including handicapping any components that may turn on the gadget, for example, wake up timers, and keep the gadget on their individual and not in the overhead compartment, situate back pocket, nor in any lightweight stuff, for the term of the flight.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 gadget is viewed as a taboo risky material under the Federal Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR; 49 CFR Parts 171-185), which disallow aircraft travelers or group from going with lithium cells or batteries or versatile electronic gadgets that are probably going to produce a perilous development of warmth. PHMSA has issued an exceptional allow to Samsung to encourage business shipment of the reviewed gadgets by ground transportation.

Researchers Discovers That Stronger Muscles Can Boost Your Memory

Stronger Muscles May Pump Up Your Memory, says Researchers

How genuine is this? perused underneath to discover

Boosting muscle quality may help cerebrum work in individuals with mellow memory and deduction issues, another study finds.

The examination included 100 individuals matured 55 to 86. All had mellow memory and intuition issues (gentle psychological hindrance).

The study volunteers who weighted preparing twice per week for six months to no less than 80 percent of their most extreme quality indicated critical changes in mental capacity.

The advantages went on for no less than a year after their administered weight-lifting sessions finished, the study appeared.

The outcomes were distributed Oct. 24 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

"What we found in this subsequent study is that the change in cognizance [mental] capacity was identified with their muscle quality increases," said consider lead creator Yorgi Mavros, of the personnel of wellbeing sciences at the University of Sydney, Australia.

"The more grounded individuals turned into, the more noteworthy the advantage for their cerebrum," Mavros included a college news discharge.

The discoveries could manage the sort and force of practice suggested for maturing grown-ups, the specialists said.

"The more we can get individuals doing resistance preparing like weight lifting, the more probable we are to have a more beneficial maturing populace," Mavros said.

"The key, be that as it may, is to ensure you are doing it as often as possible, at any rate twice per week, and at a high power so you are augmenting your quality additions. This will give you the most extreme advantage for your cerebrum," Mavros clarified.

SOURCE: University of Sydney, news discharge, Oct. 24, 2016

JUMIA Presents Black Friday 2016 #BF2016

This year Jumia is back again with its mouth-watering Black Friday discount offer, which is upto 90%. Can you believe it? #BF2016

A lot of products will be on sale during the black friday promotion , and the products will cut across major categories such as fashion items , home appliances , mobile phones , laptops , kitchen utensils , play station games  and even baby toys.

Although Jumia is yet to specify the products that will be discounted , we are sure that the promo will be as high 90% discount and with this , you can get your dream smartphone, laptop or gadget for more than half the normal price.

So you can start listing the things you will like to get and save money , ahead of the black friday promotion later this year.

Jumia promises this year Black friday's delivery to be quick and efficient.

When will it start?

This year's black friday is set to begin on friday the 12th of November and end on the 25th of November. It will last for 12 good and exciting days. Don't miss out. 
Note: The closing date might get extended, depending on the performance of the specified period and also the customers view.

How to make orders/purchase an item

Whatever you want to buy can be found on Jumia website. Just search for the item, click on it to view its features, properties and price to know if its the exact item you want to purchase.
If satisfied with what you see, Add it to your Cart by clicking "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the page. 
Then go to your Cart, select PROCEED TO CHECK OUT, after that, follow every instructions that comes up like filling your address details etc.

To make this easier and faster for you, I can help you make the orders for free. I am a certified Jumia Online sales Agent (JFORCE). I solely make orders for clients anywhere around the country. All you need to do is just to Pay On Delivery when the items gets to your Resident .

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2016 Ballon d'Or Shortlisted Players

Below are list of players shortlisted for 2016 Ballon d'Or award 


  • Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund)
  • Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)
  • Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
  • Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)
  • Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
  • Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid)
  • Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid)
  • Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United)
  • Andres Iniesta (Barcelona)
  • Koke (Atletico Madrid)
  • Toni Kroos (Real Madrid)
  • Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)
  • Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich)
  • Luka Modric (Real Madrid)
  • Riyad Mahrez (Leicester)
  • Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
  • Hugo Lloris (Tottenham)
  • Dimitri Payet (West Ham)
  • Paul Pogba (Manchester United)
  • Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)
  • Pepe (Real Madrid)
  • Neymar (Barcelona)
  • Rui Patricio (Sporting Lisbon)
  • Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
  • Luis Suarez (Barcelona)
  • Jamie Vardy (Leicester)
  • Arturo Vidal (Bayern Munich)


Anyone born in the 80’s, whoever marveled at the cover of a hip-hop magazine or sat staring at their favorite rapper’s album cover has likely seen most of their musical heroes through Mannion’s lens. For superstars like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Lauryn Hill, Rick Ross, Eminem, Snoop Dog and countless others, Jonathan Mannion’s vision, consistency, and ability to innovate has made him the go-to image-maker for the most important projects of their careers.

 JayZ's 'Reasonable Doubt' by Jonathan Mannion

Drake by Jonathan Mannion

Nicki Minaj by Jonathan Mannion

Procedures for 2016/2017 FUTO Supplementary Admission Registration

2016/2017 Academic Year Supplementary Admissions Exercise

This is to inform interested candidates who made FUTO their first Choice University, who must have been screened earlier in the 2016/2017 FUTO screening exercise and obtained a minimum screening score of
200, that the University will commence online registration for the 2016/2017 Supplementary Admission exercise on Friday, October 15, 2016.

The following procedure applies:

Visit the University official website
Click on “Admission s”
Click on “Undergraduate ”
Click on 2016/2017 Supplementary Admissions exercise .
Click on “Generate Supplementary Admission Invoice ”.
Enter your JAMB Registration Number.

Print your invoice and proceed to any bank to pay a non-refundable fee of
N10,000.00 using your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Code on the invoice.

Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit / debit cards such as Verve, Visa, Master Cards .
After successful payment in the bank, return to the portal.
Repeat Steps (i) – (iv).
Click on “Fill Supplementary Application Form”
Complete and submit online Supplementary Application Form.

Print out your “Acknowledgement Slip”

Please, note again:
-that candidates should not register twice for the supplementary admission as this will attract outright disqualification;

-that the closing date for the on-line registration for the supplementary admission is on Friday, October 29, 2016


Shocking!! Edo State Pastor Stabs Wife To Death With 10 Questions

A crack team of detectives from Edo State, Nigeria are hunting for a pastor named Henry Odion, who allegedly stabbed his 29 years old wife to death in the presence of their six month old daughter. The pastor left a note containing 10 questions he expected his late wife to answer.

We found out that Henry, who got married to late Patience in 2014, had been having issues that forced the deceased (patience) out of his house months ago.

According to Edo police command image maker, DSP Abiodun Osifo, the runaway pastor is said to be a pastor in one of the branches of the Mountain of Victory and Fire Deliverance Ministry, Benin.

Trouble started when the pastor invited the deceased for a dialogue pretending that he wanted her back into the house. When the late wife came, it was learnt that the pastor used a hidden knife to stab her in different parts of her body and took to his heels. When the police got to the scene, they found a note containing 10 questions meant for the late woman. Some of the questions include:

-Have we ever in life gone to beg for food ever since we got married?

-Has your mother ever brought food for us to eat one day because of hunger?

-Have I not told you at the beginning that I hate someone insulting me?

-In the first place, did you really come out with your full mind?

-Did You marry me because of money or for who I am?

-Who gave you the order to pack to pack your properties away from our home?

-Who is your adviser in this marriage that is polluting your mind against me?

-You always pray that God should help you eat the fruit of your labour. So no man has the power to take one's life but today we are going together. So how do you feel now?

What a strange world full of strange characters! Can the dead answer questions?


African Fashion and Design Week (AFDW) is back with its 5th edition themed, “Be Inspired”.

After a successful sold-out fashion show in Port Harcourt in 2015, the highly anticipated fashion event is set to take Lagos this year.

Featuring over 25 top designers across Africa, the show will be hosted by Sika Osei and Uti Nwachukwu.

AFDW 2016 will host fashion Influencers, Stylists, Editors, Buyers, Sellers and Enthusiasts, to experience the next level of fashion trends.

For tickets, visit or call 08055479343 .
Tickets are also sold at , Bruno's Place, All Ebeano and Slot outlets.
Date: Friday, 7th October – Sunday, 9th October 2016.

Venue: Oriental Hotel, 3 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos.

AFDW 2016 is proudly supported by
Heritage Bank, Beauty Box, Complete Fashion, Fashion Africa TV, Fashion One, Guardian Fashion, Guardian Life and Pulse Ng.


Twitter: @afdwng

Instagram: @afdwng

African Fashion and Design Week is officially trademarked.

How To Make Huge Amout Of Money On Konga

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Konga affiliate accepts serious individuals that wish to promote their products to their fans, subscribers, followers, friends etc; giving them unique IDs through which they promote different products on their site ranging from electronics, fashion, jewelries, gadgets, accessories etc to make at least 3% from each sale made by the affiliate (you).
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What if I do not have a website?
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It is important you note that affiliate marketing depends solely on one thing – TARGET TRAFFIC. I hope I have helped an aspiring entrepreneur who wish to make money online with or without a website. Now, take a bold step and visit Konga affiliate sign up page now to get started immediately. Cheers.

Latest Cheat: Get MTN 3GB For 500naira

Get 3gb with 500naira

This data Lasts for 6months starting from this week and it Works only on 4g enabled phones Such AsTecno Carmon C9, C8, C5, Samsung S5 4glit,S7, Note 5, S6, Infinix Note 3, HotS5, Hawia Or download 4g network from playstore such as 4glite, HOT Wave 4glite e.t.c

Kindly load 500naira credit to your phone
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Nigeria @ 56, Are We Progressing or Regressing

Happy Independence to Nigeria and toHappy new month to my fellow readers
Nigeria @ 56
What do have to say about the current  state of our beloved country, Nigeria?

Countdown To The Biggest Film Festival In Lagos!

Countdown To The Biggest Film Festival In Lagos!

It's one day to the biggest independent film festival in Lagos!
The 6th edition of Lights Camera Africa!!! Film Festival themed “Music makes the people…" is set to take place tomorrow, 30th September - 2nd October 2016 at The Marquee, Federal Place Hotel Lagos.

The festival will kick off with the worldwide premiere of Toronto International Film Festival selected Green White Green by Abba Makama followed by a line up of other exciting films.
This year’s edition will feature 23 independent films from over 14 countries assuring everyone that there will be at least a film for them.
Guests can also look forward to sparkling refreshment from the Catuma bar on opening night
and daily live music showcases, talks and networking. The festival has also planned a few surprise additions - an outdoor art and sound installation as well as an indoor play prop that should make musically inclined guests very very happy.
Cheers to great film, great music, great people and everything in between.

... let the countdown begin.
Date : 30th September - 2nd October 2016
Venue : The Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

Partners : Ford Foundation, Union Bank, Federal Palace Hotel, The Wheatbaker, Zircon Marine, Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut, Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), British Council, Film House, VAN Lagos and The New Black Film Collective,Tunde Kelani, Pascal Ott, Ego Boyo, Kate Henshaw, Remi Vaughan-Richards,Lala Akindoju, O.C Ukeje, Debie Mangut, Shaibu Husseini and Jahman Anikulapo.

Media Partners : BellaNaija, Pulse Ng, 360 Nobs, OMENKA, Complete Fashion, Accelerate TV, EbonyLife TV, Spice TV, TSA.

Contact Details:
For registration please visit:
Twitter/Instagram: @LCAFilmFest
Facebook: The Life House
Media: [email protected]

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